Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spring in Every Step

Well, there was no fooling you clever blogging ladies with my 'spot the difference' puzzle, was there? ;-)) - Yes, those were artificial flowers. I've bought them for our summer house - I thought their summery look, which I shall echo in the other furnishings, will encourage us to use it for most of the year. For now though they are sitting looking pretty in the laundry (/junk!) room.

The summer house actually arrived yesterday, after a lot of hassle that I won't go into. Its in kit form and at the moment looks quite daunting. Its going to take a lot of work for hubby and I to get it built and painted...We may have to take a week off work and just get on with it, or else we won't have the benefit of it this year.

Anyway, going back to the flowers; much as I like my new realistic fake flowers, you can't beat the real thing can you?...especially at this time of year...
Nature is doing its thing, and just now its Lilac time. I had to prune our lovely old lilac, as it was touching my neighbours roof, so I saved the flowers and placed them in an enamelware jug. I love the huge size of this arrangement.
And the scent...go on, take a sniff...delicious!

And my smaller scale posy in the living room is a selection of columbines.

They are another of my favourite flowers - I love the surprise that comes with each newly self-seeded plant...

You just never know what you're going to get...
('Nora Barlow' has been very promiscuous again this year!)



I did briefly leave my garden today to visit Sue at Dairy House Antiques Centre, where I may have made just a few small purchases
Then it was back home to help hubby in the back garden. He's been laying a new path which will lead to the summer house. I mowed the grass, pruned some shrubs and generally got in the way!
Finally I've just enjoyed a few minutes in front of the TV watching the coverage and highlights of this years Chelsea Flower Show - as inspiring as ever...I doubt I shall be using Plasticine in my garden this year though - I do have some standards when it comes to artificial flowers you know! ;-))
Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend,
Niki x


  1. Both Jim and I worked at a small, quaint nursery for many years and columbines were always one of my favorite flowers. Enjoy the long weekend!

  2. Your garden is a dream of a cottage garden, I love it! That clip of the plasticine garden at the Chelsea Flower Show is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!
    I had a friend who dug canals in her garden, filled them with blue plastic and put (fake) fishs on sticks in the 'streams' very original, but none of her neighbours could really appreciate her ideas of creative gardening.

  3. Beautiful beautiful flowers, both the real ones and the not so real ones.
    Your garden looks very pretty.
    Julie x

  4. Promiscuous flowers are my favourites! I love self seeded plants & the surprise of them popping up all over.
    This year I have had self seeded veg - tomatoes & some potatoes that were in the compost in the veggie garden have decided to grow all by themselves!


  5. Hi Niki

    Lovely to see you today - and thanks for relieving me of a few more Scheurers!!!!

    Glad you got back in time to 'help' in the garden.

    Sue xx

  6. Hi

    Thank you for sharing so many lovely photos.
    I needed to see happy flowers both fake and real.
    You have so many beutiful blooms they are breathtaking .
    It is storming where I live .
    Thank you for putting a happy smile back on my face.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Hi Niki! I have a "surprise" for you on my blog. I hope you pay me a visit and see what it is...

  8. Love to come and explore your garden! It looks so interesting!One could get lost there! lol

  9. Hi,

    I just discovered you blog and love everything. Your lilacs are lovely and your garden is fabulous.
    Have a lovely day.

  10. Hi Niki,
    Your garden is beautiful. I can't wait to see your summer house finished.

  11. Hello Niki,
    Your flowers are so beautiful, I love all your arrangements too Pinkie

  12. I love the garden, the flowers, the lilacs in the vases, and all the rest!! we do have a lot in common....

  13. I have been getting up early every day, just to watch the Chelsea FS programmes, which I recorded. I've loved every minute of them.
    I'd love every minute in your garden looks idyllic!
    Have a lovely weekend ;-)

  14. It's wonderful to see your flowers (of all varieties). I do hope that you get to enjoy the summer house this year. I'm going to be having a blog Garden Party next month - do pop oer to my blog if you'd like to come!

  15. I love your site and your creativity. I am adding it to my blog and clicking your "Follow" button. Please visit and if you like what you see after browsing a while, please be sure to click My "Follow" button and also add me to your blog for continual updates and inspiration!

  16. Your blogs are so pretty - and I love the flowers. As a non-gardener (though just 'won' an allotment after a year on the waiting list)I am envious of your flowers. But, and I pause, I always thought it was unlucky to bring lilacs indoors. Not sure why or where that comes from. But my skin prickles when I see the blooms in vases. Is it me?

  17. What a beautiful blog! I just loved my visit! Karen

  18. Your flowers are wonderful and I love my columbines too and especially the way they reseed. Your photos as usual are beautiful.
    Have a wonderful day gardening,
    Jean in Virginia

  19. Your flowers look amazing!!!!! Your garden is like something you dream about..You did such an amazing job...Oh, I can't forget, I just looooove your new fabric...

  20. Hi Niki, my columbines got blown over last week so i brought them in where they ived in a lovely pressed glass vase...but the naughty purple double headed ones have stained my lovely red window sill...wish I could reach my lilacs...they are too high up and we dont like height...have a lovely week...H

  21. Hello Niki
    Your garden flowers are lovely. Not sure what has happened with our garden this year but several plants have died and the garden is not a flowery as usual. Time to put some life back in to it! Must to some gardening soon. I have been so busy working in the house that I have neglected the garden a bit and it shows...
    Good luck with the summer house!
    I hope that you are having an enjoyable bank holiday weekend.
    Isabelle x

  22. It's so wonderful to see such pretty flowers. We live in a small terraced house and only and a teeny garden - less that 1m wide! So we rarely have flowers, so it is ever so lovely to see your beautiful blooms.

  23. I see my old flowery jug is looking very much at home!
    Have a good week & see you Saturday!
    Liz xx

  24. For a "junk room" you sure have some divine stuff in there!

  25. I just love your garden!!

  26. Anonymous7:18 am

    lovely garden, colours so vibrant.

  27. hello Niki!
    Thank you for popping by.
    That is our summerhouse in the photo! Some people have the cheek to call it a shed, my name for it is my garden room :-).
    As for the paint: Cuprinol Heritage Shades in Country Cream. From good old Focus down the road here!
    We needed to find a water-based paint to allow the wood to breathe, as recommended by the summerhouse company.
    Have I wished you luck for the V&H fair? Here's sending you oodles of good luck for a successful and fun day on Saturday. Sadly, I cannot come as we'll be at a family celebration party that day - but I will be with all the lovely blogging pals in spirit!
    Happy days!
    Denise x

  28. Wonderful blooms! I love flowers that reseed and surprise you, and the occasional "I never planted that, but it's sure pretty"!


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