Sunday, December 14, 2014

'Tis the Season...

Thank you to Michele and Jayne for organising a lovely final fair for the year.
The Vintage And Handmade Christmas Fair was beautiful - so much love and effort had been lavished upon every stall, be it on the sourcing of gorgeous stock, the hand-making of treasures or the pretty displays. 
Thank you to all who stopped at my stall and made a purchase. 

There wasn't a lot of time to take photos around the fair, but I snapped a few quick shots of those closest to me...
Michele of Cowboys and Custard 

Bee - Ginger Rose. 
With our daughter arrived safely home from uni now for the holiday, we headed into Bath for our traditional visit to the Christmas Market last night...
Thought you may like to see a few of the sights...

Some stalls.

The Abbey.

Hot chocolate in Jacob's.

Shop window displays. 

Wishing you a peaceful week,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki.

    Your stand looked beautiful. I wish I was able to attend. I would spend loads. And Bath looks so festive.

  2. Thanks Rosezeeta, Bath is a beautiful city, but especially so at Christmas. Niki x

  3. Everything looks so very lovely and festive! Looks like loads of fun! I would love to be able to stroll around with a nice cup of hot cocoa and a big pocketful of spending cash! ! !

  4. What lovely pictures of Bath it looks like York but on a bigger scale. The stalls at the fair looked lovely hope you had a good day. I can remember when they started doing the first one, in the days of blogs before Facebook. I wonder if blogs will come back again in popularity with the different things that Fb is going to introduce it will not make it so popular. Have a lovely Christmas with your family - feet up remember!!


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