Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Autumn Colour.

Unbelievably, the little narcissus bulbs that I planted in the tea cups just last week, have started to flower! I would suggest if anyone was thinking about giving flowering bulbs as a gift that they plant them just one or two days before they are to be given!
They certainly are cheerful -I love to fill my home with colour.
Anemones are so vibrant and can usually be picked up fairly cheaply from a local greengrocers - mine were just 70 pence for the whole bunch.

They are cut and sold dry, but once they are placed in water at home they unfurl their petals within hours. I've used an old pink pressed glass vase to display them for that nostalgic look.
I brought some of my pelargoniums in from the garden before the first frosts; replanted in an enamelware bowl they make another colourful show at this time of year on my kitchen windowsill.

And in the living room.....

....these unusual brassica stems make quite a statement during the colder months -almost as beautiful as summer roses!


  1. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Lovely flowers Gerie

  2. Oh how beautiful! I absolutely love ornamental cabbages, they are just so lovely,
    Alison x

  3. Such stunning posies, Niki! We call that last one you've shown "Winter Cabbage". =)

  4. Gorgeous Niki! What nice gifts those would make. I just love the last pretty! xoxo

  5. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Such gorgeous pictures, Niki, thank you for sharing them with us. Jackiex

  6. Oh, what beautiful flowers! That last picture - of the brassica ?? - I haven't seen them before, they are gorgeous!! I wonder if we have them here in Australia??

  7. All are so pretty!
    Thanks for the lovely photos.

  8. Lovely flowers makes me think of summer

  9. Niki your display is really pretty, I like all the different containers and the final picture of the brassica -

    I bought some the other day and thought they were from the cabbage family :)) they look just like roses except they stay proud longer - at least I know what I am asking for now:))

    Best wishes Ginny

  10. Hi Ginny,
    Thank you for your comment. You are correct they are from the cabbage family - these brassicas are ornamental cabbages! Shame their scent isn't as sweet as roses!
    Niki x

  11. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Oh I saw those little cabbages ina Teso bouquet and thought them delightful, haven't seen them for sale seperately yet I'm sure I'll succomb when I do.

  12. Your flower displays are lovely Niki! I am so taken with the idea of planting up little vintage tea cups, they look so pretty!

  13. Lovely flowers Niki - I've just been down to the market to buy some flowers but all they had was bucket after bucket of chyrsanthemums! I did manage to buy some chocolates to fill the teachers' cups with!
    Kim x

  14. The flowers are beautiful. Flowers are so cheerful escpecially when the days are dreary and cold. I love your blog and just added it to blogs I love on my own blog.

  15. I love those brassicas.. beautiful colour x

  16. I always like to have the opportunity to peek into other's homes. I enjoyed this home tour of flowers and pretties.


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