Friday, May 18, 2007

All Change...

Here in the UK we have been experiencing a VERY wet May! The rain outside has deterred me from entering my garden, so instead I have been bringing the outside in, with bright floral fabrics. It has also been fun to move furniture from different rooms and make changes without redecorating!
The little green chippy painted table used to be in my laundry room, but always ended up as a dumping ground for the girl's school bags!

A larger move involved re-hanging the white glazed cabinet that houses my vintage hat collection. It used to be on our landing, but I never really looked at them up there.
Here it is in its new position. (What a patient hubby I have!)

The old French mannequin standing in the corner wears another vintage hat and a Victorian lace collar and feather boa.

Turning round in the room you would then see my wooden bench with a pile of vintage fabric cushions that I have been recovering.....

I also made a cover for an eiderdown, to make a squishy feather filled seat pad! (I know I need to recover the lampshade! That's next on the list!)

Next to the bench is my French armoire. Sometime ago, I saw a beautiful armoire with a cherub on the top in a Bath Antique shop. The price tag was humongous! - So I have made my own version with a brass cherub from an old clock, painted white and attached at the top!
The hand painted lamp base and rose printed shade is also French and was a recent purchase from my local antiques fair.
Have a lovely weekend. If we have more rain, at least my living room is cheerful and bright!


  1. Anonymous11:14 am

    It all looks so lovely,you have made some wonderful changes, I really love all the vintage cushions and your hat collection is beautiful, how did I manage to miss that painted hat stand last week ! Maggie x

  2. As always you are an inspiration Niki! I love that lampshade!

  3. How lovely to have a garden indoors to feast your eyes upon!

  4. Oh I do love everything, I especially like what you have done with the cherub on the cupboard.

    These changes around the house are good for our soul especially when you don't have to decorate to make the change.

    best wishes Ginny

  5. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Your living room is so gorgeous perfect for rainy days.

  6. Wow! You are one extremely talented lady, Niki! And I was so excited to see you use the word "landing"!!! We had one in the house I grew up in, and my little friends used to looked at me like I was crazy when I used the word "landing" (my parents called it that, so I did)! We lived in an old neighborhood with houses dating to the 1800's, and everyone had a landing, but they all called it "the top of the stairs"! I LOVE what you did with the cherub on your armoire!

  7. Hi Niki,

    I think I need to come and stay in that room!!! It is absolutely beautiful; you have put together some truly wonderful fabrics and pieces of furniture.

    I am now determined to find the right fabrics for the slipcover - I know without a doubt it will look amazing!

    Have a lovely weekend despite the weather!

    Clare x

  8. I am always excited to see a new post from you; your photos are fabulous, and I love your decorating style!
    That cherub on the armoire was clever and turned out beautifully!

  9. There you go again Niki changing things around. Everything looks so nice. Boy moving the cupboard must have been a job. Are you still married?
    Did it stop raining there yet? Your outside pictures are always so pretty too.

  10. I love what you've done, it's put me in the mood for a spot of painting, thanks for the inspiration!
    Gill x

  11. Isn't it a great feeling to make everything feel new with stuff you already have? I adore your bench!

  12. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Bonjour de Provence ...
    Your blog is very nice...I also love vintage cushiond, "brocantes"
    have a lovely week-end despite the rain.
    In provence the sun is present...
    friendly of the south of France

  13. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Une housse taillée dans un drap au superbe monogramme qui redonne une seconde jeunesse à un confortable fauteuil ! (j'aime aussi la corbeille à papiers avec son tissu à carreaux)

  14. Everything looks so lovely. It's sometimes great to change things a bit around the house.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  15. Niki, your decorating skills just floor me. Absolutely beautiful and so completely english cottage (at least in my mind). Oh, I could just move right in!!! I still dream of your kitchen...


  16. Beautiful touches throughout your house! I really like that green chippy table. I have a similar one. How clever of you to change the armoire to suit!

  17. Wow, I don't know where to begin. I love it all!!! That slipcover is so pretty.
    Love the green table. You have such a great eye.
    I have one of those husbands too. Isn't that great??
    You have to check my blog to see my new/old dress form. I see you have a french one. (Beautiful)
    Have a great weekend!!!

  18. So much fun to see all your beautiful things! We are having an oddly cool and rainy May here in Virginia, too.

  19. Oh such style - and you make it sound so simple! Mary

  20. Well I am sure glad you are having a rainy May or we might have never gotten to see these great pictures! You really need to be a magazine contributor Niki.

  21. Nikki I wish I had an n'th of your style. Can I be really really nosey and ask if there is a TV in your living room, the problem is trying to make it inconspicuous (?).
    Sandra. x

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  23. Hello Niki,
    Your home is wonderful and I love your armoire! How clever to put the cherub on there. Your little green table makes the room so cheery.

  24. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for your comment.
    We don't actually have a TV in this living room. Ours is an old house with small rooms, so we have another room for the TV and chilling out. If you visit my website and click on 'press' you will see the other living room. The photos were taken over a year ago now, so I have made many changes! Our TV is silver rather than black and I feel that it really doesn't intrude too much into the room. Friends have said that they don't notice our TV, even though it is quite large.
    Hope this helps,

  25. hello, sweet girl- i love what you have done in your home , every things so pretty and your cushions, oh my 'there beautiful'. love jo. hop skip and jump.

  26. Now this is what you did with the armoire and that green table I LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  27. What a fresh & flowery change Niki :D Oh my I'm so in love with your white cupboard and wardrobe! Love your mannequin too of course! I wish for mine to find something nice to wear too. I especially adore the picture of your friend "Louise loves pinboards" dress form and that gorgeous white vintage lace blouse she wears! But where to find something gorgeous like that? Happy Sunday to you and no more rain!!! Hugs Carol xox

  28. Oh.. love the color of the little table. I also like the colorscheme of the room. I would love that for our livingroom but somehow I always end up with something completely different...
    Hope it stops raining soon!

  29. Just love all those floral fabrics, I'd be in seventh heaven on that bench!


  30. I love your house Niki. The things you make are so wonderful. I really covet those pink/red rose cushions. That fabric is just delicious. You seem to be using more 1950's textiles in your decor, love it!

  31. Just beautiful as usual. You are such an inspiration. The way you redid that armoire is magic!

  32. Everything looks so fabulous! I love that green chippy table...and that gorgeous mannequin and cherub! so so pretty!


  33. Wow your living room looks absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
    Kim x

  34. Love florals. Love them. Thank goodness for patient husbands.

  35. Your living room looks so cozy and I love the look of yesterday that you have. It has been cool in Ohio and the look of summer would help here also.

  36. Your home looks wonderful! I would have chosen every stick of furniture for myself and the fabrics are to die for!

  37. As ever, everything looks completely gorgeous. I really love your style. I particularly love the bench with all the floral cushions and pad. Who cares if it's raining outside when you've got somewhere so gorgeous and bright to sit.

  38. I LOVE everything!!! I am looking for a vintage dress form for my new"craft" room.I also hope to find a French armoire .I have been searching for a while I still haven't found the "one".Great idea with the cherub.

  39. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Your living room looks charming and that bench is an inviting place to curl up with a good book on a wet afternoon.

  40. Anonymous7:35 pm

    This Armchair is a great one !

    And what a lovely room and beautiful flowers all over the place !

  41. Anonymous6:53 am

    I add your link to my blog.

    Greetings Paulien


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