Friday, December 18, 2009

The Painting Marathon...

I got to the shop early this morning to be greeted by pools of water streaming down all of the windows - this, despite the dehumidifier I'd left going on full power all night...I guess that the 5 litres of emulsion paint that I have got through so far was a little too much for it to handle...
I've used 'Farrow & Ball's Old White' on all the walls...I'm always surprised how different the same colour can look depending on the amounts of natural light flooding in. All the walls are going to need another coat yet, but it's good to see a uniform shade on them now.
For the shop doors and woodwork I've used 'Farrow & Ball's Oval Room Blue' in an eggshell finish. Plenty more of that yet to do, but I've come home this afternoon as I'm feeling a bit tired; I think the fluey cold that I had a couple of weeks ago is trying to come back, so I need to fight it...
Also, Christmas is in danger of being a non-event around here if I don't give it some thought we'll be off to buy a tree shortly and I'll be back to my blog over the next few days with some more seasonably festive posts, and I also hope to catch-up with some of yours too - time has certainly run away from me this year...

I'll be back soon,
Niki x


  1. Take care, look after yourself and pace yourself! It is all looking great at the shop, love the colours you have chosen. Liz xxx

  2. Everything is looking lovely, Niki! Enjoy your tree-hunting! =)

  3. What a gorgeous space. I love the colors you've chosen.

    It's a lot of work!

  4. Take care Niki - look after yourself - I highly recommend Manuka honey to help fight those cold/flu germs!

  5. You're working so hard.Take some time for yourself or you'll be worn out by Christmas!


  6. Don't panic, Niki, sit back and enjoy Christmas from now on, if you possibly can! The shop is looking lovely.

  7. Dear Niki,
    You have totally inspired me to pull out the drop cloths, rollers and paint after the Holidays ... I have a bedroom begging for the Oval Room Blue of Farrow & Ball! Take care ..

  8. What an improvement already! Thats quite enough for this year though, don't you think? Christmas is around the corner and you deserve a jolly good break.

  9. Anonymous10:08 pm

    It looks to be coming along so beautifully Niki. Now take a break to enjoy some Christmas time and show us yur tree please!

  10. Hi Niki! You have used the blue, I really like .... your store will be a wonder!
    I wish you good work and appearance updates .. ;o)
    Dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

  11. Niki, your colours are just gorgeous - isn't it amazing the difference a coat of paint makes?! Don't over-do it though, especially if you're still recovering from that nasty virus. Hope you find a lovely tree for your home and take a well earned rest!

    Willow x

  12. Hi Niki

    It's all looking fabulous. Love the colour you've used for the counter, too. Hope you're feeling brighter today. Keep fit for Monday.

    Sue xx

  13. Hello Niki

    It is pretty damp in this area, which probably doesn't help either.

    I love the choice of colours. It's certainly already looking very different to how it looked before.

    I hope that your fluey cold does not return. I am still unable to go out as I have had migraine on top of the cold & laryngitis. It has really knocked me back, no shopping, no Christmas preparations, I just have not been up to it.
    I seem to be making a habbit of it. Last Christmas I was not able to celebrate, I was in bed with a strong migraine.

    Your shop is looking really good, you are doing great.

    Take care

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  14. Oh its going to look fantastic - I love the colours and you are right about F&B paint especially it can look totalldifferent one wall to another - I have just used paema grey and it looks very blue on one of the walls but still gorgeous. Have a snuggly Christmas and pester the landlord about the windows!!

  15. It is looking so stunning! Lovely, soft, yet brightens up the space! I love it!!!!!


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