Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Please indulge me a 'proud Mum' moment!
My middle daughter began her Art Foundation course at University 10 weeks ago. She has just produced this amazing outfit as one of her self-initiated project assessments. It is a corset and pleated skirt made from newspaper, which she has stitched and added painted graffiti and sequins.
Here she is modelling the outfit in a setting she designed and photographed herself, to represent 'victim fashion'. I am amazed and feel thrilled that she is pursuing a course that she obviously loves.
She hopes to follow a pathway into costume design.


  1. Anonymous3:08 pm

    I Niki!

    Simply to say that I love the pictures and what your daughter has created. It is clear that you both are great artists!
    But, more costumes designs, please!

    I´d love to wear them! ;)

  2. Wow that picture is worthy of any exhibition let alone the outfit. What a clever girl .... must take after her mum:))

    best wishes Ginny

  3. My goodness what a talented young lady! She takes after her Mum (I see that comment above mine, too)! She certainly looks like she's found her path to success!

  4. Well you have no worries there Niki.. your daughter is obviously very gifted.. like her mother!
    and not only talented but with legs to die for..
    The costume is very clever..I love seeing innovative ideas using different medium..
    Fab photos!

  5. Hello Proud Mum

    It's a lovely feeling, isn't it! If she bases her career decision on her obvious talent she'll go far. Thanks for sharing. Well done M.

    Sue xx

  6. Wow,
    I think she will get into costume design. It's fab!!!

  7. Anonymous12:11 pm

    how wonderful Niki, I can see why you would be so proud. I love fashion. she should do very well indeed and this is only her 10th week?!!

  8. Hi Niki

    What a talented daughter you have!! I know I'm repeating what others have said, but of course she takes after her mum!!

    Good luck to her - although it appears she doesn't really need luck, she already has the talent required!

    Clare xx

  9. Wow indeed! You've every right to be proud! She is very talented, just like her mother!
    Kim x

  10. Anonymous5:02 pm

    how cool is that!!!
    love it!
    jessi nagy

  11. Wow, how talented your daughter is! It is fabulous!



  12. That is fantastic. She obviously has both the talent AND the desire to be in that field. Don't our children amaze us?!


  13. Wow! That is fabulous - the photos and the designs. My daughter is also a design student (graduating in May).

  14. Anonymous2:17 am

    Love her ensemble! How wonderful for her to pursue her artistic talent, I wish her much success. The skirt is just fantastic!

  15. Fantastic! I hope she enjoys her course and comes up with more wonderful creations. Thanks for showing us, lovely to see, good luck to your daughter!


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