Friday, May 15, 2009

Western Daily Press and an Update

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Update: 2.15pm...
They do say it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, don’t they? Well, I feel I’ve got on really well this week hand making a lot of new items for the V&H fair and am finally on top, so I’ve decided to do a small update to my on-line shop this afternoon.

I’ve added a few vintage treasures and some gift sets that I’ve enjoyed putting together for you. I hope to do a ‘proper’ update after the fair, with lots of hand made dolls and pretty boudoir accessories, sometime in June. Thanks for bearing with me – I appreciate all the sales I have had recently and for your continued interest in ‘Nostalgia at the Stone House’.

Have a fabulous weekend,
Niki x


  1. Ooh! I heard about this ! Thank-you for sharing it with us readers of the Eastern Daily Press! How exciting! t.x

  2. I'm off to purchase a plane ticket right now (... I WISH)! Sounds like such an enjoyable event. I hope all of you ladies take oodles of photos! =)

  3. It's so exciting! It's the first time I've had my name in the press so went whizzing around with it in my hand showing anyone and everyone!!

  4. Your wonderful photos do real justice to the article Niki...
    Love that little doggy.. in fact both of them.. Terriers have been a real theme for me this week.. can't get enough of them!
    Have a relaxing weekend... you'll need it to build up your strength for a fortnight tomorrow!

    Michele xx

  5. Love your new items, popped over to your website but they are sold already. Well done!! Must be a bit faster next time lol

  6. Your photos were perfect for the article Niki!
    You have made some lovely things but don't sell too many now you have 2 tables to fill!!


  7. Fab article in the paper, please can I add it to my blog?
    Liz xxx

  8. Love all the new treasures you're putting in your shop...You always have such amazing things..I know I'm always telling you the same thing, but it's true...I'm always speechless when I visit your blog...


Thank you for finding the time to visit me...
Niki xx