Thursday, December 18, 2014

Yuletide Wreaths

I've been wreath making this week. This small scale wreath is one I created first, using the technique I usually adopt...
In our garden I discovered one large hydrangea flower head left on the bush, which was still fresh and hadn't turned brown...
Split up into florets, it would be just enough to fill the birch base. 

I simply pushed the stalks into the base, to complete the circle. I tied it with a large pale green soft satin ribbon bow, with a narrow ribbon loop for hanging. 
This one I made as a gift for my friend Debbie as a change to the huge one I made last year
She loves greens, so I thought this would be well received, as it will dry well and could be saved and used as decoration after Christmas. 

Its already at home in her lovely cottage.
Then it was onto making one for our front door...
I'd saved some of the twigs and foliage from our woodland walk last week...
After building up a base of evergreen, I wired on lichen and moss covered twigs.
I used the same pale green satin ribbon on this wreath, which highlighted the lovely colours of lichens.
I finished the wreath by wiring on three plastic glittered snowflake decorations. 

It's a little different to last year's wreath-for-free, but I'm kind of liking it! :) 

Welcome to our home,
Niki x


  1. Lovely wreaths, And your friend so lucky.

  2. Your wreath on the front door is really beautiful Niki,i half expected a fairy to be sat in the middle ;)...i love your friends too so delicate with the hydrangea petals xxx

  3. Thanks for your kindness ladies!
    I think my fairies would quite enjoy sitting in the wreaths K, but they don't like rain, as it makes their wings soggy...

    Niki x

  4. Simply gorgeous! Pam


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