Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jenny Wren

It started with a heavy hardwood box that came my way...
Often I am inspired by the Victorian era and their love of natural history and specimens. 
I decided the box, stood up on its end, would make a lovely display case. I lined the inside with book pages - Using illustrations with an autumnal feel.

It reminded me of a taxidermy showcase, so with this inspiration, I added a cute toy fur mouse!
The little tree stump would become a perch for a fairy friend... 
Enter Jenny Wren...
She is dressed in vintage fur, feathers, faux berries, toadstools and velvet leaves. 
And her skirt is a c1930's fabric printed with blackberries. 
She's my final fairy artwork coming with me to the fair on Saturday.
Niki x 


  1. Just gorgeous Niki, as is Urchin too, really stunning! Jackie xx

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