Sunday, May 17, 2009

Raindrops & Roses

I hope you are enjoying this rather wet and windy weekend... Actually, it wasn't so bad here this morning and I managed to dodge most of the cloudbursts for a bit of treasure hunting...

The first thing I found was this pair of gorgeous Victorian vases decorated with purple dog roses. One has had a very poor repair to the neck, so I felt that they weren't good enough to offer for sale in my on-line shop, but I couldn't leave them behind...
I don't mind a few knocks and chips to old china, and when placed up high on the shelves in my laundry room, the cracks are hardly visible.
This pretty little jug was also one of today's finds, as was the vintage sweet tin in the background.

Another of life's casualties was this beautiful shallow rose bowl. It has a large crack running through the base, but I knew I could disguise this. In the summer it will look perfect filled with floppy garden roses, but for now I have another use for it.
I'm not one for buying myself new things (rather than vintage), but I had a gift voucher given to me recently for my Birthday. I bought these gently fragranced pastel paper roses from Laura Ashley, so have arranged them in the bottom of the bowl...Crack?...what crack?!
I had been drawn to the bowl in the first place, as the design was a familiar one to me.

I already had this vintage eiderdown and Welsh hand stitched quilt with a similar look. I would date them to the early 1920's. The eiderdown is a lovely down filled one, so is as light as air. They sometimes have a turn on our bed, when I feel a need for a change - but now that I have a matching bowl in the room too, I think they will be used all the more!

(Part of my collection - A girl can never have too many quilts you know ;-))

I would just like to thank all of those who visited my web-shop over the last couple of days. I shall be posting some of the parcels out to you in the morning.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend,
Niki x


  1. Beautiful, especially the rose bowl and the roses, I think. Thanks for sharing these super finds!

  2. Wow, that is so wonderful to have found a bowl with the same design as some of your quilts!

  3. Pretty finds Niki! The weather was obviously better in your neck of the woods!
    Liz x

    PS I cannot believe how many quilts you have!!! Wicked....

  4. Wow! Not at all bad considering the weather! Now, did the path get finished? That's the question! t.xx

  5. Niki, I love your quilt collection! Wow, the vintage eiderdown and matching Welsh hand stitched quilt! Beautiful. I'm off to the local flea market right now myself... nothing like the lovely ones you have over there though. Wish I could go to one of yours! (:

  6. So many pretty finds. Looks like you had a good day despite the weather.

  7. The weather hasn't stopped me getting out there and finding beauties just like you.
    Some lovely things there.

  8. You lucky thing..we braved it out today but all the car boots were cancelled!love the rose bowl

  9. Anonymous8:43 pm

    I love your stash of quilts! I am definately going to purchse a few, as I agree, a girl cant have too many quilts! xxxx

  10. Hi Niki

    Love the pile of quilts, and am very envious of the co-ordinating range!!

    Glad you managed to get out between showers.

    Sue xx

  11. great finds! and I love those pink roses, I'm sure they smell so good!
    have a great week!

  12. So many lovely finds Niki!
    Happy monday!

  13. I just looooooove those vases..They're just BEAUTIFUL!!! Those quilts are just stunning...I love all the colors...I also like how you have them displayed..

  14. I just discovered your blog tonight and have been reading and looking! I'm so tickled for you that you found that bowl that goes so very well with your quilt and eiderdown! What a stroke of luck!

    As soon as your blog started opening, I could tell I was going to love it, it's just beautiful! I've got to follow your blog to keep up with the lovely photos and your exciting jaunts!

    Leslie Anne

  15. Oh darn, I forgot to mention that I found you via Alison @ Brocante Chronicles! Leslie Anne

  16. I knew I'd seen the fabric of the quilt and matching eiderdown etc before! On the sitting room floor (waiting to go to the V&H) is a hatbox with paper cover, very faded and dusty, but the same!


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