Monday, June 01, 2009

THANK YOU! - Lovely Ladies!

Its taken me a couple of days to post after attending the V&H fair on Saturday, as I needed some time to recover from the completely PHENOMENAL day!
Thankfully I managed to pack all that I wanted to take with me, into my tiny car - even though that meant stuffing it to the ceiling, resulting in me being unable to use my rear view mirror! Mum was sat in the passenger seat with my two cakes for the vintage style cafe, and our packed lunch on her lap!

We arrived at the Town Hall car park early on Saturday morning, to be greeted by Michele, Jayne, Sue and Lucy, who where already there waiting for the hall to be opened up.
It was then a frantic hour and a half to unload and set up our tables, to create interesting displays for the customers that we hoped would be arriving later.

By 10am, when the doors where due to be opened, I was still struggling to put the final few items out on my tables, which was a bit tricky, as I had already used every spare inch! I finally had to admit defeat, take a couple of quick shots of my finished stand (sorry for the blurry pics - but I really was a bit behind in being ready!) and take a deep breath...

The 1930's style music started up on the loud speakers and the front doors were opened to the queue of ladies, who began to pour in....

I can't even begin to describe how I felt - it really was quite overwhelming how many people filled the hall - I couldn't quite believe it. Everyone that I spoke to was so kind, patient and supportive - there was a fabulous atmosphere and it was wonderful to meet so many lovely ladies who 'got' the whole vintage thing...they were truly lapping it up. It was non-stop-busy from the start, until just after 2pm, when I could take the first bite of my sandwich!
Thank you everyone who made a purchase (I hope that you will enjoy them), or who stopped by for a quick chat - you all helped make for a wonderful day.

My only regrets were that it was difficult to talk to anyone for any length of time, as there was always someone waiting to make a purchase (and that was certainly what they were there for!) - but I am truly grateful for all the kind words, encouragement and general friendliness received from all of the lovely ladies! An extremely pleasurable day, to say the least!

It was a shame not to able to get out from behind my stand very much to chat to the other stall holders/bloggers, but we were all in the same was almost impossible to shop with one another too! :( But most of us managed a 5 minute chat with each other at the very least.

I did also manage to snap a couple of photos of Sue's stand just before we opened too, and a few waves were exchanged now and then between us, as we had our stands next to each other in the main hall.

And I was able to buy a couple of her vintage union flags that she had on display. I intend to use them to fashion some skirts for my handmade rag dolls - they'll be very patriotic girls!

My thanks to my Mum, who helped serve behind my stand - I would have been lost without you! (Sorry for the aching legs by Sunday, caused by not being able to sit down all day! ;-))

A quick treat for me, before the doors closed and the packing up had to be done; I shopped with Christine and bought two darling little French fabric bags for myself.
Congratulations to Michele and Jayne, for organising such a special event - I hope the feedback that you receive is all good and things will go from strength to strength with each Vintage & Handmade Fair that you put on.

My Mum is staying with me until Wednesday - she deserves to be taken out on a few day trips before she returns home...I'll be back to work soon, when I shall start on the long job of photographing/listing stock for my on-line shop's next update.
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Wasn't it just the best of days? I bought little fabric bundles from you, such little delights. . . thanks to all of you. x

  2. Hello,
    your stall looks so beautiful - I´m sure if I were able to come I would buy many things from you.
    As a schoolgirl I was 3 weeks in Bexleyheath near London and had a great time there.

    my best greetings from germany,

  3. It was lovely to meet you at last...and your lovely mum!
    I bet you were both exhausted at the end of the day!
    Devon is beautiful today..hope the sun is shining on you too.
    Enjoy your time with your mum!
    Love,Sal ;-)

  4. Ra Ra Niki! It all looks just breath-takingly beautiful! Well done you and mum! SO lovely that someone took a picture for you (scrumptious skirt mrs!) Enjoy a few girly days together! t.xx

  5. Niki, your table at the fair looked SO wonderful. How nice that your mom was there to help you. I wish I could have been there in person to meet you, and of course to shop!

  6. Hello Niki,

    Your stall looks fab, I know what you mean about not having enough space and being a bit frantic trying t put everything out in time. Sorry I didn't get more of a chance to speak to you or to visit your stall but it looks like you had many thrilled customers.
    Hen x

  7. Looks great! I know you had a great time!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. Your stall looked gorgeous.

    Thank you for Ruby, she is sat in a lovely vintage chair purchased from Cowboys and Custard, and looking every inch as though she belongs next to my fireplace.

    Sue xx

  9. !Que cosas tan preciosas tienes, desde luego, si algĂșn dia puedo escaparme, vendrĂ© a verte, me encantan las cositas que tienes. Felicidades.

  10. Hi Niki,
    It was such a shame I didn't realy get a chance to speak to you properly! I'm near to Devizes so maybe we could meet up for a coffee in Bath sometime? Your stall looked superb and I purchased one of your spoolies from your mum...she's in pride of place here (the spoolie not your mum!!!)Have a good week.
    Clare x

  11. It looks amazing to me! Oh, what fun to actually be there! Enjoy your week!

  12. Glad you did so well and your display looks great.

  13. Oh Niki your stall is to die for ...just lovely...glad you had a lovely day...H

  14. It was lovely to meet you at last Niki & to see all your beautiful creations! I'm so pleased you had a good day (hope you didn't wear your mum out completely!!)


  15. It was a very special day wasn't it! I have yet to post my piccies.. hope to do so in the next 48 hrs... Lizzie xx

  16. Anonymous5:48 pm

    I wish I was in the area to visit...looks like a lot of fun.

  17. Looks like there was wonderful things to buy and lovely people to meet, I wish I could have gone! I would have loved tommet you all.

  18. Aaah it looks & sounds like a fantastic day, so glad you had a wonderful time.

  19. Didn't we have a luvverly time, the day we went to Sodbury ...

    Not quite the same as the "Day we went to Bangor" as the song goes, but what a fabulous day, wasn't it!

    I'm glad I managed not to blurr the piccie of you and your mum too much!

    Can't wait to see your patriotic girls!

    Sue xx

  20. How wonderful! Well done for such a successful day.

  21. Wow - what a great day you all had. I despaired that I couldn't be there when I saw your post on Saturday.You make such beautiful things. Can't wait foryou to list in your on line shop.!

  22. Your stall looks wonderful.

  23. I was anxiously waiting to hear how well it went and it sounds like you had a great day! I thought about you all during the day & wished I could be there to buy some of your gorgeous work...Congratulations, tell us more.

  24. Yay for you Niki! Love your beautiful stand - congratulations on a great day!

  25. Hello Niki..
    Thank you so much for being part of our special day.. It is a day I shall certainly never forget... The friendliness and sincerity of everyone is to be cherished and restores my faith in this rather cynical world we have at times..
    I wish I had more time to look around... but all I managed was a quick whizz around to see how you were all getting on..
    You put such a lot of work in to your stunning display.. you deserved to do well!
    I can think of nothing else but the next fair now... only 5½ months to go!
    Michele xx

  26. Your stand looked wonderful, and by the looks of it you had a magical day!
    Fairs like this are the most wonderful events.

  27. What a time that would be! Great creations! Blessings.

  28. It all looks so wonderfully, hopefully next time i'll be able to go xx

  29. Hi Niki, every day should be a V&H fair day! I haven't stopped talking about it to anyone who will listen and I've shown fairy doll to everyone who will look - they all loved her! I'm so glad it was a success for everyone, it was a unique experience!
    Lucy x

  30. Congrats on such a great day! Sure wish I could have come over from the US...

  31. It was a lovely day and you all worked hard to make it look so pretty, well done!

  32. Anonymous11:27 am

    Thanks for sharing your day with us, I hope you had a prosperous day too!

    I REALLY wanted to come to the show but, my sister wasn't quite so keen, she's more into traditional quilting and card making at the moment.

    I will try and get to the next one!

    Love your blog and artistic talents.
    keep up the lovely work x

    Sandie (Sandie's Patch')

  33. Your display looked wonderful. Oh how I wish we had something like this fair here in good old Virginia. Of course it could be very bad for the pocketbook, lots of temptations. Enjoy your time with your Mom and get some rest.
    Jean in Virginia

  34. Everything looked soooo wonderful. It's no surprise that you did so well!

    God bless you Mum!


  35. Hello Niki, I'm just catching up after the fair...sorry it has taken me so long. I am thrilled you had such a fabulous day...see what I mean about not being able to move from the stall!!! Your pictures are so lovely, and I would have soooo loved to have been there.
    Lots of hugs
    Lynn xxxx


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