Saturday, June 06, 2009

Acting a Shoe Size!

Honestly...I despair sometimes, I really do...
Did she really think I wouldn't notice?!
How old? My daughter will turn 20 next month...

And she's still up to mischief...Did she really think I wouldn't notice Mr. Cool Bean sitting in my kitchen cabinet amongst my Midwinter china?!
What is she like?!

I guess I've always taught my girls to enjoy I can't help but smile...
Have a fun weekend!
Niki x


  1. You've got to admit it - he does look very happy to be there!

  2. If you hadn't mentioned him, I wouldn't have noticed - I was too busy looking at the RED dishes!

  3. Too cute! My son's Charmander soft toy made a sweet little pleading appearance beside my sewing box one day! He seemed to be asking for something - it turned out to be a mended tail.

  4. You know a huge smile went across your face when you saw it!! That is really fun!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. He looks quite happy - I know I would be with the Midwinter china too!
    Julie xxx

  6. I love that! Perhaps your daughter wanted to see how long it would take you to notice her little addition. Too cute!

  7. He's just a cool bean with good taste in china!

  8. LOL, thats exactly the sort of thing my youngest son would do to me. He is, errmm, 21.

  9. LOL Niki, I have them causing mayhem all over my house too .... daughters that is.. where would we be without them hee hee.

    best wishes Ginny x

  10. Oh that's so funny, I do that sort of thing to my parents all the time.

    Victoria x

  11. Ha ha, he actually looks quite good there! He adds a bit more fun to the polka dot collection. I think he should stay.


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