Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Christmas in Bath 2009

Can you believe its December 1st today? - Where has this year gone? They say its a sign that you are getting older when the time flies, but even my youngest daughter says how quickly this year has disappeared...maybe its because we are all so busy now-a-days?

Anyway, seeing December as clear as day on my calendar this morning prompted me to think 'Christmas' again and so I thought I'd take a trip into Bath, arriving fairly early, so that I could find a parking space. Bath is extra busy at the moment, as the Christmas Market is in full swing and is attracting the tourists once again...
I would say that the atmosphere around the Abbey is far nicer in the evening, what with the twinkling fairy lights and that you may feel the excuse to indulge in a hot cup of mulled wine ;-)) - but today was a colder, crisper day of late, so I took the opportunity to weave through the crowds in the search for a few gifts...
Avoiding the temptation to jump on the traditional old Carousel for a ride, you need to walk down the side of the Roman Baths, past the magnificent fir tree, and around the Abbey to the square, where you'll find most of the little wooden chalets.
See, I told you it was busy!

Most of the little rooftops are dressed in festive greenery and berries, with inviting displays inside...

I bought some beautiful hand made soaps from this stall, just like I did last year...the scent wafting on the air was gorgeous.

With next door smelling just as delicious with its array of spiced decorations.

It was very difficult to capture many photos; as I said there were a lot of visitors. Many of the stalls are just an extension to some of the shops in Bath, which I find a little disappointing. So I stuck to photographing the festive merchandise where I could...

The market is on until the 6th December for anyone interested.

I'm off now to put my feet up; why is shopping so exhausting?!!
Niki x


  1. What a joy to see your Christmas photos of Bath! I was just reminding hubby that you live in Bath, when we turned to the December page of your calendar this morning (hubby loves your refridgerator)! lol Our last trip to England was during Christmastime, and oh how I wish I were there right now!

  2. Sounds lovely,a friend of mine has actually gone to bath today to see the christmas markets.
    I agree though you do not want to be looking at high street stores somewhere like that. You want something different & special!! x

  3. My sister is off to Bath this weekend...and I'm VERY envious.
    You give a lovely 'flavour' of it all in your post.


  4. These photos remind me to keep pushing my husband for a job in the UK. I think we may get the chance in a couple years. I miss the UK. I need to visit (or move there) again!

  5. It looks lovely Niki - I haven't made it in yet but hopefully will before they all pack up & go home.


  6. Wonderful stroll through pictures - I'd LOVE to go through the stalls. How fun! The picture of ornaments made me drool :)

    Happy Christmas!

  7. I wish I could visit the market in Bath! Actually I'd love to visit bath during Christmastime...
    If the lavender soap I bought from you a while ago was from that stall, I can agrre it was gorgeously scented! I had NEVER found a soap like that before! Its perfume was fabulously persistent!
    Thanks for your sweet compliment about my snow baby!:)))

  8. OH MY! Sorry for my typo!!

  9. Thanks for showing us around. It all looks lovely and festive. xx

  10. I hope you realize how TRULY lucky you are to live in such a place! One of my dreams is to visit Bath but unfortunately, my caravan seems to be stuck here :0) Beautiful post and beautiful Blog.

  11. What a fabulous place! I would love to visit Bath, and not just for the Christmas Market ( although that would be a jolly good bonus, lol ), but its a bit too far away for a day trip.

  12. Thankyou for taking me down memory lane...it has been 5 and a half years since I visited Bath,and apart from some steep hills, I just loved it and all its history!We went in April, so there were lots of Spring things happening.My son even got up in a performance in the middle of the baths there, and played the recorder, thankfully he was drowned out by the guitarist, but he was only 10 yrs old!
    Great photos,

  13. what fun pics
    thanks for sharing and braving crowds
    looks fun

  14. Hello Niki

    I agree, where has the time gone! I saw your post and realised that I had forgotten all about the Bath Christmas Market being on! I always buy some soaps from my friend's stall. The one you photographed as it happens.
    I too wish the stall were all craft related instead of extensions of shops...
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  15. We caravanned in Bath a few years ago and loved it We visited Sally Lunns bun shop. Would love to visit the market...maybe one day Lucey xx

  16. Anonymous9:58 am

    Good morning, Great to walk with you in Bath for Christmas. Thank you.
    Have a nice day
    Godeliva van Airiadone


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