Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Run Up....

I hope you had time to enjoy your weekend....reaching mid-December always seems to me to be a turning point in the preparations for Christmas. It can no longer be left for another day...things need to be achieved now for stress-free days later on...
But before I get on to all of that, I'll just show you hubby's handy work that's been achieved at the shop since last time...
The yucky window niches have now been cleaned, sealed and re-lined in MDF ready for me to paint.
We took delivery of this old glazed draper's counter that I bought from Sue...
(Work to be done on it yet, before I can use it)

And between us, hubby and I built new shelves in two of the alcoves, which I shall start painting later in the week...(Both the shelves and the walls will be painted in Farrow & Ball's 'Old White')

I did abandon my post at the shop for a while on Sunday to do some vintage shopping for stock...
It was a successful foray and some of my finds included this adorable wooden weather house...I'm reliably informed that snow is on the way this week! ;-))
Gorgeous retro florals in the guise of tablecloths and pinnies...
Faded roses adorn this lovely old china jug and bowl...
And I found pictures-a-plenty...including these beauties below.
I also found a treasure for myself - Why is it that at this time of year it feels such a guilty pleasure to treat yourself to something? Or is it just me?...

I bought myself this gorgeous hand painted glass dressing table box, which was fresh from France. The panels are trimmed with metal edged silk ribbons and have rosettes at each corner.

All lovingly made by hand many years ago...and I justify my purchase as I know that I'm unlikely to ever see one like it again...so I'm afraid I couldn't resist...you know how I love Frenchy boudoir items...a Christmas gift to myself! Naughty! ;-))

Its been hard this year to juggle Christmas preparations alongside revamping the shop...We still don't have our Christmas tree up at home yet; but then we've always waited until the girls have broken up from school before doing so. My middle daughter is home from uni now, but my youngest doesn't finish school until Friday...the tree will have to wait until next weekend...
I did take a peek inside my dolls house and noticed that Peggy and Polly have started to get festive in their living room...;-))
Their tree, they tell me, cost 20p from a car boot sale, complete with real glass baubles! What a thrifty Christmas deal that was! Isn't it cute?
Hubby took a day off today to go fishing with a friend and they were lucky to catch a large fish each (rainbow trout) - these will be heading off to the smokers tomorrow, to be cured in time for Christmas.

And I've been able to cross another thing off my 'to do' list today...I don't like to think of Christmas as being an extra set of chores that have to be done, but there is a good feeling to be had when something else can be checked off...
Today it was the turn of the mince pies.

Mmmm...Such a lovely Christmassy smell...
And also today, a surprise bouquet of flowers arrived for me from an old friend who I used to work with on the craft fair circuit. She is now a florist, and, amongst other places, sells her hand-tied bouquets and dried flower arrangements at Green Park Station Market, Bath, on Saturdays...so if ever you are in the area, do drop by and say hello to her and tell her I sent you!

Hope you're enjoying the run up to Christmas and can enjoy a few moments now and then to do something just for you...it's good to stop for a minute or two when life is so hectic.
Take care,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki

    Very impressed with Dave's handiwork. He deserved a day off to go fishing! Glad the counter arrived safely.

    Love your purchases - and I don't think it's naughty to treat yourself at Christmas. Pauley always does!!!

    Sue xx

  2. All looks fantastic - and a big gold star for your hubby's window revamp. Love your old counter. I'm very excited for you, dear Niki. hugs from Suzy xx

  3. Hello Niki

    I absolutely love the 3 paintings!!!!! Will they be for sale in your new shop I wonder or will they stay in your house? I shall have to wait and see.
    What a fruitful day you've had stocking up.

    That work is coming along nicely, your husband is doing a very good job. I love seeing the photos showing progress taking place.

    That is just the kind of bouquets I like, wonderful colours too.

    Thank you for your get well wishes, I am doing everything I can to get better very soon. I don't sound like me at all, I have a very deep hoarse voice. Alan seems to like it but Miss P wants Mummy's sweet voice back as she puts it ;-))

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  4. Just realised that my previous comment makes it sound as if it's just your husband doing all the work, I was was referring to the window.. Good job all round ;-))

    Isabelle x

  5. What a cheerful post, Niki! You were right in keeping that gorgeous glass box for yourself; it is stunning. It's nice to see all the progress in your shop; you must be thrilled to see it taking shape. Your mince pies look so yummy ~ we sell them in our shop and hubby brings a box home on occasion. =) I'm sure they're no where near as delicious as your homemade ones are, but at least they are indeed from England! =)

  6. so lovely and colorful a post. wow -have you been busy.The colors of those flowers are incredible...
    Happy Holidays.

  7. Looks like you found some pretty things!

  8. 20P for a tree and glass baubles that must be the bargain of the week.Lucey xx

  9. Hi Niki, What beautiful bits 'n' bobs, and fantastic flowers, how great not to be Christmassy!
    If I was in your shoes I would be itching to get going and unbearable to live with,I think its being a Leo!
    Keep up the good work!

  10. Hello Niki
    Thank you for your Birthday wishes :-)
    I love all your purchases from the flea - I certainly would have bought some of those pictures if I'd seen them! And your flowers are so pretty.
    What great progress you are making in the shop, hopefully you too are taking some time out to rest, just as you've suggested we do!
    Wishing you a happy and calm week ahead,
    Denise x

  11. Loving, your shop progress reports is very interesting, my hubby is also a fisherman so occasionally get nice fishy treats for the table but not as oftern as I would like!
    Nicky x

  12. Hi Niki!
    Your new blog post ... it is wonderful!
    I wish you a good job at the shop, the colors that you used to repaint the walls are very beautiful, it will be magical!
    Dear greetings, Maria.

  13. I can't believe how much you are getting done Niki, it's all looking so great. Enjoy your treat, you deserve it x

  14. You were right to buy that beautiful dressing table box...I have often regretted not buying something at the time, uuming and aahing,and then when I've gone back to the shop,oh the dissapointment when it's gone!
    Love all our plans for the shop.


  15. I meant YOUR plans!!LoL

  16. Hi Niki oh you really are living my dream, I would love a shop and the teaching profession is so yucky at them moment the thought of a little shop sound bliss....I do hope you do well, you should with all your lovliness....

  17. Dear Niki, I wish you and your family a very happy christmas time, and may next year brings much health, happiness, love and blessings to you all.
    Muchos cariños
    Maria Cecilia

  18. I'm really loving seeing the transformation in progress Niki! I can't wait to see the end result. What a beautiful area your shop is in, I would love to be able to see it!
    Oh gosh, that French box is about the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen! Of course you had to have it! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! xo


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