Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The End of a Chapter

After five years, it's over...
What was left after a busy final week, was packed unceremoniously into boxes and bin liners... 

And then got loaded into a van to make its way to our home. Massive thanks to Tomasz, who helped hubby lift the beast that was my counter, up inside...The one item I just couldn't manage myself. 
(Thankfully no snow this time when we hired the van!) 
Back home and it's chaos! We're trying to find places to store a lot, but, weather permitting, I plan on having an outside stand at this Sunday's Flea Market at The Royal Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet to try and clear some items. If you can make it along, I promise I shall have some genuine bargains up for grabs! Most will be £1 or £2, plus £5 for my handmade cushions. I need space, so have to be ruthless. It will be a perfect opportunity to buy some great value Christmas gifts, or even to buy to sell-on yourself! I hope you'll come and find me! :) 
(Wrap up warm!)

With space cleared under our staircase, I then had to call on another friend (Debbie's hubby) to help manoeuvre the beast into its new temporary home. 
I love my original c1930s draper's counter and know if I ever needed one again in the future, that it could potentially cost me a lot of money, hence my choice to hang on to it for a while, until I know for sure what's next...
For now, it will be perfect for storing the stock I keep for the fairs I attend. I will be able to file it all away carefully for easy selection. 
We've been falling into bed for the last few days - it's been quite exhausting...
This morning we were back again at the shop to clean it from head to toe, before I hand back the keys to my landlord. Safe to say, I am handing it back in a better state than when I took it on back in 2009! 
We even steam cleaned the floor.

And a sparkling kitchen now safe from the hundreds of cups of teas I have brewed in there! 
Goodbye old friend - I will miss you, but its time for a new challenge.
At the moment it feels like a mountain of work to get through, but this afternoon I couldn't help myself and started to list some festive fairies in my on-line catalogue! Well, it was nice to sit down for a while! Hope you'll enjoy taking a look if you have time.
(I'll be making a new collection of gals for the Vintage and Handmade Fair on the 13th.)
Thanks for all the kind messages sent to me over the last week or so...
and thanks for sticking-by my blog, which has suffered somewhat, due to the demands of my shop over the last 5 years.
Enjoy the rest of your week, 
Niki x 
Thank you Sarah for the beautiful flowers x


  1. Oh Niki the very best of luck in the future with what you decide to do. That counter looks fab under the stairs.

  2. Its sad to see the shop go after you've worked so very, very hard. Let's hope its not a multiple that takes it over. The high street needs individuals like you.
    I so miss shops like yours here in France.
    Good luck with the future.

  3. Always love to catch up with you on your blog Niki and will continue too. I loved seeing your shop albeit on blog and not in person unfortunately and especially enjoyed the times when you had the BBC crew in town. Good luck with future ventures.
    All my best wishes to you and yours Ginny x

  4. Wow, Niki, where have those five years gone? It's been gorgeous watching your beautiful shop from afar. With your tenacity and creativity I'm sure you'll be blooming in your next chapter. Suzy xx

  5. You have handed it back in beautiful condition, I remember all the work you, and your lovely hubby had to do when you first took it on. Your landlord must be delighted with his improved premises.

    The end of an era, but the start of a whole new chapter. Good luck. Xx

  6. Incredibly, the energy you have, Niki! So much to pack and wrap and move and then already filling your online shop and planning for the next fair. I admire you. All the best for the flea market sales - pity I can't come.

  7. When one door closes.....
    My regret is that I never physically made it to your shop, but, window shopped on-line, maybe some day you'll open up another 'adventure', I do hope so. xxx

  8. Ooooo comments! Thank you soooo much for your kind wishes ladies!!! :) :) :)

    Ginny, I have been trying to email you, but can't seem to get to you these days...I know you said you were trying to get to a fair this year - just hope I didn't miss you. Hope you have a wonderful festive season,
    Niki xx

  9. Wishing you all the best in the future, and looking forward to seeing you at some fairs. And online ....


  10. Hi Niki ... sorry!
    I wish I was there!
    Hugs and kisses, *Maristella*.
    (with translator)

  11. Good luck with what ever new challenge you set yourself.

  12. All the best Niki ... we (my mum and I!) did love your shop even though we didn't manage to get to you very often! See you on the fair circuit somewhere. M x


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