Sunday, April 27, 2014

Velvety Soft

More cushion making this week...Over the years I've acquired lots of vintage velvet, which I've enjoyed making use of this week.

A lovely faded blush pink velvet was combined with this stunning vintage hand worked tapestry panel and a dramatic eiderdown cotton.

I kept it simple, with the faded velvet showcased on the back.
Whilst using up some of my hoard I took the most faded section of the same pink velvet to make this little hand bag.

I love how the colour has become graduated, rather like ombre ribbon and is quite light at the top - It was probably once a curtain, which has become sun bleached along the leading edge.
I lined it with a vintage eiderdown chintz, with another cotton fabric lining the handles.
A tatty silk antique bow decorates the front. 

Then it was back to cushion making again...
Similar in style to the first, I used another vintage hand worked tapestry, combined with a 30's eiderdown cotton and a beautifully mellow sandy coloured velvet. 
A twist on the traditional tapestry and velvet cushions of old country houses. 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
Niki x


  1. I used a faded old purple velvet curtain to cover an ottoman for our bedroom- so far everyone has asked "what fabric are you going to re-cover it in?" but I love it faded and graduated

  2. That's funny Elaine! I get asked when we are getting carpets fitted because we have all painted floor boards! Also. when am I going to get around to making new curtains, because some are in holes! ;-))
    Lived and loved, that's what makes them perfect.

  3. Your work is lovley as always. I have friends that MOAN at me for having so much JUNK hanging around the place. They are of course not creative. AND just do not realise that you have to have a large selection of fabrics and other necessities to be as wonderful at making colour and fabric choices as you are. :-D

  4. Hi Niki,
    your cushions are really beautiful but i am in love with the pink bag,its so delicious,hope you are well xxx


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