Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sitting Pretty

Much as I love a beautifully upholstered old chair, my worry is always that the fabric will become soiled over time.
This little chair is one of my favourites and gets well used by the family as the perfect place to rest awhile with a cuppa, it being right in front of the sunniest window. 
Today I decided it was high-time I made a new cover for the seat (which underneath is upholstered in the drabbest fabric the 1970's were able to provide!)...
And what better choice, than to showcase a fabulous vintage Sanderson linen that came to me via a swap? (More of this story on my current Facebook post.)
The chair previously had a frilled cover, which I made many years ago and have now become tired of. I used this as a pattern to cut out the new cover, minus the fussy frill.
It is lined on the underside to make it double layered and so more durable,
and simply ties in place under each leg with velvet ribbons...
Making it easy to remove for laundering.
A clean and crisp finish for easy living.
Enjoy the rest of your week,
Niki x


  1. Your room is just STunnung

  2. what a beautiful chair and a lovely place to sit xx

  3. Oooooohhhhhhh! ! ! ! I LOVE this chair! ! ! I wish I had one just like it! ! ! ! I especially love the fact that you can just untie it and wash it up like new again if it were to need it! Just lovely! ! ! :)

  4. Stunning! The fabric couldn't have been better if you had gone out and bought it specially.

  5. Looks lovely ... just as I would expect from you! M x

  6. Such gorgeous fabric and I also like the bird lace peeping out of your cupboard and the pussy willow arrangement,in fact I love it all!!!Regards Pam.


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