Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Blast From my Past!

As I was doing a little internet surfing last night, looking for vintage wallpapers, I came across this eBay shop in Italy and had a quick flick through its listings. I suddenly recognised an ‘old friend’. A funky jungle print paper described as ‘vintage 70s wallpaper SAFARI for a psychedelic child’, yep, that was me!
I remember as a youngster, being treated to a bedroom make-over and my Dad taking me along to ‘Fads’ to buy some wallpaper. We looked all through the rolls on the racks, when I suddenly spotted a small sample of this fabulously groovy design!

(Picture courtesy of Pik°k°AMORA)
It turned out that it was one of those that had to be ordered in from a sample book; so being sure it was what I really liked, the rolls were duly ordered. I waited….we received phone calls to say the paper was still on order…I waited, with my bedroom stripped and looking bare. It was suggested after a few weeks that I choose something else…but I knew what I wanted…
(Picture courtesy of Pik°k°AMORA)
Finally the day came when the rolls were in stock and the decorating could take place. I adored the animals of the wacky design, and they surrounded me on all four of my bedroom walls! I even used the spare scraps to cover my school books, so I went everywhere with this paper!
My, how my taste has changed! ;-))
I know I’ve posted this old photo before, of our 1970’s dining room – I thought I’d just show it again so that you can get an idea of how lovely(!) the rest of the house was!
Have a great day,
Niki x


  1. How cute! I can't imagine you in the psychedelic '70s house, knowing your tastes now!
    Hen x

  2. I was allowed to choose the wallpaper for my room too in the 70s, The choice of any colour, my mum with her fingers crossed that it would be pretty and, yes, you guessed it I plumped for a brown one too. I guess it went with the brown trousers, brown wedges, brown eyeshadow ...

  3. Anonymous10:18 am

    Hello. What a lovely story to tell. Now I see how we developted your eyes for details. It was lovely then...and it is curious now.
    Have a nice day..

  4. Second try - blogger being a bit temperamental this morning!
    I remember that house very well and I LOVED it. All so spacious and light and modern. I'd have moved straight in with you all (if I could have brought mum too of course!).
    I wish I could find my old bedroom wallpaper. I'd still love it!

    OOh! Just noticed smelly big brother is in the photo too! :-)

  5. LOL Niki,
    yes we had a dining room like that ~ my mum liked orange ~ everything was orange, even had ceramic orange knobs on the original victorian panel doors ... arrrrhhhh those were the days.

    Thanks for giving me a giggle this morning.

    Ginny xx

  6. Second try for me, too! Well, what I was thinking is that your taste was pretty good - different, but not lacking - when you consider what you COULD have chosen in 'The Decade that Taste Forgot'!

  7. I remember choosing wallpaper for my room when I was nearly 12. I had three dormers in my bedroom, making it a challenge for my mom to wallpaper. And naturally I chose a busy design! It was a trellis pattern of blue forget-me-nots with tiny pink roses in between. =)

    I must admit I do rather like your jungle wallpaper! =))))

  8. That's a lovely story! I know as a child I always loved wallpaper/quilts with a lot of detail to look at.

    Mel xxx

  9. Oh how do I remember our home with that 70's wallpaper, too! We had the flocked velvet in our entry hall and around the corner an orange/avocado green/gold kitchen wallpaper with hot pads and chickens. eeeeks.

    Thanks for the flash from the past!


  10. what cute paper it're not tempted to use it again now?!

  11. How lovely is that paper?!

  12. I didn't have lions or wallpaper -I had brown & orange patchwork curtains & I was so up to date as I had a "continental quilt" (aka duvet) covered in a cream with brown heart design - duvets were quite an innovation then & I felt veey cool indeed!


  13. I'm afraid I had lime green and purple - (embarrasingly, purple was Donny Osmonds favourite colour) I've been too ashamed to tell anybody until I saw it was Jane Brocket's (of "Life of Domesticity" fame) choice. I wonder if our children will be laughing at their room choices in a few years time?

  14. Oh.. love the brashness of this era.. but my wallpaper was much more demure.. semi-naked art nouveau nymphs by Sanderson.. with matching curtains..
    I can spot you immediately in the photo.. you haven't changed a bit Niki. still have the lovely lustrous locks..

    Michele xx

  15. My room was a boring purple and orange, very fetching!
    I would have loved that wall paper too...

  16. In the early 70's, my room was orange and white. My dad was useless at anything DIY and he would not even know what wallpaper I had white painted walls... and I did my best to pretty it up with an orange bedspread..a furry orange stool,orange curtains etc etc.

  17. How wonderful Niki. Your taste has certainly changed! If I had to guess I would have picked flowers but never a jungle theme! :0)The memories must have flooded back. I love it when something like that happens, when you don't expect it. I love the photo of the 1970's dining room. What was it about the 70's that everything had to be browns and mustard colours! A really fun post!
    Isabelle x


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