Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Flaming June

Thank you for all your kind comments to my post below...its been a bit of a whirlwind since the V&H fair and I still can't stop thinking about it. I'm so grateful to all of those who made it such a worthwhile experience. I still need to catch-up with some emails that you were kind enough to send, so will get onto that this week.
I've dropped my Mum off at the railway station in Bath today, so that she can make her journey back home. We usually only see each other once or twice a year, so we made the most of her visit by going out each day after the fair.

We visited Wells, wandering the sights and the shops one day...
And then Frome the next...treating ourselves to lunches in some of the little cafes.
Whilst walking up Catherine's Hill in Frome I said to my Mum that I must just call into 'Woolly Notions'. Maxine the owner had emailed me a few weeks ago, saying that I should pop in next time I was in Frome, as she had just taken over the shop and would love to meet a fellow blogger...I had a quick peer in through the window before going inside and who should I see chatting at the back of the shop, but Isabelle! - So funny, as I think we follow each other around most of the local haunts and often cross paths...anyway, after the surprised laughter had subsided and I had been informed that they had just been talking about me!! ;-)) I had a little look around Maxine's and Catriona's shop.

They have some beautiful yarns for sale, as well as items made up to showcase them.

Tea and cake anyone?

And look at this Barbie girl in her uniform...aptly named the Knit Nurse!!

Its a lovely fresh and inspiring shop and made me feel like taking up crochet again...I used to do lots when my girls were tiny, but no longer seem to have the time or stamina for it in the evenings now...

The warm welcome from these two lovely ladies was a delight and after chatting for a while, Mum and I left, to carry on shopping...

I couldn't resist these 'short life' roses being sold off for 50p.

And other goodies found during our trips out included a collection of 50's greetings cards...

Prints, photos and folding coat hangers...

and tiny vintage treasures to work with for my next hand made projects.

We were truly blessed with the weather...plenty of blue...

and evenings sat out in the garden....perfect weather for bar-b-queing.


And an added highlight, was that my eldest daughter came home for two days from Aberystwyth. She graduates from uni this year, but has decided to stay-on there for the summer, as she has secured a full time job and is loving the freedom of no exams and essays to write!

She bought me this set of lovely postcards with reproduced British Rail poster designs.

To round off my Mum's visit, we all went out for a pub meal, where we dined in an old vintage railway carriage.

It was very warm inside last night, but we did have the whole place to ourselves, so sat with the carriage doors open and enjoyed the good food.


We treated ourselves to a sweet too! ;-))
As I type this, both my Mum and daughter are now trundling along on a real train back to their homes...'safe journey'...
And I reluctantly need to catch-up on some work...
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki

    So glad you had such lovely weather for your Mum's visit. What a hoot seeing Isabelle - mind you, it's a bit like my trip to Ashburton when Amanda came into Ros's shop while I was there! So not surprising at all, really!

    Puddings look yummy!

    I'm trying to sort the sitting room and studio but it's too hot to really tackle the job. Talk about half-hearted ...

    Sue xx

  2. I love the large flamboyant poppy in the top picture, and the "short life" roses look and absolute delight
    The wool shop looks very interesting I must find time to go there.
    Looks like you had a lovely time with your mum and daughter.

  3. Oh wow! Thanks for taking us along!!!
    Looks like a great time!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. You've had a wonderful few days. I'm so glad the weather matched the company!

  5. AH! Is that a Knickerbocker Glory??? Hubby LOVES those, and he has one each time we visit the UK! =) Your photos are lovely; it looks like you've had such a wonderful time with your Mum! =)

  6. That was a lovely post....the little tea cozy in the window...the one with the granny square top????!!!! I gasped when I saw it. I LOVE it...just my colors....just my style...and I NEED a tea cozy...too bad I don't knit/crochet and live about 2 zillion miles away! :-)

    Blessings and smiles,

  7. I am so pleased that the sun continued to shine for you both! Looks like you made the most of your time together. That wool shop looks like a retail work of art!! t.x

  8. Oh what wonderful places and puddings! You certainly enjoyed yourselves, so lovely. Your postcards are beautiful - what a thoughtful gift for you.

  9. Hello!
    What a lovely post! I am very honoured to have been added to your lists of blogs - thank you so much! I love the pillow I bought from you at the V&H Fair...I keep moving it around the house so I can see it! You make such beautiful things...Katie xx

  10. just to say how lovely it was to see you Saturday, you know it has been 2 years since I went vintage fair shopping, that last time must have been your own vintage sale.
    Have not posted my found goodies but will. Especailly Mae my lovely rag dolly.

    catch up soon best wishes always Ginny xx

  11. What fun to look at the wolly notions shop displays. I'd love for my daughter to make a lovely tea cozy for me like the ones you shared. Also, on a trip more than ten years ago, we visited Aberstwyth, and I'd pack my bags to visit again within 20 minutes--but my passport has expired. Maybe I should think about getting it renewed someday soon! Come visit me in Colorado anytime!

  12. What a lovely time you and your mum have had. I am hoping mine will come to stay with me next month. So many of you seem to have great shops near where you live and find such treasures. Sadly these sort of shops are thin on the ground in Hampshire (or I haven't found them). Very clever name for the Barbie doll!

  13. Sounds like you had a lovely time. I love Frome, I learnt millinery with Tina at 'Bea and Evie' so am always popping over for advice and to purchase lovelies. Have a good week.

  14. Thanks for your comment about the Frome fair..let me know if you decide to go and we could meet up for a coffee.

  15. Requintado,aconchegante,maravilhoso

    Refined, warm, wonderful.

  16. That wool shop looks fab, must try to get there sometime to stock up with wool for my "Somerset knitting ladies". Glad you had a good week with your mum. Liz xx

  17. Isn't it lovely spending a day shopping with mums!

    Victoria xx


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