Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Progress Report...And Keeping Festive.

Just to keep you posted; I've been at the shop most days since being given the keys and have been busy gutting the place!
Before: ......................................After:
The old shelves and battens have been taken down and I've been filling all the holes in preparation for painting.
Some of the wood will be recycled for shelves that I need elsewhere...
The electrics have been done and new lighting has been fitted. (The funny star lights have gone...they may look cute at this time of year, but weren't really appropriate for what I wanted.)
Window niches before:
The side window niches have had their lower doors removed to let in more light and to allow people passing by to see into the shop more easily. Sadly this led to some unwelcome discoveries...
Over the years the roofs of the two windows haven't been well maintained and so rainwater has got inside. There is a lot of penetrating damp, woodworm and rotten timbers...not nice... :(

If I had been told earlier in the year that I would be spending the run up to Christmas dealing with such things, I doubt I would have believed it...
Once its all been treated and repaired, I'm sure it will be fine...

Elsewhere in the shop; there is this little storage area which I have plans for...the tiled shelf was removed and then the wall was skimmed over in preparation for some wallpapering, possibly...still not made my mind up totally about that yet...
I'm sure all of this is very tedious and boring for you, but I wanted to keep everything documented on my blog so that I can see the progress that I'm making in order to keep a positive attitude. It will be good to look back on in a few months time, I think.
What is also keeping me positive is the lovely view from the front windows. The large Christmas tree with blue twinkling lights has gone up on the market place, not far from my shop.

A quick glance outside and I feel happy and festive and ready to crack on with all the tedious preparation. I'm sure once the painting starts, it'll come together quite quickly...first the damp windows to sort though...
Anyway, moving on from those nasty photos of rotten wood and mess...
I did allow myself a little thrifting time at the weekend...I still need my fix, even when there is more important things to be done! ;-))
My latest vintage finds all had a festive feel, too...I was really pleased to find these...lots of kitsch decorations and funny little treasures to add a smile and a reminder as to what this time of year is all about...



And as a slight contrast to all that retro glitz, I was treated to a more refined pleasure too.
My hardworking hubby (his enthusiastic wielding of a handsaw to take down the unwanted fixtures in the shop is very welcome!) took me out for a meal last night to celebrate securing the shop. A relaxing evening was spent at The Moody Goose, where we were spoilt for choice with their gorgeous menu.

Ready to face another day of smelly damp windows and woodworm!
Niki x


  1. Dear Niki
    Gosh, it's all very exciting!! You have been very busy and I bet it's hard work thought exciting at the same time. That pink is shocking!! I bet you can't wait to cover it up...
    And a trip to the Moody Goose, you lucky thing - it is so pretty there at Christmas time isn't it? Such a lovely place and lovely people too.
    Wishing you lots of speedy successful decorating in the coming weeks - remember to stop and breathe from time to time!
    Denise x

  2. Good morning Niki!
    I thank you for showing us and tell us the progress of your new store ...
    is like being there with you! We have already been there twice in Shepton Mallet,
    I knew where the store is located.
    I wish you a good job
    Dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

  3. leilani6:58 pm

    Oh Niki, the progress reports are far from boring. I shall probably never get over there to see your lovely little shop so these details are most interesting!

    In the big picture, the rot and yuk are very minor. To be expected really in an older building.

    Best holiday wishes from leilani in Northern California.

  4. Good luck with it all. We have renovated three shops in all, well one was twice. From an opticians to a menswear shop, then to a pine and teddy bear shop, then another shop from a cobbler's to a pine and teddy shop. Hard work but worth it.

  5. Oh, that Moody Goose looks cosy and welcoming, especially after all the hard work you've been doing. I agree about the view - but I think it's made by looking through the window frames. xx

  6. Congrats on the shop, I wish I could be closer to visit!Im glad you are documenting it, I love seeing how people set up shop and fill with all their lovely creations!I do wonder when you will find time to continue making them whilst in the shop, will you have a workspace?

  7. Congratulations on getting the keys to your own little shop,im sure you will make it into something beautiful!!
    The moody goose looks like a nice cosey place. x

  8. What a treat to see your progress on your blog! Just imagine looking back to this post in several months' time ~ it truly will be a joy to see all the before and afters! And the village your new shop is located in is so quaintly English! Love it!

  9. Anonymous2:05 am

    Hi Niki,
    Wow congratulations on your new shop venture. I'm glad I caught you at the beginning and will now enjoy seeing the changes. Things like that rotting wood will no doubt help you relaise how much you've done to the shop in the near future once it's sorted. Handy to have a clever hubby too! That view is magical, you're right in the hub of things, makes me miss England all the more seeing these quaint old towny pics. Exciting times :-)
    Love Debra (AllThingsPretty), now in Oz x

  10. So much work Niki, but all worth it in the end I'm sure when the shop is stocked and looking fabulous. I can't wait to see it! xo, suzy

  11. Looks like you have your work cut out! I am sure you will get it looking fabulous!
    I can't wait to come and visit !

  12. Hi Niki, I've just signed up to follow your blog and I'm really looking forward to watching your new shop come together - how exciting for you!! It looks as if it's in a beautiful spot ... good luck with all your plans.

    Willow x

  13. Woodworm and damp - yuck .... view and plans stunning! Very excited for you, dear Niki. Hugs, Suzy xxx

  14. Wow, I am so excited for you. It will all be worth it when you have your gorgeous shop at the end of all that hard work. Hope you have time to keep blogging about your progress its really interesting.
    Good luck
    Nicky x

  15. don't worry niki - we are all following the decoration of your shop with great enthusiasm - i love before and after pics and am sure everyone else does too. It looks a fantastic spot for you right in the centre and such a great view of the tree. Good luck and hope no more woodworm.

    Ginny xx

  16. It's all so VERY exciting. Great to have the photos so that we can all follow the progress as the shop takes shape. Wishing you much success in this new venture (I'm sure it will be very successful and you will be inundated with customers).

  17. Hi Niki, far from it, keep us up to date, as you are living the dream!

  18. Hello Niki

    Oh dear that damp & rot were not welcome finds... I hope that they won't delay your plans too much. I love seeing before & after photos, keep them coming please!

    The Moody Goose looks wonderful, I remember you going there for your birthday. What a thoughful husband you have.

    Good luck with the decorating..

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  19. Hi Niki, I have just been catching up on your very exciting news! CONGRATULATIONS! I am absolutely certain you will never look back. All the best wishes in the world to you xx

  20. Adore these progress reports...I feel like I am right there with you. I always enjoy making over a new shop and I am itching to fly over there and help. Sea Witch

  21. so good to see your progress at the shop, well done! I am sure you & hubby will soon have it looking wonderful. Liz xx

  22. How exciting, Niki. Your shop is coming along! What lovely views from inside!


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