Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Internet Shopping.

Have you seen these that the talented Kim of 'Ragged Roses' makes, which she sells in her Etsy shop? Three vintage rag covered balls arrived at my home beautifully presented in a little fabric bag. Kim also included a sweet smelling lavender sachet with the parcel - thank you Kim. x

The rag balls would make great Christmas decorations - I am going to fill a vintage china bowl with mine in my living room, so that I can look at them everyday!

I also went shopping at the courageous Amy's web shop. I bought the colourful, floral vintage towel for my kitchen and the packets of self-cover buttons.

I have already had some fun with the buttons, covering them in some hand embroidered linen taken from an old tablecloth.

I love the fact that you just pop-out the pattern piece from the packaging, so that you know what size to cut the fabric to cover each button! These will be a great addition to my handmade bags and dolls.

I have updated my website today and have decided to include some bags handmade by a friend of mine, as something fresh for you to look at. Helen is a talented lady who recycles vintage fabrics to make her one-of-a-kind shoulder bags and totes.

I have also been busy myself, making a small collection of one-off fairy dolls....

(Sorry we're sold - thank you!)
and rag dolls.....

(sorry we're sold - thank you!)
as well as some pretty handmade brooch pillows and my own vintage fabric bags.

(Sorry all sold - thank you!)
This will be my last big website update for a while, as I am taking 6 months to work on some other projects. I will still randomly add goods to my website when I have had time to hand make a new item, so I hope you can bare with me during this period; but for reasons that I won't go into on my blog, I feel that life is short and there are other things I want to try. (When I add new stock to the site, I shall place a notice on the 'home' page.)
Happy Christmas Shopping!
UPDATE TUES 27th 7.30pm.
I have received a few emails today regarding my blog. Sorry for any confusion - I WILL be continuing with my blog. It is my WEBSITE'S ON-LINE CATALOGUE that will not be updated so frequently. I have another project that I wish to work on for a while, so will not have the time to devote to hand making lots of new stock. I will try to add new items randomly when I have been able to make something new, but I really need this time to work on my other project. Sorry for the confusion, but hope this has cleared things up! - Please don't stop visiting my blog!


  1. Oh thank you Niki that is very kind of you to mention me - I went red when I read the post! Just been over to check your website, you have added some lovely things as usual and I got in there early enough to reserve one for myself - hooray! Hope you enjoy your six months, we'll miss you

  2. Enjoy your much deserved time doing new crafts! It sounds like great fun! You've put some gorgeous new items in your shop!

  3. Lovely things hope you enjoy your new venture Mary

  4. love the fairy dolls and buttons. xoxo Nita

  5. Love all of the fun pictures!!

  6. Anonymous11:42 pm

    I just found your blog the other day and was very distressed thinking you'd be gone for 6 monthes as I've grown attached to you and all your endevers.I'm so glad you'll still be here! I love all your lovely pictures that you so generously share with all of us.Good luck in all you do. Gerie

  7. Beautiful creations as always. Enjoy your new venture,I am pleased that you will still be blogging!!!!

  8. Oh good, glad to hear you are NOT leaving us! Wonderful finds!!

  9. You found some pretty things and I love your little dolls!


  10. Hi Niki

    Clever idea with the tablecloth! Do I recognise it?!!! Good luck with your other project! I'm off to see if there's anything left after your update.

    See you at the Giant Flea no doubt.

    Sue xx

  11. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Such beautiful things in your shop Niki, I'm very tempted again! So glad you'll still be writing your blog, I would really, really miss it. I agree about Kim, I bought some of her lovely lavender sachets and was thrilled with them, and such a lovely lady too. Jackiexx

  12. Hi Niki

    Anemones are one of my favourite flowers because of the gorgeous colours but I've never found them as well priced as at your local shop! I would fill the house with them if I did!

    All the colour is really beautiful and I love buttons and rag balls - I shall have to find some spare time to go shopping!

    Good luck with your project - I'm sure you will have a fun time with it!

    Clare x

    PS. LOVE all those pretty photos you've added!

  13. I love your covered buttons! I made some that were similar earlier this year, and I was so disappointed when they failed to sell on ebay. Oh , well- they did not look quite as pretty as yours!


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