Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Floral Fantasy!

I have had this old Barbola mirror for some time. Unfortunately during its life-time it has lost several of the roses from the top garland, making it look a little ugly.

So I decided to do something with it and try to make it beautiful again.
I had an old vintage hat that the moths had attacked. Thankfully they hadn't munched through the delicate velvet pansies, so I was able to remove these from the crown of the hat to recycle them.

I then had the simple task of adding them to the edge of the mirror, securing with a dab of glue.

Here it is complete.

I shall be hanging it next to my cabinet filled with old floral hats and hat stands. The perfect mirror to use when trying on vintage hats!

My other handmade items that I have completed over the last couple of weeks include this vibrant collection:

Many thanks for all the 'Happy Birthday' wishes that I received to my last post, you are all so kind!


  1. That mirror is absolutely beautiful! I always look forward to visiting your site because you have the most gorgeous photos - always! Happy Belated Birthday, it looks like you had a wonderful day and thanks again for the lovely photos!
    Kim x

  2. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Another unique and beautiful transformation Niki.

  3. Hi,
    What were the original ones made out of? were they ceramic?
    LOvely mirror!

  4. Hello Toby,
    Thank you for your comment.
    The original old Barbola mirrors were made from a plaster type substance that could be moulded to make the flowers and decorations on the mirrors. They were then handpainted. It is also possible to occasionally find them made from leather. Both types are susceptible to cracks and damage though, which I don't normally find detracts from their beauty. This one unfortunately had completely lost it's roses though.
    Hope your jewellery sales are going well!

  5. The mirror is really pretty.
    Great job!!! I love your blog.

  6. Hello Niki,
    I particularly like the collection of items you sewed...Love the fabrics you used and how creative and pretty everything is... Certainly my eye candy!!!
    Come by my blog for my Mother's day giveaway.

  7. So pretty and clever too!

  8. Hi Niki

    Does your creative brain never stop?!!!! What a clever way to 'repair' the barbola mirror. Brilliant.

    Sue xx

  9. Beautiful what you have done with your mirror! I love old mirrors and have several in my house (it helps make my tiny house look just a tad larger)!

  10. oh! oh! oh! i LOVE it!!!! debbie =)

  11. Great transformation and the perfect fix.

    Lovely mirror!


  12. It looks so amazing! That is a great idea and the flowers look so similar to the others!


  13. Hi Niki, what a wonderful and beautiful idea - you have such fantastic creativity!

    You have been busy creating many more lovely treasures for your shop and they all look so gorgeous! Clare x

  14. Niki, I love Barbola's and this idea is great to give it a new lease of life.

    All those goodies up in the webstore are just fab, just wish I had been home quick enough to shop more!!

    best wishes Ginny

  15. Anonymous8:26 pm

    BEAUTIFUL! Fantastic job, Niki!

  16. I think the mirror is more special now than it was originally! Cute!

  17. How nice to create a new treasure from two tired ones! I am sure it will be a wonderful accessory for your vintage hats!

    Belated wishes for your birthday! It sounds like it was a wonderful and special one!

  18. You did an amazing job with it! It looks fantastic!!!

  19. Where've you been my dear? Been missin ya...take a peek at my latest post...I thought of you while writing.

  20. Happy Birthday, belated!!!!

  21. A very very blessed Mothers Day to you..

  22. Hey, Wow i love the mirror, you really have a fab eye for this kind of thing. You're actually the person who inspired me to start my blog, it's just so great to find others who have such great taste and ideas!. I'd love to swap links with you if that's ok?...

    Debz xXx

  23. GORGEOUS and YUMMY!!!
    Love all of your ideas....
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  24. Dear Niki,
    Thanks for sharing your book with us, it`s quite funny...but full of good ideas also!
    I LOVE all your fabrics and I`m hoping that you will make some of your beautiful Fairies, as I`m after one, two, three,... All Of Them, if my bank account would permit me...
    They are soooo BEAUTIFUL!
    Keep up with the good work!!!
    Kisses Kisses
    Kisses Debbie.xxx

  25. YOu have made such treasures here !

    the mirror came out so great !

    I love that you had that idea to use the vintage flowers to fill in and renew that gorgeous mirror.

    Very Creative over here at Nostalgia ! I love it !

    xo- S

  26. That mirror is beautiful! Like you I love to pick up things and 'recreate' them or fix them up and make functional artwork. Nothing I love more than a good yard sale. Can't wait to view the rest of your site.


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