Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Waste Not, Want Not...

I'm very happy working on my cushion making at the moment...

My latest one-of-a-kind creation was this large pillow-sized cushion made from a hand worked vintage tapestry. 

I combined it with a cheerful 1970's rose print fabric around the edges.

And made the reverse, fastened with large tied bows, from another vintage floral.
It is filled with a pure goose feather and down full sized bed pillow - A great size for snuggling into on the sofa or as a seat pad on a window nook.
At the weekend I was out foraging for more fabrics to use in my work and came home with this pretty pile...
Lots printed with red roses of course! 

And after making this pair of cottage cushions a few weeks ago, where I salvaged the beautiful hand embroidered cottage panels from a damaged tablecloth....
I was left with the central piece from the tablecloth embroidered with a perfect circle of cottage garden flowers, which I felt compelled to re-use too. 

I carefully cut it out and bound the edge with a black bias binding. (I also cut a circle from the middle and bound the edge of this too.) Slipped over a standard plain coolie shade, it makes a pretty lampshade cover that is easy to launder when necessary.

The last remaining sections of the hand embroidery from the tablecloth were used in adding a decorative touch to the velvet bags I showed on my blog recently...

The oddments of plain linen left over after all of these projects where turned into great rag dusters!
Niki x


  1. You are a genious!! One tablecloth re worked into all those things, I particularly love the light shade. You must have some realy good starch? X

  2. Hi LK - Thanks so much for your comment :)
    I didn't use starch for the lampshade, as I wanted it to be fairly floppy, to fall into place over the rigid shade. I confess to never using fabric softener though, so perhaps that's what gives the fabrics a slightly stiffer feel...(Boiling linens on the hob is great for removing any dressings to fabric too.)

    Have a lovely day, Niki x

  3. The pillow is fabulous! So charming and colorful!


  4. Love the lampshade idea. Hope you had a good day at Frome ... every time I tried to say hello you were busy! M x

  5. Wonderful! I love especially the pillow with the cottage!
    See you soon, *Maristella*.
    (with translator)

  6. The lampshade! A brilliant idea. Your work is so beautiful!

  7. Wow, Niki! You just keep coming up with more and more great stuff! I really like that first cushion and the lampshade! Gorgeous! ! !

  8. Amazing....such beautiful things you have created....blessings

  9. Hi Niki,I adore your creations and soooo loved the tour around your shop everything is so pretty and tempting I'm sure I would spend a lot if I came to your shop!! What colour and paint manufacture did you use on the dressers?I have a pine one that I am nearly ready to paint,I was thinking Annie Sloan old white,but maybe a more creamy colour would be better? Kind Regards Pam.


  10. Hi Pam, Thank you for your comment...I didn't paint the dressers in my shop - they have been with me since I opened and I bought them already painted. I DID paint the dressing table though...to be truthful I am not a fan of Annie Sloane's paints - I find the finish too chalky and not at all hard wearing. I used B&Q's 'Soft Coffee' emulsion on the dressing table! Much cheaper and gives a perfectly fine finish.


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