Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's a Small World After All...

Thank you to all who have visited my on-line shop over the last couple of days and made a purchase or two. I was very surprised by the fact that well over half of my parcels this time will be leaving these shores and travelling by aeroplane to be with you in other countries. What a wonderful invention the www!

Thank you for buying British and for calling on me in my tiny corner of England.
I think us Brits have been led to believe in the past, that we weren't a well-liked nation. We are seen as pompous, arrogant or overly reserved, posh, fanatical tea (with milk!) drinkers, and we all have bad teeth and serve rubbish food!!
I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you all, and just to set the record straight, I think you'd find the majority of Brits are 'thoroughly spiffing chaps'!! ;-))
I hope that your parcels arrive safely with you soon - Some have gone to Australia, Hong Kong, U.S.A., France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Ireland - my local postmistress loves me ;-)) And despite the fact the the postal system has made new restrictions on size and weight of parcels that can be sent economically, most of my goods are of a small enough size to travel comfortably within them, so the postage quotes haven't been too shocking!
Of course, thanks too, to all in good old Blighty who have shopped with me again...I am very grateful to you all!! x

I'm not a particularly well travelled person...we have holidayed in France and Germany in the past, but could never risk taking our girls abroad to hotter places when they were younger, as they had such fair skin. But, having said that, I have lots of vintage items from various places in the world which I have enjoyed collecting over the years...

French brocante is a bit of a passion of mine (I used to think I may have been French in a previous life ;-)) ...most of my collection can be found in our kitchen...

And I have piles of French fabrics in my stash...but we won't go there today!...
One of my favourite pieces is this little set of fabric covered drawers for storing handkerchiefs, gloves and lace in the boudoir.
There's a smattering of Spanish senoritas about the place...and my lovely collage from Louise in the U.S.A.

Our letter rack in the hall is from Belgium...

Eau de Cologne from Germany in the bathroom...

And a Florida Water bottle can be found here too.
The vast proportion of my vintage hat collection has come from the U.S.A. as well; with most of the millinery flowers used to make them back in the 1950's, coming from France or Japan!


So thank you again for stopping-by...I've been neglecting my duties as a good blogger lately, having been tied up with my on-line shop somewhat since the I hope to come and visit your blog soon in your little corner of the world...these are for you!

Have a lovely day wherever you are,
Niki x
(Oh, and by-the-way, I'm not wearing my bowler hat today! ;-))


  1. Julie - Oxford.2:27 pm

    Hi Niki, love this post. I know that we believe we are not liked very much but every country we have been to the people have been friendly especially the them! Although saying that I do remember one place where they were not so nice hmmm dont want to offend anyone so keep that to myself. Anyway cant wait for the shoes to arrive...I dont know who is more excited me or my daughter. Bye for now, Julie x

  2. What a sweet post! I have always LOVED England! Hubby has been there well over 12 times... and my first visit was for my honeymoon (I then returned three more times)! Once the children are old enough (not to be cranky for the 7 hour flight), we WILL return. My oldest boy has already said he wants to attend uni there (and he's never been across the pond... I guess hubby and I have already trained him well). Hubby and I have much British heritage. We've had our genealogy done and I have a couple of knights and assorted other "notables" in my tree. =)

    Being a Native New Englander, we too, have our share of criticism ... some people still see us as "Yankees" - but much of the teasing is done in jest now. =)

  3. With so many british flags taking the interior world by storm I feel a brewing up of all things patriotic myself .... and I do love a cuppa tea in my red white and blue mug 2. lol

    great post Niki x

  4. Hi Niki!... So very beautiful!
    I am soooo proud to own Hope, with that Union Jack skirt!!!!;)
    I will email you in a few days.
    Have a great rest of the week,

  5. What a fun post! I am live in the US...and I'm southern through and through which can lead to some interesting travel dilemmas! lol A lot of people can't understand my southern drawl so be glad that I am typing this for you! I love everything you make..especially your lovely dolls! Enjoy!

  6. Hi Niki,
    Love your post,
    Have only been in London twice, and loved it,but would love to trawel many other places in England.
    Im happy to be a Dane whom now are expecting a wonderfull packet from you ,with different goodies, can`t wait to see them.
    I so understand that you are asked to send your beautifull things all over the world.
    Hugs ~Dorthe

  7. Greta pictures. What a feast for the eyes!!

  8. I love all thinks french too, Polly and I dedicated our spare room to french shabby chic, the car boots used to be wonderful, this is the first year that we wnt be going due to the venice trip so your pictures made me a litle homesick for lovely lovely france...have you ever see my post on the button shop in dinan? I can send you some photos to make your mouth water....

  9. Funny I think we love you Brits over here in the US!! Your blog is so beautiful and I can't wait to find a special treat to buy from your shop!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. Your hats always make me gasp! So beautiful. But I am shocked that you are letting standards drop and not wearing your bowler hat! tut tut! t.x

  11. Hi Nikki, As one of your customers in Australia looking forward to a lovely parcel I have to tell you that I don't believe that generally English people are not liked! Just the ones the complain a lot! *grin* I feel partially entitled to say that as I come from European stock - English on my mother's side and German on my father's. As I said in my email you are a gorgeous inspiration and I just LOVE your work and attitude to life. I'm very grateful that you share so diligently. Thank you. Suzy ;)

  12. Hi Niki.. coming to your online shop is like a lil girl looking for sweet treats.. and I am that lil girl.. I love your handmade creation and also your vintage items.. I am so happy for the last purchases I had with you and always look forward to your shop update for more sweet treats.. and reading your post always makes me drooling with your beautiful items you found.. especially the rosy china, vintage hats, and the list can go on & on.. have a nice day!


  13. Hi Niki, I have just done a post for you..I think you may like H

  14. Huzzah!

    I'm so glad your stock is going down well globally - it's no surprise, given its quality!

    I love the international quality of blogging too. I do think that my British tendancy to understate things or joke about things I take seriously confuses some other bloggers, though. Hopefull, we all have a lot to learn from each other!

  15. Might you consider wearing a bowler with some wonderful vintage flowers attached?!!!!!!!!! I loved this post Niki, thank you

  16. Gorgeous post Niki.. and I love your patriotism and your generosity also to our European neighbours..
    I am half and half ... Brit vs Belgian and feel proud to belong to two nations..

    See you soon.. have a great weekend and don't forget to bring your duster with you on Monday!

    Michele xx

  17. Hi, that is a lovely post. Growing up in Australia a lot of the early influences are all English. Enid Blyton, Thames television, BBC dramas, classic novels. I've always hankered after all things English. I've been lucky enough to visit England twice and it felt like coming 'home' There are very strong ties historically between England and Australia and that creates a big bond.
    Glad to see the 4711 cologne in that post. I have a bottle too. It is wonderful in humid climates and for headaches.

  18. Anonymous10:32 am

    Good Morning Niki,
    I opened my parcel and couldn't stop oooohing and ahhhing i love everything,the spoolie doll is so cute and adorable,love love the postcard album so much.....but ahhhh the wedding bag is just so precious i adore it,thank you so much and thank you for the vintage wedding greeting card you made everything feel very special.
    Great post by the way old chap ;-) and its nice to read other bloggers comments from afar,i love how blogging is building its friendship bridge around the world!
    ps my mum wore 4711 when she dated my dad,awww bless her
    Love Kristina XxX

  19. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Thank you for sharing your lovely post. I loved seeing your collections from around the world!

    Your pink peonies are gorgeous!

    Stop by and visit at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm. Love to put the teapot on for you.


  20. Hi Niki, Wow, I love what you have done with all these things. I will go and chack out your online store and book too. Many thanks for stopping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment. xx

  21. Niki: Your peonies are gorgeous! (Mine are just beginning to bloom!) I am so thrilled for your success and at the seemingly worldwide nature of your business! CONGRATULATIONS!

  22. Oh those hats! What a wonderful collection........YUMMMMMM!


  23. Your hat collections is beautiful! Why don't I have one, especially since you said they come from the U.S.

  24. Very pleased to come across your blog and shop! Thanks for the "little taste of England" with you post and pics. We lived there for 4 years and many days I spend imagining being among the friendly village friends that we left coming back to US. Going back shopping now, thanks and hugzzzz

  25. Anonymous8:40 am


    Most Americans love Brits; especially those of us with British ancestors. I have a wonderful souvenir of my British travels - my wonderful husband!

    I love your blog and your lovely creations; one day I will be quick enough to buy your creations before they are sold out!

    Have a lovely weekend,



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