Friday, May 29, 2009

My Handmade Items for the V&H Fair

The following selection of photos are some of the handmade items that I have been working on over the last few months. My goods are made from antique/vintage fabrics, many are C19th French, and I use vintage lace, trims, brooches and embellishments throughout. I shall be taking the collection with me to Chipping Sodbury tomorrow, where they will be displayed on my stand at the 'Vintage & Handmade Fair'.
A hanging display heart with Victorian greetings card and cabinet photo.
Rose inspired patchwork cushion.
'Boudoir cushions' with brooch adornment.
A variety of lampshades.

My one-of-a-kind embellished shoes.


Two framed collages of found treasures, which I hope tell a story...

Geranium and marigold soap gift sets...
each with coordinating vintage costume brooch and china dish.

A cute sewing kit, ideal for having to hand when a quick repair job is required.

A painted basket with French fabric bow.

A large selection of vintage fabric fragments tied in attractive bundles.
Pretty patchwork bags, ideal as decorative storage in the boudoir.
Each with a sparkling addition. (Oh, I do love vintage costume brooches!)

I've also been re-covering the backs of vintage hand mirrors, hair brushes and clothes brushes.

They sit nicely with original embroidered backed versions on a dressing table.

Not for the shrinking violet, this completely over-the-top mirror frame decorated with millinery flowers in fiery hues.

Teeny-weeny gift boxes, perfect for jewellery.

Feminine powder-puffs made from the softest velvet and marabou feathers,

finished with a lace rosette and a twinkling top.

Dainty pocket-tissue pouches.

An assortment of glass chandelier charms.

Ideal threaded onto a velvet ribbon and worn as a necklace, hung from a key in a cabinet, or perhaps to trim a special gift.

A tiny painted cupboard with fabric panelled door.
Pretty pink pillar candles, wrapped in lace.
And household candles too.

Team with some of my vintage china or glass candle sticks for a special gift idea.
All with removable brooch trims.

A lacy love heart in a gift box.

And romantic faux pearl hanging hearts too!


Padded toile do jouy coat hangers...

with velvet bows and diamante buckles.
Shoe stretchers finished with ruched velvet and forget-me-not flowers.

Cute bobby pins with lovely old millinery flowers to finish.


Handmade brooches in three styles:


Wooden hearts...
And tiny antique German bisque doll butterfly fairies.

Earring keeper cushions, with space to store brooches, bobby pins and hat pins.

Each comes complete with a pair of vintage clip-on earrings.
Decorative brooch pillows to store and display your own collection.

Tightly stuffed pin cushions made from beautiful C19th French fabrics.

(Roses being a favourite!)
Tiny lace covered needle keeper pads.
And more pincushions - these being held inside French espresso cups!

Fabulously feminine lavender filled sachets.

with twinkling trim.
And more lavender bags...

these being finished with c1920's floral cigarette silks and mother-of-pearl buttons.
Lastly, a group of dolls to complete the range:

Cute 'spoolie dolls', each in a gathered vintage fabric dress.
A crowd of fairy ladies...
Harriet, an heirloom doll dressed in antique lace and trims.
And my larger rag dolls include:






And Posey
Phew! Now to try and fit them all into my tiny car!!
If you intend visiting the fair, I look forward to meeting you.
I'd like to wish 'good luck' to everyone who will have a stand, and to thank Michele and Jayne for all of their hard work organising the event.

And for those unable to visit, I will be updating my on-line shop sometime in June.
Finally, I was recently interviewed by Dawn Supina for her blog 'Art of Humungous Proportions' - If you are interested in reading it, you will find it here.
Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. My goodness you have been busy Niki. I'm too far away to attend but I wish you lots of luck and look forward to seeing all the photographs from the fair that I'm sure will be all over the blog world next week.

  2. have been busy, I can't wait to see all these lovely things in 'real life', I hope I get there early enough for you to have some of these lovelies left!!

    Have a brilliant day.


  3. I already read your interview with Dawn Supina and I loved it! It is nice to learn more about you. You have so many beauties to sell, you must have been busy. I wish I could come too. Good luck on selling at het Vintage and Handmade fair!

  4. Hi Niki

    I wonder if you WILL have room for that extra piece we talked about. I do hope so!!!!

    Have fun loading the car today, and don't forget to leave room for your Mum!!

    Sue xx

  5. Swoon, swoon, swoon, no other word describes how much I adore all your gorgeous items you have ready for the fair and here I am on the other side of the world and not able to see them all in person so thank you thank you for all those gorgeous photos.
    Not sure whether it made me feel better about not being there or worse?
    I am sure it will be an unbelievable success.
    Kiss Noises Linda

  6. Good grief, when have you found the time to make all those wonderful items? I love looking at all these things and I would want to buy them all - you have such good ideas too. I'm sure you will have a very successful day. I am now going to read the article.
    Ruth x

  7. In a word...GORGEOUS!!!!

    See you tomorrow.
    Michele x

  8. WoWee... you have been a busy girl and your things are beauteous!! LindaSonia

  9. JackieM10:44 am

    What stunning goodies you have created Niki, so beautiful and imaginative. Loved the interview too, congratulations. Sadly the V & H Fair is too far for me but I wish you all a lovely day and really look forward to your online update in June.
    Jackie Mx

  10. Wow! You have been busy! Your stall is going to look wonderful.

    See you tomorrow!

  11. Oh, my, you have made SO many beautiful things to bring to the fair! Everything is just wonderful - wish I could come (alas, I am an ocean away in Montreal...).

  12. wow! you have been very busy! I love the shoes! and the doll inthe gold colored coat. everything is lovely. I know you'll do well!
    have fun!

  13. Goodness gracious me you have been busy. I wish I could get there would have probably tried to buy one of everything!

  14. Oh my good gracious, Niki! You've been BUSY! You are SO TALENTED! I love everything, though I am partial to the fairy dolls! I only wish I could be there; I'd need to take along a couple of empty suitcases! I KNOW you will do fabulously well at the fair!

  15. A beautiful blog and beautiful wares! I've just come from Dawn's blog where I read your wonderful interview...good luck at the fair!

  16. Oh.... My..... Goodness!!!! Wow, I love it all!! I can't believe how much beautiful stul you have made, one prettier than the other!!! Good luck at the show!

  17. I am oohhhing and ahhhhing over everything you make...and then I see the dolls! OH MY! They are all so adorable...from little tiny dolls to big girls! I would be in heaven attending the fair! You are so talented, my friend!

  18. Oh my goodnees! My mouth dropped open when i saw those pictures!
    Happy weekend!

  19. What a fabulous collection of wonderful, charming and totally desirable goodies. I wish I lived closer so that I could come and see it all in real life.

  20. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Niki, what a lovely and wonderful collection you have prepared for the fair! Where did you find the time?
    Good luck tomorrow!
    ciao, Helena

  21. Amazingly gorgeous items, you must have been sewing for England. I'll be attending the fair tomorrow and really look forward to seeing those lovely items 'in the flesh'.

  22. What gorgeous goodies you've been making Niki. Wishing you a really wonderful day

  23. Ohhh, how I wish I lived closer, Niki; you have created so many beautiful items. Maybe it's a good thing I don't live close by though ~ I'd be broke for sure. I'm a real sucker for sparkley old brooches, and lace and handmade (made with love) items!
    Have an awesome weekend!
    ~ Dawn.

    P.S. Thank you for the interview too ~ it's getting rave reviews :)

  24. It all looks fabulous...see you tomorrow

  25. I love everything! I wish you were here in the states or I could visit you. I would soon be broke!

  26. Ah ha! I see a problem. I'm guessing mum will be riding on the roof rack if all this is going in the car! Are you sure you have enough? :-) Amazing work Niki. Love it all! Good luck sweetie! t.xx

  27. What a feast for the eyes! Hope to see you at the fair. XX

  28. can't wait to see it all in the flesh Niki.

    best wishes Ginny x

  29. Hi Niki
    WOW! is how I just reacted on seeing your stunning collection of handmade things. You must have worked so hard over the past few months and it shows in this impressive array of beautiful creations. Your stall will look fabulous! I so look forward to seeing it. All your hard work is going to pay off, I can see your wonderful creations selling like hot cakes! I love so many of the things that you have made. Good luck tomorrow. See you soon! So looking forward to tomorrow!!!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  30. Niki,

    I wish I live closer to you (or maybe not because I would be broke then)!! I love all of your stuff! Pictures are just sooo gorgeous; what more in real life...


  31. What a lot of beautiful items! I had fully intended on making the two hour plus trip to come to this fair, but have to clean out the garage tomorrow for a delivery of hutches on Sunday. Such a shame as I think it is going to be wonderful.... mind you probably means I'm going to save a lot of money!

    All the best, have a lovely day.

  32. OH how lovely!! I found your up date on a blog I was visiting and I'm breathless at all your wonderful goodies!! DO you ever ship over to the US? I'm off to look through the rest of your lovely treasures!
    Hugs, Lisa

  33. lots of lovely things, I especially like the coathangers and lavender bags so much I was inspired earlier to make some for my One Project A Month entry using leftover curtain tie-backs (which is just a competition between blogs, not for re-sale). Have a lovely day at the fair.

  34. There are no words in the English language to express how lovely, beautiful & stunning EVERY piece is. Goodness you must be exhausted before you even leave your house. I want one of each thing....Sharon

  35. Anonymous9:28 am

    Wow! I adore everything! xxx

  36. My gosh, you are one talented woman! I love everything! I'm glad you're updating your store - hopefully with all the item I like best!

  37. Well, Niki, I would be making a b-line for your stand if I was in England! I hope it's going really well...

  38. Hi! Talk about eye-candy! Everything is so pretty!

    Have a nice day!

    C. C.

  39. Wow, what gorgeous things! I hope you had a really successful day.

  40. You just create the most beautiful things. Its always a pleasure to see them. I know you will do fabulous at the sale but have fun.
    Jean in Virginia

  41. I hope you have a big car to put it all in and an even bigger much lovliness....have a good day...

  42. Nikki, you are amazing! Your creations are jaw dropping gorgeous!!! Each doll has its own personality and sweetness to them.
    Have a blast at the sale! It is soooooooo unfair that I live all the way in California. I'd love to be able to shop there!

    Have a terrific time!!! The dollies will help you navigate your car.


  43. My goodness what a lot of loveliness
    twiggy x


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