Monday, June 15, 2009

A Weekend of Fabrics & Flowers...

After a rather busy week last week, I was looking forward to the weekend and a little R&R...
But the garden had other ideas...

A full wheelie bin and three garden sacks later...
It was looking a bit tidier again.

Well, if you like the kind of wild look, which I do ;-))
(Not quite sure why this hollyhock has such enormous leaves this year! Just hope the flowers will be whoppers too!)

Then it was onto the back garden...

I cut the grass and filled up all the bird baths and the barrel - a constant job when you keep chickens!
A general tying in of plants...
And a few minutes to admire natures bounty...
and to bring a few indoors too.
I took myself off into Bath on Sunday morning for the Vintage Fashion & Textile Fair in the Assembly Rooms.

I'd just been inside the doors for two minutes when Lizzie (owner of the stand below) said to me, 'Oh, you must come and have a look at this...'
Well I couldn't help myself...this little cutie was coming home with me! Thanks again Lizzie for scouting-out this one, she's adorable!

Then it was 'business-head' on and I was on the lookout for fabrics and lace.
I found this lovely selection of French fabric pieces,

and other treasures.
And some gorgeous pieces of antique lace.
This sweet French collar will hopefully look good on a patriotic doll...when I get back on my sewing machine...;-))

Not a bad mornings work.

Then it was home again to start painting the summer house.
Hope you had a lovely weekend.
Sorry for my rather rushed post - I'm in a hurry this morning, as I'm going to a friend's house for lunch...
Bye for now and have a great week,
Niki x


  1. So many lovely images. My head is spinning from them! We used to have a bird bath just like yours until the cat broke it. I love a wild garden as well.

  2. The wildness of your garden is so pretty! Love the white cupboard with the toile wallpaper, I'm definately going to paint mine too!

  3. a little bit of work and a little bit of play! perfect way to spend the weekend! your garden is lovely and I love the little dollhead spool!
    have a sweet week

  4. You just have to turn your back for a day or two & the garden suddenly become unruly doesn't it?

    Lovely finds at the fair!


  5. I'm going to have to tie in my return trip to England with all the lovely fairs going on!!! You certainly have shown some beautiful finds! =) The laces are my favorites. =)

  6. Your garden is looking wonderful - even the overgrown look requires constant work, doesn't it? Your finds from the fair are also marvelous. I'm going to track back through your posts now, to find one or two that I really want to show my mum while I'm up here with her.

  7. Your yard is so beautiful. Maybe some day mine will look half as good!

  8. The garden is looking wonderful Niki! Glad you had a good days shopping at the fair & that you are enjoying the latest little "person" for your collection. She really did have your name on her!!!!
    Have a lovely week, Lizzie xx

  9. All fabulous!

  10. I can't wait to see what you make with your lovely finds, I always enjoy looking at your blog as you have a natural eye for putting things together, and it even extends to your garden!

  11. Lovely garden and new treasures!!

  12. Your garden looks lovely and you got some great finds

  13. Your garden is so so pretty x

  14. Hi Niki, your garden is lovely and your flowers seem to be out much earlier than outs...try as I might I dont seem to have inherited the green fingers of my parents who have a lovely garden ...they just look at a cutting and it blooms...they never buy plants just take cuttings...its have a lovely selection of fabrics too...I love your little red doll...have a happy week...H

  15. You have a wonderful garden, and I love the things you've found in Bath (I visited Bath about 12 years ago and I loved it)!

  16. Your garden is just sooooooo pretty...I can't believe how pretty everything looks..Picture perfect.. Love all the fabric. I just adore that sweet doll head...You always have the best stuff...

  17. Lovely, lovely garden. Those hollyhock leaves look like Elephant Ears (the plant)!

    You picked up some beautiful pieces!

  18. Such beautiful photos of beautiful places and beautiful things. What a pleasure to visit with you, Niki!

  19. Oh my gosh, who would have thought!!! A dress form in a garden! I actually have one very similar to yours... and it is soooo going in the garden! Thank you for the inspiration!!
    As I type these words, my daughter is heading home to Arizona, having spent the past 6 months going to school near London (Egham, Surrey @ Royal Holloway). SOOO excited to have her home. She spent the past month traveling to every country in Europe. So excited to hear about her many adventures!

    Oh and btw, when we visited her in April, Bath was my most favorite place!
    Check out my Bath post-
    and my Cath Kidston vist in Bath-

    Thanks again!
    linda t


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