Sunday, May 27, 2007

Turquoise Treasures.

After spending time rearranging the furniture in my living room (see post below) I then had to find new positions for the items that I moved out! The grey chippy painted cupboard is now on our landing. (Although I am told by Louise that you call it 'the top of the stairs' in the States. Thinking about it, 'the landing' does sound funny; it's not like we fly up the stairs and have to come into land; but that could be fun!!)
I bought the over mantel mirror from a junk shop and gave it a coat of turquoise paint and added the Victorian rose decals to match the cupboard.

I have displayed an arrangement of vintage treasures, including a china wash jug and bowl and my wooden peggy dolls.

I received this gorgeous parcel in the post from Lilia at Flea Market Studio.
The goodies were beautifully wrapped in turquoise and pink tissue and ribbons; the delights inside co-ordinated wonderfully - thanks again Lilia! I couldn't wait to start using some of them. I had the bird cage that I recently bought from Louise, waiting for a small make-over.

I stuck the pretty Little Styrofoam bird to the swinging perch.

I lined the base with a Violet printed 1940's wallpaper, then added vintage millinery flowers and a pink lace bow to the top bars.
The cage now sits on top of an old trunk that also stands on our landing, which hides all of our board games out of sight.

I have a wire work Mannequin there too, with a very flamboyant hat!

My sewing machine has broken down just now, so I am feeling very fidgety until my new one is delivered! I rarely go a day without sewing, so this is hard for me!
I treated myself to these pink Peonies yesterday. They are so delicate and pretty - just wanted to share them with you!


  1. Pwhoar Niki! Pure eye candy! So beautiful! I love that bird cage and everything really, all the yummy rose stuff, oh my I have to go back and enlarge all the pics again!

  2. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Everything is so beautiful! Love the colors that you use. By the way, this American calls it a landing also...and I have two on my staircase! Cheryl

  3. Is there anything better than pink and turqouise? I don't think so! That turqouise iron mannequin whith the pink ballet shoes is a dream as well and I love all the stuff you bought from Lila! Happy Pentecost to you and your family! Carol xox

  4. Wow, Niki, what a wonderful post. I suppose if you think of that old expression "Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs ..." (or perhaps you're not old enough for that one), the top of the stairs doesn't seem too far out!

    I love the trunk. I have an awful one that I can't bear to throw out because the inside has a wonderful paper lining, so perhaps a coat of paint will help.

    Thanks for viewing the piccies - the shepherd's huts are made by someone who rents some buildings on the farm, so if you really need one ... !!!

    Sue xx

  5. Hi Niki,

    What some beautiful photos of some truly beautiful things! I always enjoy rearranging things in the house, it's very rejuvenating to see things in a different place!

    Now we shall have to find out why we call it a landing won't we?! Especially as it gets even more confusing when we say 'leave the landing light on'!!!

    Clare x

  6. I do love turquoise, and the way you have displayed everything is so gorgeous! I am still giggling over the use of the word "landing"... I guess it was because we lived in New England that the word "landing" was somewhat still in use when I was little. Is your landing large enough for furniture, yet it's a separate space from the upstairs rooms? Ours also had its own railing separate from the stairwell railing.

    Gorgeous treasures you received! My little girl MADE me buy some millinery birds the other day - I guess I need to find a birdcage now! =)

  7. You must be my long lost sister! Just kidding, but it's so nice to see someone who has the same decorating sense. Love your house and posts. In fact, yours is the only blogger site I have saved in my favorites. I live on a 370 acre farm in southwest Missouri. We have been having so much rain after a 3 year drought, that it looks like an English countryside here too! I am jealous of your old textiles and millinary floweres as they are very hard to find here. As far as Americanisms, we call it a wash pitcher and bowl. Never heard it referred to as a wash jug before! Still we are all the same at heart don't you think?

  8. I love every bit of it. The colors are so pretty! The mannequin is great! The items you recieved in the mail are really pretty too.
    I live in a one story house, no stairs or landing.

  9. NIKI,
    What a nice package of goodies and pretties. Isn't it so much fun to get something you love in the mail?
    Everything looks so pretty and About the landing thing, I am from the states and around here we say landing. So maybe its a state by state decision on what to call it. HA.

  10. Anonymous8:10 pm

    The mirror you found is just lovely! I absolutely need to find that paint color and find something to paint with it!

    Thank you for posting these pictures and giving me inspiration.


  11. What a beautiful colour combination! I always love coming to visit here and seeing all your beautiful things you create :)


  12. hello niki,you have some gorgeous items in beautiful colours,your house must be everyones dream, with all your fabrics and lace etc.
    and what i'd give to have a garden as big and beautiful as yours,i have a thing about hens and ducks!i love them,i have been cleaning my rooster today[a small feathered one]my son bought me for a birthday.but i would love the real thing!one wishes ann.

  13. Anonymous4:40 am

    Everything is gorgeous - especially love the birdcage. I had been wanting a vintage one, but too costly, so I found a cheap decorative one at a thrift shop & painted it aqua.

  14. Here on the west coast of the US. We use the word 'landing' for that area.
    Love your birdcage and decor.
    England is my favorite place to visit. But, we don't travel anymore.

  15. Anonymous8:40 am

    I just discovered your blog.

    I love your turquoise birdcage. It gives me some inspiration for a birdcage I've been storing.

    I was born and raised in the USA and I've always refered to the top of the stairs as the "LANDING".

  16. Oh girl, your blog is like a breath of fresh air!

  17. I's funny because growing up we called it the landing and now I say top of the stairs?? Your display looks fab!

    Another thing that's funny, I ordered exactly the same thing from Fleamarket studio:)) I love my little bird but don't have anything as cute as that bird cage from Louise to house it.

    best wishes Ginny

  18. Inspirational as ever Niki! Gorgeous interior shots, I adore your house. Wonderful parcels too, yummy :-)

  19. Hi Niki,Have been enjoying your blog for a while now and feel I must thank you for all the lovely photo's. Truly inspiring!

  20. soooo many pretties you have... debbie =)

  21. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Niki your blog is always sooooo inspiring ....I am addicted to it!
    I love the way you display your treasures , they are so gorgeous !
    Your house is like a painting constantly adding dashes of colours !
    Thank you for sharing your beauties with us !

  22. Everything is gorgeous Niki! I love that aqua so pretty and so cute with the wallpaper in the bottom. What a beautiful hat your sweet mannequin girl is wearing!

    Lilia is the best at wrapping gifties!


  23. I am SO glad I found your blog-everything is so beautiful and very inspiring! Please let us know when you are at the next fair, and I will try to visit! I live in the south of England, and have just started a new blog-it would be great if you could visit my blog!!!

  24. Oh! I just LOVE that blue!!!
    On the hutch and on the bird cage.
    Simply gorgeous!

    Doesn't it just make your day to get a package like that?! It makes me smile, and I'm just looking at the picture. LOL

    And as far as "Landing"...thanks for the fond memory. I don't hear it much anymore, but my grandma used that term all the time.

    I can still hear her say, " Dear, I set some bags on the landing, could you take them up to the attic for me." :)


  25. How beautiful decorated! Lovely colours too.

  26. Hi Niki - You'll see from my blog that I'm having email problems. I'll speak to Han and find out! Sue xx

  27. Anonymous5:10 pm

    So much prettiness, I'm going back to take another look at it all.

  28. This is the prettiest shade of turquoise- I absolutely love the way you decorate.

    My parents farmhouse once belonged to my great grandmother. Once we were tearing up carpet and found the old original hardwoods underneath- splattered on the floor, right from 1940, was this exact shade of turquoise!

  29. The tourquios is lovely, one of my favorite colors. I love the bird cage!

    I tried to mail your package today, but have to go to the actual post office, not just at the drop off, since it is out of the country. I will mail it tomorrow when I am out running errands.

  30. Everything Niki is just really know how to display to restyle and make me smile :) Landings here too!

  31. Hi Thre! Over where I live in Indiana well all call them "Landings". And your landing must be big! That is also a grand bird house! Lori

  32. okay, where have I been?? This all looks so beautiful just amazing. The colors, pink and turqouise, the BEST!! You have such a wonderful eye for display.
    Thanks for sharing.

  33. Beautiful pictures! Love the turquoise mirror and the birdcage, FAB!
    Enjoy you blog so much, thanks for sharing,
    xo, suzy

  34. Wow, I don't even know where to begin - it's all so amazing!!! The colors, the bird cage, the cabinet, the's gorgeous!!!!


  35. Hi Nikki, It was fun to see that our birdcages are very similar only mine isn't old! Love the fact that yours is showing his age en the paint is peeling off!! Not to mention that cute little bird!
    The only thing is that my boyfriend doesn't understand there's no real birdie in it (like he also doesn't get it why we have empty picture frames hanging on our wall). For him things must have a function so since I bought the birdcage like ages ago but he keeps on commenting to everybody (!!) that it's weird we don't have birds...

  36. Such lovely treats- love all the turquoise/aqua things.

  37. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Ohhhh I love what you did!!!! You are so welcome and thank you!!!! What a beautiful birdcage!! hugs to you!-LIlia


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