Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Clear Head...

I don't know how many of you prefer to wait until 12th night before you take down all of your festive decorations? But I've spent the weekend getting our home back to normal, with all the Christmas paraphernalia safely packed away again in the attic ready for the re-run at the end of the year!

Youngest daughter is back to school tomorrow and it feels good to have the house 'normalised' once again!

Christmas gifts from friends have found their place in our home...

And tomorrow marks the start of a busy week ahead...

I have to be at the shop early tomorrow morning in the hope that the exterior painters will arrive on cue. I was told they would start work tomorrow, if weather permitted...Its very cold here at the moment, so I have everything crossed right now...I am itching to have the outside spruced-up, so that I can then move my stock in and open for business.

And talking of sprucing-up; my shop's next-door-neighbour, the town library, had scaffolding up around it just before Christmas, as it was having a makeover. I'm pleased to say that the scaffolding has now been taken down (it would have been in the way for my painters to complete their work) and here is the smart new frontage to the Shepton Mallet Library...

Lovely to see another completed improvement for the town.
I have my fingers and toes crossed for no rain tomorrow, and for reliable tradesmen! ;-))
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. You're next to the Library - how wonderful! I love libraries! =) I took our decorations down on New Year's Eve day, but left up a good old fashioned American ceramic Christmas tree with tiny lights (tabletop size). That always stays up till Little Christmas. I can't wait to see your shop in progress with the painters this week!

  2. I have my fingers crossed for you on the painting front! It will be lovely to see your shop open and you may or may not know 'Bea and Evie'is closing its doors in a couple of weeks for good, such a shame.

  3. Good luck with tomorrow! I took the xmas tree down yesterday.. but still have a few more bits & bobs to pack away. Have a good week, Liz xxx

  4. Hope your early start isn't wasted! I'm sure they'll be there champing at the bit and ready to start on the dot of 7.30!!!!!

    The library is certainly looking smarter!

    Sue x

  5. I am with you on that one!! My house is 80% done, tomorrow will see the end of the Christmas decorations, I love to see them go up but I am equally happy to see them go in the rubbermaid bins for next year.Then I will give the house a good scrub and then wait for spring!
    Good luck with the reno take pics when your done!

  6. I've taken down the decorations as well this weekend. DS2 is back at school tomorrow (much jumping up and down and cheering!)

    I hope that the weather holds for you tomorrow and that the painters turn up!

    Perfect to be next to the library - that would be my dream a lovely shop like yours next to the library!

  7. Oh, takes me so long to put them up I have to keep them up until 12th night!...and the house looks so bare after.I'm sure you must be itching to get on and can't wait now for that big opening day!


  8. I hate taking the decorations down and so leave it to the last minute - so mine will stay until the 6th.

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow, I don't want any delays in your lovely shop opening!

  9. Dear Niki, Happy New Year to you. Your house always looks so lovely and the library is glorious. My mouth is watering. We leave our decorations up until the 6th. I like the magic to continue a little longer. xx

  10. We also took ours down yesterday and I must admit I think it took longer to take them down and pack them away than it did to put them up.

    Hope that the painting goes well :-)

    A bientot,


  11. Wow, your organised. I am back at work today :( and have asked my teens who don't go back to school until tomorrow to take down the decorations!!!!! Wonder if they will be down when I get home.
    I can't wait to see the shop when its completed, have been following your progress avidly and has been really interesting and exciting.
    Nicky x

  12. Guenievre10:03 am

    J'ai aussi enlevé toutes les décorations de NOël hier ... en attendant de les ressortir à Noël prochain :-)
    I cross my fingers too and wish you a big success with your shop !
    It's very cold in Britanny today too ... but the sun shines.
    Have a nice day !

  13. I'm with you re Christmas decorations, mine come down on 1st January to start the new year afresh.
    Good luck with the weather tomorrow and your early start - in fact good luck with with everything.
    Julie xxxx

  14. Hi Niki
    I hope you've had a successful day with the workmen! It sure is cold outside....
    Can't wait to see your lovely new shop - I'll be there on day one!
    Happy days,
    Denise x

  15. I hope the weather isn't too bad tomorrow and the painting can begin. How convenient for you the Library being spruced up also. Fingers crossed, Lucey xx

  16. susanna5:42 pm

    Niki hello, my name is Susanna and I'm writing from Italy, precisely from Verona with traduttore.Ogni morning, after coffee, I run to see your blog and it's a way to feel close to England that year adoro.Anche I and my husband in May is in England and maybe the fair on 1 maggio.Voglio visit your store, which I'm sure will be a wonder how all the things you do, though I will acknowledge. a kiss and a hug you soon

  17. Well the library really looks good which can only help your shop along nicely .... you will have to give us a tour of the town so that we can all plan our day for the great opening ... which is when ?? :-)))))))

    am so excited for you Niki -
    best wishes always Ginny x

  18. Well done, can't wait to see your shop, good luck S x

  19. I am so looking forward to seeing inside your shop when it is finished. I hope some day I may be able to come over from the states and meet you and see all the pretty things you will be selling. You have such wonderful taste.


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