Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fuzzy n' Festive!

We had heard somewhere that real Christmas trees were going to be more expensive this year; mainly due to the poor growing seasons for the last couple of years in the Scandinavian countries, leading to a lack of supply. So, holding our breath yesterday, when we visit our local farm that sells some, we enquired about the price for the smaller trees, thinking we would need to economise. Well, to our surprise, we could still buy a large 6ft one and unbelievably they were less than last year.

The farmer said that yes, some places were cashing-in on the scare, but not him. We selected our tree and grappled with it to get it into the back of our car.
Back home, it was manhandled into its pot and there were several willing hands waiting to add the assorted decorations.
A wonderful evening was spent with our three daughters and it struck me that this could be the last year that this happens for us. (My eldest daughter is hoping to go and teach English as a foreign language in Taiwan next year, having spent her spare time studying for her TEFL qualification.)
It felt good to have all of my daughters here joining in; the Christmas CDs playing loudly, the smell of the blue spruce and the excited chatter.

'Skinny Santa' is my youngest daughter's favourite decoration!

Other old favourites found their place amongst the branches, including mine - 'button-leg Santa', bought from Heidelberg market in Germany by hubby, when we were lucky enough to have a romantic weekend away once, when our girls were mere babes!
The new glass hearts fitted nicely amongst our nostalgic assortment.
And then we all stepped back to take it all in....
The photo below was taken this morning. I must admit that I hadn't felt very Christmassy until last night. There's always so much to do isn't there? And it's not until you stop and enjoy the simple pleasures of family life and create some more memories for the future that it hits you.
Yes, that warm and fuzzy feeling of togetherness and the appreciation for what we have has returned.
My trio of primitive ladies with their 'faith, hope and love' pillows perch on the window sill. A gift from my hubby many years ago...

Rustic snowflakes hang at the windows.
Hyacinths scent the air.
Frosted paper leaves tumble over a mirror.
Ooops...Did you notice the little pale blue cabinet? You did? OK then, I'll come clean... ;-))

...I took a little Christmas gift around to my friend who owns a junk shop in the next village...fatal! Ha! For what did I spy whilst I was there? It just had to come home with me, I couldn't help it! It had already received the CK treatment when I bought it(!), so all I had to do was sit it on the shelf in the kitchen. It's very old and tatty, just the way I like it!
A few early pressies of wine and flowers add another festive touch.

I made some finishing touches to linen gift bags for friends....

My glitter village found a new place this year in the sunshine...
And I found time to add some vintage glass baubles to the snowy wreath that I mentioned in the post below.
This was simple to do and didn't require a large amount of decorations.

Hanging from the mirror in the living room, it reflects the other wreath opposite.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend and are feeling fuzzy and festive too!
Niki x


  1. Your home really shows the Christmas spirit!

  2. Niki! Everything is so beautiful! I LOVE your tree! I'm sure you'll all cherish this Christmas together ~ it's the company of family and friends that brings out the joy; the ornaments and decorations just reflect the joy of the decorators! =) hugs!

  3. Hi Niki

    It sounds as if you and the girls had a wonderful time. The tree looks great. It'll be Monday before I can begin to think Christmas, but hopefully I'll be able to play catch up in time for Thursday!!!

    Sue xx

  4. Anonymous12:41 am

    I love your wonderful home. So cheery and full of the Christmas spirit. Your cupboard is fabulous! I can certainly see why you could not leave without it! Merry Christmas.

  5. Love all your Christmas ornaments, especially those gorgeous wreaths!! But that little blue cabinet, be still my heart!!! Always fun to visit your lovely blog!!

  6. It has been fuzzy festive at our home too! You home looks absolutely gorgeous! I really like the wreath on the mirror-very pretty!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Your room looks stunning, and the tree is beautiful. I would have wanted to nab that cabinet as well - always room for another must-have in the house somewhere!

    Reading about you and your girls doing the tree (while my little ones are both whinging!) is lovely, I hope that my girls will do that with me when they're all grown up too.

    Mel x

  8. Your home looks absolutely beautiful all decked out for Christmas . A very happy Christmas to you!

  9. Your home is looking wonderful as ever, your tree is fabulous.

    I love what you have done to your wreath.

    Victoria xx

  10. Please may I come and live with you - soon! I'm completely house-trained, remember to say please and thank you, don't take up too much space, know my table manners - and this envy thing is not being good for my psyche either.

  11. Oh Niki it is always a pleasure to pop into your blog, I am never disappointed. I am in awe of your beautiful home, I love the light, bright crispness of it but it is still showing warmth. The wreath on the mirror is magical too.
    May you enjoy a peaceful and happy Christmas time with your family and may your eldest daughter attain her dreams. Mine are all grown up and married with teenagers of their own so I know how her leaving will affect you, enjoy your time together, I'm very sure she'll make you very proud.
    hugs Peg xx

  12. Hi Niki, you know I wondered why the trees were £10 more round here this year..mad isn't it! Anyway, your home as always, looks beautiful..I want to hide on that settle and read your lovely book..what a gorgeous cosy corner that is under the stairs in the post below. The tree looks stunning too, I dont know where you find the time to do everything so beautifully!
    Have a wonderful Christmas xxxx

  13. Your tree is beautiful! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  14. Just beautiful...wish I had a friend like that with a junk shop...Happy H

  15. Oh Niki! All is wonderful!Your home looks so cosy and warm! Especially at Christmastime...
    I was sure the candles would have been perfect! Gorgeous display!!! Enjoy them, Niki!
    Monica x.

  16. Hi Niki, your tree and decorations look so beautiful and festive. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas! xo Heather

  17. What a beautiful home you have. I love all your decorations. Some people have a knack and the 'eye' to put things together, others like me, just hope it looks ok!lol!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family

  18. Oh how Beautiful everything looks Niki!! I love that little blue cabinet and your tree looks so cozy and gorgeous in your kitchen!!

    and , lol, would you mind shipping over that refrigerator please???!! I gasp when I see them! so Vintagey sweet!! That is on my list for Xmas next year!! I adore it!!

    Merry Christmas sweetie! xo Cynthia

  19. What a wonderful tree Niki. Have a smashing Christmas time with the family. Love and best wishes for the new year.

  20. Nicky merry Christmas to you and your family, i have my sons and daughter here at home too, and both my sons girlfriends as well.
    Nothing could make me more happy then a family Christmas at home.

  21. It all looks so very pretty and the little blue cabinet is just what we are looking for to put in our revamped bathroom.
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas..
    Jan x

  22. Your home looks so beautiful Niki. I've just started to get the fuzzy feeling, as I've finished the food shopping, hooray! There is nothing better than decorating the tree with our children...
    Wishing you all a very special and happy Christmas

  23. Oh!! Love your new cupboard! I can see why you had to take it home with you!! Love the pretty wreath over the mirror, too!!


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