Saturday, November 10, 2007

Winner, Wreath and Wonderful Women!

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway to celebrate my website's 3rd Birthday; I was overwhelmed by the response. The name drawn from a hat and the winner of the goodies shown below is..........
............Tea from 'Tea and Margaritas in my Garden.' Well done Tea, I shall have the prize in the post very soon!

We had some beautiful autumn weather last weekend, so I decided to harvest some more of my Hydrangea flowers.
"No chickens, those are not for you - you're so nosey!!"

I was inspired by Carol to make a wreath with some of them.
I had this rustic grapevine wreath already........ using my glue gun, I applied the flower heads all around the wreath base until it was completely covered. The flowers were still soft and supple, so there was no mess with falling petals. It will dry nicely when it is hung up on display.

I have placed it above my bed as a seasonal decoration and it adds another red accent to the room.
I also want to use this post as a BIG thank you to Michele. I have chatted via email to Michele for sometime now and she mentioned to me that she had a whole roll of 1950's Sanderson fabric that she would like to GIVE me!! I couldn't believe her generosity; it is so difficult to find usable amounts of vintage fabric now-a-days and here was a WHOLE roll!!
We actually only live a short distance away from each other, so I was able to go and pick it up from her home.
As you can see from the photos, it is stunning! I am tempted to make curtains for my bedroom with it as the blue would be perfect in there! But I also hope to make some handmade goods to add to my website.
This weekend I will be making a special 'thank you' present for Michele, using some of it. I know the fabric holds sentimental memories for her, so I aim to make a special keepsake for her.
THANK YOU Michele, you are such a kind lady for thinking of me and parting with your gorgeous fabric. I am deeply touched.
Michele has a website where she sells her fabulous handmade cards and nostalgic box frames; please take a look at her blog for more details when you get a chance to: 'Cowboys & Custard'.
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, Niki x


  1. Hi Niki, I quite jealous of that vintage fabric! It will make up into lots of lovelies I'm sure. And your hydrangea wreath is stunning, I love hydrangeas! Your giveaway was so nice, the winner is one lucky girl! xo, suzy

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  3. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Hi Nicki!

    Wow how fantastically surprising! I`m so excited! What beautiful things to win!!
    Thank you so much!

    What beautiful fabric you`ve recieved and it would look lovely as curtains. Matches that gorgeous wreath too!!!
    Oh I love your blog. You must never feel like leaving your beautiful home!
    I`m having to use my husbands computer at the moment while he tries fixing mine and it`s just not quite the same. But luckily I was able to retrieve my e-mail and see your wonderful surprise!


  4. Niki what fantastic fabric, if only I could find some curtains made from that, it's beautiful!!!! I love the wreath too, I wonder if it would work as well with well dried hydrangeas. Hope you have a great weekend
    Kim x

  5. Hi Niki, love the wreath, it looks gorgeous above your bed!And the fabric...! I checked out Cowboys and Custard, you both have lovely shops I will be revisiting!Thankyou,Sue

  6. Niki
    It was an absolute pleasure!
    I know you will transform the fabric into some wonderful creation..please post photos when it/they are finished.
    Thank you for mentioning me.. you are so kind.

  7. Such a beautiful wreath Niki, I adore hydrangeas. How wonderful and kind of Michele to give you that fabric. I am always amazed at the kindness of strangers. This blogging world introduces us to some lovely people.

  8. I love your blog! I used to have a shop here in the states.I often miss it, but I do not miss the Hours! I will return to see what other beautiful projects that you are making! "see" you soon!

  9. Niki it's beautiful. I'm sure Michele will love her special present. I'm hoping to meet her when I visit the Bath craft fair. And congratulations to Tea!
    Sue x

  10. Your wreath turned out so beautifully! Well done!
    God bless.

  11. Gorgeous fabric, Niki! You will have a fabulous time creating with it I am sure!

  12. I'm very happy for Tea that she won something from England which I know she loves!

    That fabric is gorgeous and would match your bedroom walls perfectly as it looks from your pictures. My bedroom is lightblue too btw.. How very nice of Michelle!

    Oh and of course your hydrangea wreath is beautiful all in red! Thanks for the mention! Love the picture with the nosey chicks lol

    Hugs Carol xox

  13. Your creations from this material are gorgeous, I have seen them on Cowboys and Custard, one good turn deserves another. Your hydrangea wreath is gorgeous, I have a similar bush in my garden, and this is something that I have wanted to get around to doing for ages, with your instructions, I may get around to doing one, if not this year, but next. x


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