Friday, December 11, 2009

Music and Colour Therapy

Yesterday was such a gorgeous December day - mild and sunny - very much a feel-good day. Over the last week my emotions have been in all directions!...when I was finally given the keys to the shop I became frightened...Had I made the right decision and would all this financial outlay be money well spent?...I also kept questioning myself as to whether I was capable of doing all of this on my own; but I do feel that this is the right time for me, this time, and I aim to give it 100% effort.
As I mentioned in the post below, hubby and I started cracking-on with the renovation work inside last weekend and I slowly became more optimistic, but was constantly looking out on to a grey, rainy and very quiet high street.
Then yesterday the sun came out...along with this fantastic busker...He was playing his saxophone right outside my shop, and to have music whilst we worked was such a tonic... suddenly the high street seemed more alive as well. There were many more people out and about and each one didn't fail to smile as they passed by the saxophonist. He had lots of money thrown in to his case and even sold a few of his CD's during the hour or so that he was there.
I started on the interior painting yesterday, whilst hubby continued sorting out the damp windows. It was good to start to get a fresh coat of colour on those felt more like mine. The warm weather meant that we could have the door open all day, so the music was wafting in. This open door also prompted lots of local people to come in to introduce themselves, to ask what I was planning for the shop and to generally wish me luck. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging and it was like a weight being lifted.
Shepton Mallet had become quite a rundown town and I think that these local people were happy to see another empty shop being taken over. I'm now much happier about the whole prospect and am raring to go...Roll on the New Year!
I would also like to thank all of you for your very encouraging comments, cards, and emails that you have sent to me regarding my last two posts. I feel very lucky to have so much support.
First thing this morning I had a meeting with my landlord. I hadn't met him before, but was pleased to find him to be a fair man and one who has Shepton's best interests at heart. I told him of the problems we had discovered in the window niches and he has agreed to have them completely rebuilt - I am so excited. Any structural changes have to be OKed by the council first, as the shops are in a conservation area and so alterations need to be in keeping...does make you wonder how these two brutes below were allowed to be built in the first place!...(the wonders of poor 1960's/70's architecture and that love of concrete strikes again(!))...thankfully in time they will be replaced with something more sympathetic.

** Today was market day (every Friday) on the market square, and again the Shepton buzz was present...I kept being sidetracked from my painting as I watched people buying their Christmas wreaths, bunches of holly, mistletoe and fir branches, as well as their fruit and veg!
I've given the big double doors that I started painting yesterday their first coat of eggshell, (took me ages cutting in around all those tiny panes of glass!) - but they'll need another coat and I have also painted one of the walls...lots more to do, so I'll be very busy this weekend...

Hope you'll have a more relaxing one! Have fun!
Niki x


  1. What a festive place to have your shop! I'd never heard the term "busker" before. I keep thinking of an old episode of Mr.Bean when he didn't have any money for the "busker", so Mr.Bean did a silly dance for the saxophonist, then dropped his dance money into the man's suitcase! =)

    It will be such fun to watch your progress. And that's GREAT that your landlord will fix the window problem!

  2. Best wishes! I wish I could come and see. Don't forget that it's a dream come true while you are working so hard and worrying. It will all come in time.

  3. Oh good luck to you Niki.... you always produce such lovely things to sell on your online shop i am sure they will fly out of your real shop too.
    I hope you all enjoy the Christmas holiday too with your lovely girls and husband, even if you have your mind on the shop.
    Debbie. xxx

  4. This sounds very promising, Niki. I am determined to come and visit you next time I visit Somerset!

  5. Thanks for painting such a lovely picture of words of your painting time in the shop. So happy for you that things are on the up and up. Hugs, Suzy xx

  6. Oh Niki, this is all so exciting. I feel like I'm right there with you ready to pick up a brush and dig in to help you paint. It would be a dream come true. My blessing to you.

  7. Oh Niki, this is all so exciting. I feel like I'm right there with you ready to pick up a brush and dig in to help you paint. It would be a dream come true. My blessing to you.

  8. Isn't it weird, I never would have thought that blue fairy lights would work, but over the past few years they've become very popular and (for outdoors, at least) they look wonderful.
    Ooooh I love the saxophone. As Miss Monroe once said 'my spine turns to jelly, I get goosepimply all over'. So having the sound wafting in while you work must have been so uplifting. And what lovely people to pop in during their busy Christmas shopping to wish you luck and have a chat. xx

  9. Oh lucky you to havew your ownd shop, I love the street you have picked, I am sure you will do well. Best of luck.

  10. How lovely to get such a welcome from people passing by - and the saxophone, well, just adding that magical touch while you work! Great that your landlord is willing to fix the windows properly for you. Can't wait to see it all finally finished.

    Willow x

  11. I can't wait to come and do my christmas shopping in your store next year. Have faith, you produce the most beautiful unique pieces. Love the christmas tree near your shop, what a bonus. Can't do blue lights myself, I always think the white/slightly golden ones look the best.

  12. It all sounds so exciting Niki, although hard work as well. If ever I come your way I will most certainly be visiting your shop as well.

    It looks so lovely and festive.

  13. What could be nicer than a saxophonist outside your shop. It must be a good omen.
    I've been to Shepton Mallet a few times and love the whole area there.
    Everything seems to be moving along really well.
    Good luck with the project.

  14. Julie - Oxford5:09 pm

    It will be worth all the hard work Niki....I just know it. x

  15. Hi Niki

    So pleased the window problem will be sorted, and it's a treat to read that you're feeling much happier about the whole adventure now.

    No definite time for Monday yet, but hope to let you know tomorrow.

    Sue xx

  16. It is all looking gorgeous - i can't get over what a fab position you are in - looks like the heart of the town - i love buskers - good ones ha ha and that tree is just perfectly placed - a truely magical and twinkly time for you right now Niki - all my best wishes Ginny x

  17. Oh good Luck with your new venture Niki! I am sure it will be very successful,having a shop was one of the happiest times of my life xx

  18. It's all so exciting Niki. Your shop is going to look wonderful. I can't wait to see it. Don't work too hard though, make sure you save some energy for Christmas x

  19. Niki,
    I know your shop will be beautiful.. I really wish I lived closer because I would be shopping at your shop all the time..
    How cool was that getting to listen to the sax player.. I love where your shop is located.. Can't wait to she it all finished...
    Make sure you take care of yourself and don't over do it.. You don't need to get sick(hehe)! I sound like my mom!!!

  20. Ives just been reading about your new and lovely shop, such energy !! how fabulous, I wish you all the luck in the world Nikki, can't wait for my summer hols to come and visit.
    HUgs Lynn xxxx

  21. you lucky girl...dreams do come true!!

  22. Marion11:46 am

    Had no idea Shepton Mallet had a weekly market. Guess I shall have to visit your emporium on a Friday then! Looking forward very much to seeing you in the New Year. Happy sprucing Niki!

    Best wishes for Christmas to you all.

    Weston super Mare, UK

  23. Hello Niki

    So pleased to hear that you are getting on well at number 1 Market Place. It's good that those window niches are going to be replaced to something dry and a lot nicer looking.

    I have been wanting to pop by to say hello and see how you are getting on but have not been a 100%. My sore throat has developed into laryngitis so best keep these germs to myself...

    Keep up the brilliant work!

    warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  24. I wish you the very best! You are doing something that I would love to do. I just need to take that first step too.
    Have a wonderful holiday!


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