Wednesday, January 20, 2010

'How Much is that Doggie in the Window?'

This little chappie has been causing a few smiles on the faces of passers-by whilst I've been setting up my shop. He's patiently sat as good as gold in the window, with a little sign at his feet asking the question 'How much is that doggie in the window?'
Its taken several trips in the car to deliver all of my antiques and vintage treasures to Nostalgia at No.1, Shepton Mallet...and many hours of arranging (and re-arranging! - I could have gone on forever! ;-))
My aim for the shop is to bring the vintage collecting bug to all - I have items from £1, making it affordable for those on a tight budget (given the current climate!), as well as more precious pieces, and one-of-a-kind handmade items for those who like to feel they have bought something unique. I've displayed everything in a homely style, to inspire those who may not be creative or artistic, not to patronise, but to guide those who may not have considered vintage before, and to also make life-long vintage-lovers feel right at home. (A granny's attic style, rather than ostentatious.)
(The other window niche has the theme; 'There'll always be an England')
Would you like to come in?
(Full details of opening times and where to find me can be found on my website)
This is what the interior looks like as you enter. I've divided the cosy area into sections, which will mean I can hopefully shop for more stock with each 'department' in mind. The over-riding theme though is girly - with roses, cottages, florals, bygone romance and of course 'nostalgia' being given full rein throughout.
In the centre of the room is an old iron bed, which I shall use to display quilts, eiderdowns, cushions etc.

Two shabby old French boudoir dolls are happy to sit here and chat!
There's just enough space to move around the bed to entice customers to view all that I have to offer. The shop has wonderful cross-light, with it having windows on two sides, but this does hinder my photography skills a little! Hopefully you get a feel for what I was aiming for though?
'The bathroom' section is next to the bed and includes French soaps and sea shells.

This corner is my favourite - it represents the ladies boudoir. Hopefully an ever-changing display of dressing table sets and glamorous accessories.

A lovely old arts and crafts style wooden dressing table helps set the scene further.

Vintage sewing is displayed in the window, which I thought would give people peering in a flavour of what I am all about.
A scoop of vintage buttons to fill a bag, and at a pocket money price that won't break the bank!
In the other direction is my counter...
'Full to bursting' with vintage embroidered linens, lots of interesting ephemera and sewing equipment to have a good old rummage through.
On top of the counter is my lovely lady (not for sale) who is modelling some vintage faux pearls and shell necklaces. Behind her is my sewing area, which I can't wait to put into use! Its been a long time (for me anyway!) since I've been able to sew, with the shop refurb taking up most of my time, as well as constant phone calls to solicitors, insurance brokers etc...etc....I'll be glad to finally be settled in my new little world!

An old mannequin in front of the counter is smothered in an array of pretty brooches.

Although there are a few sparkly ones here, I've mostly been looking out for the more unusual and slightly eccentric styles.

Brooches are a bit of a trademark for me. I love adding them to my hand crafted items, as well as wearing them now and then too! - And they always make ideal little token gifts for special friends.

Behind the mannequin is what I am calling my 'family area'. Weddings and children are the main inspiration, with small handmade treasures as more gift ideas.
I've continued the old song lyrics in my displays inside the shop, with a caption 'Waiting at the church' placed beneath one of the original wedding photos.
A low shelf for 'little people' to have a quick read whilst Mum shops!
I also decided to have a small range of vintage costume available. (At this stage I thought it best to have a little bit of everything until I can establish what most people want me to try to source)
There's some 50's and 60's dresses, pinnies and accessories...

Including hats, scarves, gloves and shoes.

All of which can be tried on in the fitting room that I created in the old store cupboard!

For the girl who prefers to accessorise her home more than she does herself, then there is a vast array of goodies on the painted dresser. From rose printed china from the Victorian era, to pressed glass from the 1930's to tempt her.
Paintings and prints are scattered throughout the shop and reaffirm the floral vibe!

Would you like a closer look?...


'A nice cup of tea'.
I kept the small shelves to the left of the dresser, which were the previous owner's shop fittings - they just had a fresh coat of paint and now house a further selection of china and prints.
'Everything stops for tea'.
I've kept a few areas a secret from my blog, so as to hopefully surprise visitors when (that's, 'if', gulp!!) they call in! But I'll just show the French sofa, which I am using to display my handmade cushions...can't wait to start stitching some new ones too, to add to the selection.
I'm also keen to start thinking about Valentine's Day and hope to make some more of my pocketed hanging hearts for the gentlemen callers that may be brave enough to enter my nostalgic, but very girly, emporium(!!), to buy for their sweetheart.
(Thank you Marion from WSM!)
I'd also just like to thank all of those who have left comments, emailed me and sent cards to wish me luck for tomorrow...I am deeply touched. This is a big step for me, having been a 'home-bird' for over 22 years now! I can't wait to be out in the big wide world and to hopefully earn a living doing what I love most...And to share a 'proper' conversation, rather than having to type every word will be a great tonic too!
Thanks again for all your support - I'll be in and out of my blog when I can (I won't have a PC or laptop at the shop) - hopefully it won't take me long to make the required adjustments to my life! :)
Niki x


  1. I am so pleased for you to have reached the big opening day.....
    You have worked so hard to make the shop pretty, it really does look amazing.
    I just wished i lived a little nearer to you so i could be one of your first customers through the door.
    Sleep well i just know you will be rushed off your feet tomorrow.
    Love Debbie.

  2. My goodness, you have worked so hard. It looks brilliant. I can just imagine out the front (I have it in my mind's eye) 2 milk churns with bay trees planted in them either side of the door.

  3. Meraviglioso...
    non ho parole, veramente stupendo.
    ciao ciao

  4. How THRILLING! Your shop is absolutely exquisite! Your choice of inventory, as well as your own hand creations, are certain to appeal to all who walk through your doors! (I can't even imagine where you had all of this inventory stored before you set up shop... your shop is bursting at the seams with vintage and antique goodness!) Good luck tomorrow, Niki!

  5. Wow, I am stunned!
    Your shop has so many precious items. If I ever go to Bath, I will be sure to stop at your place! I have never seen anything like it.

    I am going to Aberdeen this weekend.
    Does anyone have any tips on where I would find a shop that is breathtaking. Pleeease :-)
    Love from Liv

  6. Hello Niki

    I have just spent the last half an hour looking at your pictures! I am so taken by how you have arranged it all. What a stunning shop! I do admire your style.

    I am so pleased for you, Shepton Mallet is really in for a treat.

    I look forward to seeing you and the shop tomorrow after I've dropped off Phoebe at school.

    Relax tonight if you can!

    Take care
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  7. Well this is wonderful, Niki! Could your shop be a vintage Tardis? When I peeped last Sunday I wasn't able to see even a quarter of the lovely things you describe. Can't wait to visit next week. Bonne Chance!

  8. I notice there are windows above your shop front. Is this part of your shop? Someone's home? Because I think you should buy upstairs, turn it into an apartment and open it up for holiday bookings just for your blog visitors, so they can play in your shop in the evening when it's closed. My goodness! It's an Aladin's cave. I could spend hours there.
    And I love, love, love the doggie in the window! xx

  9. I just LOVE it ...It´s the prettiest shop I have ever seen. I wish...
    besos. Lilian.-

  10. This is just gorgeous. What a wonderful thing to be able to do. I'm going to have to find an excuse to come to Shepton Mallett...

  11. Just dropping in to say, 'Good Luck!!'
    Your shop looks amazing!
    Hope that your first day goes well!!

  12. Congratulations on your opening. The shop looks gorgeous. You must be so happy with how it looks.
    We will be visiting the UK in mid 2011 (I know that is still ages away)and will definitely be popping in to visit. It is just a pity we have to wait that long.

  13. Hello Niki!

    I would just like to say that I passed your gorgeous shop in Shepton this afternoon and was completely drawn in by your gorgeous window displays. I can't wait for you to open so I can have a proper look inside! Sadly I am working tomorrow but I'll be popping in next week! So lovely to see another lovely shop open in Shepton (along with Number 21). Your little shop looks very special!


  14. Good luck for tomorrow - I'll be thinking of you and sending you vibes of "happy opening". I wish I lived closer as I would love to pop in, but as we go to Glastonbury occasionally, Ill make sure we stop by soon.
    Best wishes x

  15. GOOD LUCK Niki!!!! All is wonderful!

  16. Oh, I wish I could just hope on over for a visit! I looks perfect. I know you'll do well. Break a leg!

    And I should confess to just now "stealing" one of your ideas. The bowl of buttons. I got right up and did that in my shop. Do you mind terribly? Maybe no one will notice. England - Alabama, USA. We shouldn't get many of same shoppers. ;-)

  17. When can I move in???

    How I wish I lived closer so that I could drool all over your beautiful things.

  18. How I wish I was closer. Your Blog has so inspired me and those shop photos..... be very proud, Good Luck!!!!

  19. Marion9:11 pm

    What a magical emporium you have created Niki,it's truly wonderous. Creating the different "departments" was a stroke of genius and I hope to come and browse around them all soon.

    Weston super Mare

    PS I was astonished and thrilled to see the picture of "my" card/postcard. Bless you Niki, you've made my day!

  20. Attila9:16 pm

    *sigh* just wish you were nearer to me! I'm sure it will be a great success; best wishes.

  21. it looks FUNtastic
    neat to watch it all come together on your blog
    wishing you many sales and happy customers

  22. It all looks fantastic, what a lot of work you must have done. Wishing you the very best for tomorrow and the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

  23. Lots of luck for your grand opening - I'm sure you'll have people flocking in. I wouldn't be able to resist your enticing displays. It must be like having a huge dolls house to play in!
    Kathy xxx

  24. Your shop looks beautiful Niki - the very best of luck to you in your venture - I envy you so much

  25. MAGGIE NEALE10:04 pm

    Good luck Niki, I am sure you will do really well as the shop looks amazing. Will be there ASAP.
    Maggie x

  26. I agree with Andy's Attic comment re a flat above the shop....He He!
    I would love to move to Dorset and have wanted to for some time but, have all the usaual restraints so I was wandering if it's less costly to move to Somerset? LOL!
    Have a Great Opening day! Gunning for ya Gal!

    Sandie xxx

  27. I'm speechless! It looks amazing.You have worked soooo hard.You really deserve to do well.There is something there for everyone.I wish I lived nearer I'd be camped outside waiting for you to open!


  28. So much hard work! well done sweetie and all the very best of luck with your wonderful store!

  29. It looks wonderful. I wish I could be there! The blue storefront is very appealing. Best wishes to you!

  30. I am speechless Niki! Can I move into the shop and live there? I'd be very quiet and wouldn't get in the way! ;)I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and sending happy vibes your way. I already have my heart set on a few things...but I'll have to wait and see if they're still there on Saturday!

  31. Oh, wow! It's absolutely breathtaking! Do you know how much I wished I lived in England right now?! If I ever have the opportunity to go on a plane over to UK, I'm sure to come by and visit your wonderful shop. :) I wish you all luck in the world with it, you just fulfilled a dream of mine, owning such a beautiful shop like that!
    Im so happy for you!

  32. Oooh, it looks superb! There's a chance we might come your way on Saturday. The very best of luck Niki, you've worked very hard and your shop's beauty is a tribute to you.
    Hen x

  33. Simply stunning! You really know how to "wow" Niki. Best luck on opening day. Better get some will be whisk off your feet with the stampede. Lucyxx

  34. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Niki, the shop looks beautiful...absolutely stunning! Good Luck for your opening tomorrow. Looking forward to visiting you soon!
    Love and the best of wishes...
    Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

  35. Oh Niki!!! It's just gorgeous! Truly a girlish delight! I think you will exceed beyond your wildest dreams! How pretty it is! I wish I didn't live 'across the pond'!

  36. Niki, the shop looks gorgeous, wishing you lots of luck, wish I lived closer.

  37. oooh i loved getting a preview of the shop and can't wait to see the real thing soon.

    good luck and have fun.
    Ginny xx

  38. Niki, what a gorgeous gorgeous place to visit or to stay! I saw numerous goodies that caught my eye. Congratulations on the wonderful displays. It is ALL delicious to the senses.
    Thank you for sharing your treasures with us. Good wishes and prosperous celebrations,

  39. what a wonderful world you created there, May I move in please? Your items are terrific and your displays just delight- great success...

  40. You will be a huge success!! I love love looove your shop!! Good luck!!

  41. I am soo happy for you and wish you every success. And as I said before my grandfather came from that area of Somerset, so hopefully I'll fly the pond and get down there to visit Nostalgia.

    Happy Days !!!


  42. Your shop is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! Your hard work shows in the amazing displays. Looking at all the treasures you have to offer, I have no doubt that you will be very successful. Good luck on your Grand Opening :)

  43. Lovely, lovely shop - it all looks perfect. Those lucky people that live close enough to visit/shop. I'll be watching from across the pond wishing you every success!

  44. Oh, my, Niki - you have been busy! Your shop looks absolutely delightful and I wish you all the best for you first day. I must say that I am so jealous of Isabelle and the others who will be coming over to your shop!

  45. I just love your shop! Congrats on it! I wish you tons of customers! I am in love with the sweet little elephant on the books! AMAZING!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  46. Hi Niki!
    I have no words .... your store is an exciting vision for me!
    It was just like I really expected! Magnificent!!!! :-O
    But wait, I will come to see you, surely sooner or later ...indeed!
    A dear dear greetings, Maria.

  47. I am definitely on my way!

  48. It all looks wonderful. Wishing you every success in this new venture.

    A good reason to visit Shepton Mallet if ever there was.

    Enjoy yourself and remember to relax a bit now...yo've worked SO hard for this.

    Sue xx

  49. How wonderful it look, Niki! I am thinking of you now - I see from your website that you will be opening in 30 minutes! I love your approach and the way you have been so thoughtful about your prospective customers.

  50. Looks wonderful, Nikki. I hope to visit you soon. Good luck x

  51. Anonymous9:31 am


    Good Luck and Best Wishes to you Nikki!

    It looks just perfect
    Love Kristina XxX

  52. Guenievre10:26 am

    Bonjour Nik;
    I've just tell you the first word I think : fantastic shop ! Really, I love it.
    I'm sad, it's too far from where I live ... but if we come in England I'll tell to my husband "I want to go to Shepton" !
    Lovely brooches, plates, cups, oh yes and the lamp on the chest of drawers !
    Belle réussite, je souhaite que vous ayez beaucoup de clients !
    Bonne journée.

  53. Fantastic!!!
    Have a fantastic day and don't miss my First Anniversary Giveaway!

  54. Hooooooooooooooo my Good !!!!!!!!!!!
    Good Luck from Spain.

  55. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Good luck!
    You did a wonderful job. Your emporium looks absolutely beautiful.
    Ciao, Helena

  56. Niki
    I had a bad day yesterday and have been mulling over my troubles this morning, I then checked my email and decided to have a quick blog fix. Obviously I went straight to yours and what a delight it has really cheered me up! You have done a brilliant job and I think that Shepton is very lucky to have you. Have a great day today, Tracey

  57. Ooh Niki! It all looks so georgous. Congratulations on creating such a venture-I wish I could be there today. Mind you, I don't know about coming to buy...can I come and move in?

    Zoe x

  58. It's even better than I anticipated - can't wait to come shopping!

  59. It's even better than I anticipated - can't wait to come shopping!

  60. Niki,

    Wow the shop looks amazing, everything is so pretty and girly. I love how you have items for people on a budget, the pick & mix buttons is a great idea. I spotted the most adorable elephant in your photographs, wonderful glass bottles, pretty mirrors and wonderful lace dollies, so much wonderful things everywhere. Hope your grand opening today goes really really well, you deserve it after all your hard work.

    All things nice...

  61. I so love your shop and your blog!
    I will visit often, through the world wide web, and hopefully I will travel across the pond for a live and personal one.

  62. What an incredible amount of work you have is spectacular! How I wish I could visit! Your color selections are just perfect.

  63. Your shop is looking amazing. The pink fabric cushion with the kittens on branches on it...I have been looking for that fabric in blue for a long time. It is the smae fabric that my brothers' baby curtains were made out of back in the 60's. Does it have a name? it might make it easier for me to find. Many thanks. BTW I read ypour blog everyday, just never comment normally.

  64. Jackie M4:30 pm

    Absolutely stunning Niki, congratulations on such a divine shop. Sending you warmest wishes and luck for your new venture, you deserve to do brilliantly and I'm sure you will. Love Jackie M xx

  65. Lovely, absolutely lovely! Much luck and best wishes for your grand opening. You are already a success!!! Sea Witch

  66. Just found you via a blog on my sidebar...
    I just had a baby girl much are the 3 pink lampshades and the french dolls?

  67. Niki,
    The shop is absolutely stunning! Really, just the kind of shop that I always hope I will find. Someday,when I return to England, Shepton will be on my list to visit.

  68. Oh Niki, Everything looks beautiful!! Wish I lived near and could stop by.

  69. The shop looks wonderful! Really inviting, I wish I lived nearer! I will have to settle for the lovely photo's.

  70. Wow you have worked so hard and it looks fab. I wish you lots of luck with the shop and hope you introduce more people to vintage and earn a good living from your lovelt little shop.

  71. Niki ~ it looks absolutely wonderful and I cannot imagine anything but a resounding success for you. Very tastefully and temptingly styled ~ what can I say except 'just beautiful' sigh....
    I am visiting the Shepton Mallet antiques fair at the showground on Saturday so I hope to be able to sneak into your little haven too...
    Good luck with everything, but you won't need it!
    Ali x

  72. Your shop displays are absolutely stunning. I don't think I have ever seen a shop as beautiful.
    Good luck tomorrow, I'm sure you will be swamped with customers.
    Carol xx

  73. I think I must know absolutely every item in your shop, I have been looking at the photos for ages! It all looks absolutely stunning and what a lot of stock you have - where did you store it all before you had the shop? I am sure you will do very well and all your hard work will pay off. Love the counter too.
    Ruth x

  74. Congrats Niki, it looks very inviting, and I just wish I lived on your side of the world to visit...If I ever visit relatives there again, I will be definitely calling in!
    The best of luck, and Im sure you will be kept busy! Thankyou for showing your step by step to opening, it was wonderful.

  75. What a wonderful shop, you have created a brilliant oasis of nostalgia, just wished I lived closer. Good luck with the opening. Debbie

  76. Wow your shop is so lovely that must have been a lot of hard work! But well worth it and so much love and support from everyone! Good luck

  77. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Completely lovely shop, wish I wasn't on the other side of the 'pond.'


  78. Claudette9:39 pm

    Oh my giddy aunt!!!! I must get in my tardis and make the journey. Best of luck Niki, you truly deserve it!

  79. It all looks utterly chrming Niki! I wish you the very best of luck & hope to pop in one day.


  80. Hi Niki

    I think every comment possible has already been said by everyone else, but needless to say I wish you the most amazing 2010. Can't wait to inspect those eiderdowns tomorrow!

    Sue xx

  81. oh, how i wish you weren't an ocean's crossing away...i would love to come over and poke around in your shop Niki...everything looks SO gorgeous...congratulations on your opening...and i wish you much success and happiness in this venture!!!

  82. Your shop looks absolutely beautiful!! I would love to be able to stop in!! Continued success to you!!

  83. Hi Niki....

    I have been stalking your blog forever now.......I can't get enough....Everything is always to cozy and yummy.......but now the shop!....Oh my goodness. Total deliciousness! I simply adore every single thing. I expanded the pix so I could look at every thing up close. That pansy hat took my breath away. How beautiful! I'm crazy about it.

    I just know you're things are selling like hotcakes. Each thing a wonderful find.

    Warm blessings,

  84. Anonymous10:15 am

    FanFrigginTastic Niki!!! Loads of joy to you in yuour fab new shop full of the sweetest delights :-)
    Love Debra (AllThingsPretty) In Oz xx

  85. Thank you so much for chronicaling your journey for us! I have loved to watch your progress, and must say a huge congrats on a job well done!! The shop looks gorgeous, and i can't wait to come to Bath again to see your shop!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  86. So many pretties to see! Oohh...just wish I lived a bit closer! Here's to you following your dream and opening your shop - it is so lovely and cozy looking!

  87. I want to come to your shop, but alas, I live several thousands of miles away in another country so it won't be happening soon. It is absolutely beautiful. Just the kind of shop I would love to go to. Good luck in your endeavor. I am sure it will be a great success.

  88. So many beautiful treasures.
    I do love the clock with the roses and are those boudoir dolls I see on the iron bed.
    Best of luck in your new shoppe.

  89. Can I please. please live in your beautiful shop??? LOL

  90. Niki, you are living the dream that so many of us have. Thank you for allowing us to experience it with you. Your pictures and posts are so good, taking us right into the business with you! I love it!!! Good luck to you!--Cheryl

  91. Hi Niki!
    I love your shop!! I so wish I could shop there! It's so pretty and full of my favorite things!Congratulations!!!

  92. Hi Niki,

    I can't believe I missed your opening day, the shop looks absolutely stunning. I wish you all the luck in the world, although I'm sure you won't need it. Congratulations!
    Warmest wishes,
    Nicky xx

  93. good luck with your new venture, it looks superb and i cannot wait to visit it, we are in wiltshire and pass through shepton mallett occasionally and am more than happy that someone, at last has opened such a shop! XXX


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