Thursday, May 24, 2007

Time to Smell the Flowers....

I'm not quite sure where the last few days have disappeared to, or this month for that matter. Days seem to merge lately and there is very little time for the simpler things in life. I decided to take ten minutes yesterday and armed with the camera went into my garden.

Some of my favourite blooms at the moment are these fabulous Irises, the colour of toffee yogurt!

The heady scent of old fashioned roses and lavender is so comforting.

And have you every sniffed the fragrance of the Robinia Frisia tree flowers? They remind me of 'Germolene' the antiseptic ointment!

I've still not found the time to plant up my chimney pots. But the enamelware bowl was one I did last year...

And EVERYONE should make the time to sit with a hen on their lap!.....

"Come on Miss Millie, you're not hiding when you do that!"


  1. What a beautiful garden you have - and so large. I should think a lot of your time goes on tending it as it looks so immaculately kept too. I love old chimney pots too but only have two which had to be taken doen from an old house we once had. I usually plant trailing lobelia or nasturtiums in them but yours look nice on their own.

  2. Your garden looks great Niki.
    And I would love a hen to sit on my lap..!
    She looks quite comfy and enjoying her cuddle.

  3. Hi Niki,

    Wow, your garden is positively beautiful! I love the old swings, that takes me back to my childhood garden, when we had a wood and rope swing in the apple tree.

    Miss Millie is adorable! If I sit down in the garden I usually have a cat on my lap!

    Clare x

  4. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Lovely pictures Niki...Love the skirt by the way. Miss Millie is so sweet...

  5. Niki, You have such a beautiful garden! And that hen is just too I just came from Clare's and your bags are just stunning!


  6. Lovely garden Niki! and if I could sit with a hen on my knee I should be in seventh heaven!

  7. Well I can tell you where your time goes. The care of that beautiful garden and all your crafts and inside changing around. I see I missed out on one of your dolls AGAIN!! I like the little china ones. I think you use your time in a good way, probably the only time you sit down is when you get a chicken on your lap.

  8. Beautiful garden. I wish I could see it in person.

  9. Oh my! What a gorgeous garden. I would love to have a hen in my garden too. I just have a terrier digging around. Enjoy your blog always!

  10. I want to sit with a hen in my lap!!! Kitty Mia will have to suffice here in the U.S. suburbs...sigh

    Thanks for the photos though--very lovely.

  11. Thanks a lot for sharing those wonderful garden pictures, Nicki.

    Your irises look wonderful, I'd like to have more in my garden, too.

    I very much like the idea of planting that wheel-barrow.

    Best wishes from Germany,

  12. You have such a lovely garden.
    How wonderful that your chicken sits on your lap. I should try it with my chickens....don't think they would sit still Ü.

  13. Hi Niki, finally got to get a comment out!

    Just wanted to say, I love your garden, it is set out in a beautiful way with the swing and chimney pots, and that Chicken looks like it lives in the lap of luxury - excuse the pun:)

    But can we rely on this beautiful sunny weather of late.

    best wishes Ginny

  14. Well done Miss Millie! "If I shut my eyes you can't see me" - know it well!!

    The chimney pots look just as good naked, but I'm sure you'll get round to dressing them soon. The garden looks lovely so I'm glad you took 10 minutes!
    Sue x

  15. Anonymous6:24 pm

    lovely garden niki,really nice photos. That hen is gorgeous, what a character i bet she is. Im still toying with the idea of getting a few hens !

  16. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Gorgeous. Every last bit of it. :)

  17. That's it! I want a hen AND a beautiful garden in England!!! I'm on my way, Niki! I can take the 10PM flight and be there at 9AM your time tomorrow! heehee

    Your flowers are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  18. Such lovely glimpses of your garden!

  19. Everything as usual looks lush and tended too...July 1st is our peak season and I simply cannot wait to post pics.
    missin ya

  20. Anonymous5:52 am

    Can I come live in your garden? So pretty & restful. The English countryside & heaven must be very similar. :)

  21. Your garden is so inviting.

  22. I'll tell you what I told Carol...wanna swap gardens???
    I have never had a hen in my lap...must try that soon :)

  23. Anonymous3:03 pm

    hahaha! first time comment for me over here...I had to laugh because I sit with my hen at least once a day, I do a click click noise and she runs to me for a sit! she thinks she is a kitty my hen...great garden neat blog!

  24. Stunning, stunning pictures....

  25. Love your garden Niki, I've just put a photo up of mine - complete with bin bags! I can just imagine you sitting out on a lovely afternoon sewing beautiful bags and dolls - perfection.
    Sandra. x

  26. Hello Niki, What a beautifil garden.. Makes me want to come sit a while with you and maybe have tea? Thanks so much for taking all the beautiful photos and sharing you garden with us. You have been a very busy Gal. All your hard work is very rewarding I'm sure. Have a lovely day :-} ~Mary~.

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  28. Ha ha love the hen sitting on your lap like a cat Niki, so cute! And your Irises are absolutely stunning! Carol xox

  29. You have a lovely garden and it appeared to have some sunshine in it which is more than we've had 'up north'! Miss Millie looks so appealing hiding behind the leaves, I've never seen a hen sitting on anyone's lap before:)

  30. Love that hen pic - it's fantastic!! I really fancy keeping hens but haven't quite got space at the moment plus still having to work on my husband for that one. Also the other garden and house photos are fab, thanks for sharing.


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