Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow Was Not Going to Stop Play Again...

A Story of 'Where There's a Will, There's a Way!'
Yesterday evening Hubby went to Bath to pick up a van that we had hired to deliver the larger items of furniture to my shop this morning (which we had to postpone from the weekend.) As he pulled onto our drive at around 5pm, it began to snow - perfect timing!
It then continued to snow....and snow....and snow...and by late evening it looked like this...

We went to bed that night thinking that we'd have to try to get the van back to the van rentals in the morning, unused, as it was going to be impossible to make the trip to Shepton Mallet safely.

By morning though we were feeling different. The roads seemed fairly clear...the only problem we could envisage was driving onto the pedestrian area outside the shop to unload easily. This called for a second opinion, so I made a quick phone call to Belinda, who has her shop in the town. She suggested we risk it, seeing as we had paid for the van hire...but she did warn us that the Market Place was covered in a good layer of snow.
So with our minds made up, we grappled with a wardrobe, dresser, tables and a bed, until the van was loaded and we were ready for the off...

We took a steady drive over, behind other slow moving lorries and vans...
Passing by the wintry wonderland of the open countryside.

Until we finally made it to the outskirts of Shepton Mallet...

And passed under the impressive old viaduct...

To finally reach the entrance to the car park...Only to fail at the last hurdle...It really was a case of 'so near and yet so far'...
Great Ostry car park has a sharp incline to negotiate which the loaded van just couldn't quite manage to get up...So we parked the van elsewhere and walked to the shop to have a cup of tea and a think about how else we could do this...

When we got there we saw that there was still a lot of snow on the ground and that it would be very risky to drive on to the Market Place.

Just as we'd brewed-up, Belinda called in on us to see if we'd made it. When she heard of our difficulties, she suggested we borrow her trolley to wheel the furniture from the van to the shop, if we could manage to park a little closer...Brilliant!
Off we went back to the van. This time with some slow manoeuvring, we made it into the main part of the town, with just a little slip-sliding, and ended up parked on double yellow lines (in our defence, totally obscured by the snow, Officer ;-))
It was then fun and games as we unloaded each piece and either carried or wheeled it around the ancient stone cross, to the shop door.

Pretty exhausting, I can tell you, but at least we'd managed it.

I now have full admiration for house movers...lugging furniture around is incredibly hard work! (Especially in snow!)

Thankfully each piece fitted exactly where I'd planned - phew!

I then took the trolley back to Belinda at No.21 - Thanks again B, I am very grateful for everything today!
Actually, this is another example of the tremendous community spirit that exists in Shepton Mallet and I can't wait to be a part of it. Also, Belinda works hard promoting the regeneration of Shepton, which is to be admired...there is a real feeling that its 'Shepton's turn' for better things...

Hubby and I then made our way back home and feeling good about what we achieved, we decided to make another run with more bits and pieces. We loaded up the van again, this time with smaller items of furniture, and made the trip back again...
This little green painted table will be my sewing area in front of the window.

We also moved in mannequins and trunks, and boxes of vintage books. Then it was back home, in order to return the van to the depot in Bath. An eventful, tiring, but fulfilling day!
(There will be lots more car trips to come, with all my small items of stock and handmade goodies over the next few days...)

Whilst Hubby took the van back, I went to check on our hens, to make sure they had plenty of food in their hopper.

When I got there this cheeky chappie was checking too...of course he had to do a taste check too ;-))

He looks well fed, doesn't he?

The area under our raised decking is also popular with the wild birds...looks like a birdy motorway to me!

Hope the snow hasn't prevented you from achieving your goals today,
Niki x
PS: I'm sorry that I haven't had time to visit many blogs recently...the shop has been all-consuming for the last few months. I know some of you have been going through some sad times just recently, and so I'd just like to share this little ray of sunshine with you all:
My cousin and his wife have just become very proud first-time parents (at 51) of a gorgeously beautiful baby girl. Quite rightly, this little miracle is their whole wide world just now. Nx


  1. It is going to be great, good luck.
    A baby at 51 hope delicious, they are truely blessed S xxx

  2. How lovely, almost moved in and a beautiful new baby in the family too.... Congratulations to you all.
    I am looking forward to seeing the shop all prettied up and ready for your first customer.

  3. Wow you did do well, what a bit of determination can achieve!

    Congratulations to your cousin and his wife, what a wonderful way to begin 2010 with a precious child.

  4. Oh my, a baby at 51 - how BEAUTIFUL and such a blessing! I wish all hopeful mothers could see this!!!

    Your shop is beautiful, and I so wish I could just hop a plane when you have your grand opening! ;)

  5. Arn't babies absolutely gorgeous??? I love their perfectly tiny of all...Congratulations to the happy couple, Lucey xx

  6. OM gosh Niki that must have been so stressful trying to get the furniture to shepton and then getting it in the shop - well done it all looks fantastic ...

    the new baby is gorgeous !

    yes enough snow !

    ginny x

  7. Hi Niki

    So glad you made it. The snow's no fun any more, is it!! Oh for some sun and warmth.

    I hadn't realised the baby was quite so imminent. Delighted for all

    Sue xx

  8. Oh Niki!!!! Your little shop is HEAVENLY!!!! I know you must be just so excited ~ I so wish I lived nearby so I could visit you!!!! I've been following along as you've been getting it ready and just had to tell you how wonderful it is and how happy I am for you ~ hugs and love sweet girl and much success!!!!! Dawn

  9. Oh things are taking shape now, I bet its going to be so so pretty when u have it all stocked. Good work today, theres no stopping you now :) Congratulations to your cousins on their precious little girl such a good head of hair too :)

    All things nice...

  10. ps....the baby is an absolute ANGEL ~ how blessed they must feel!!!! xxoo

  11. What a gorgeous baby! And so happy you were able to get all your bits moved in.

    Lisa xo

  12. Your shop looks as thought it will be magnificent. I cannot wait to see it all together. How fun. I hope you will still have time to stop in and let us know how it goes.
    The little one is darling. How fun to have a little person in your life. Enjoy her.

  13. Hi Niki! I always follow the updates of your store, I'm sure it will be fantastic!!!!
    I would love to be there when you do the opening ... sob!
    Dear greeting, Maria.

  14. Anonymous7:27 am

    wish you were nearer so I could visit your shop, maybe one day .And an adorable new baby as well how lovely

  15. Wow...a baby at 51 what a blessing, how lovely, congratulations to the proud parents.

    Well done on your successful move in of all the larger items, I can only imagine the struggle in this snow.

    It's looking good though, can't wait to see the shop on opening day.

    Good luck.

    Sue xx

  16. Guenievre9:08 am

    Congratulations to your cousin and his wife, the baby is so cute.
    Je suis contente que vous ayez enfin réussi à meubler votre magasin.
    I like the photos, lanscapes are beautiful (but not easy to drive on the roads, I know ...)
    Good luck for your new activity!

  17. Anonymous9:20 am

    Hi Niki
    What a beautiful baby girl. Your shop is looking good already. I think I feel a holiday coming on in Shepton Mallet!
    The Vintage Gardener

  18. A little bit..ha,ha, of snow isn't going to beat you is it?! Well done getting all that furniture in with the help of your lovely friend.The new year is looking so exciting,with the sweet baby's arrival too.


  19. You are amazing Niki, it's your determination and drive that will make this new venture a success!

    Is that bed a full sized single? I am looking to replace Lizzy's child sized brass bed with a single and would prefer a vintage one if poss. Do let me know. It would be the perfect excuse to come and visit your shop!

  20. Oh my goodness, she's adorable! And so very, very special to have been delivered to her 'older' parents.
    We get a taste of the community spirit of SM from your post today, with the advice and loan of a trolly. So pleased you were able to go ahead with the furniture etc. It's getting more and more exciting with each post. xx

  21. The baby was well worth the wait, congratulations. The shop is looking so exciting can't wait to see it when you have 'beautified' it.
    Nicky x

  22. Hi Niki

    You really have lots of energy to write so much detail on your blog as well as setting up the shop!
    When I popped in today I was so excited to see you accessorising already.... and looking so inspiring!
    I had the news confirmed that there will be a ceramic artist taking on one of the shops in Town Street!

    Speak soon Bx

  23. It's really coming together now isn't it Niki? Well done on pressing on through the snow.

    what a sweet baby & a little miracle too.


  24. Hi Niki
    Wow, what an achievement to get all those large pieces of furniture delivered safely to the shop on such a day! I'm very impressed with your determination!
    And the baby - so gorgeous - truly a miracle :-) Wishing the happy parents much joy in the days ahead.
    I hope you are going to have a few hours off on the weekend??
    D x

  25. Oh, it is all so exciting. Your shop is going to be wonderful.
    Ruth x

  26. everything is still charming and wonderful here ... somehow I lost track of you ...I was digging in my archives and found comments from you. I was so excited ... someone mentioned they thot you had closed your blog ... but alas, you did not ...

    I hope you have a moment to pop over ..

    the baby is a dreamboat!!

  27. The snow was very pretty, but bad timing, I think? Congratulations on opening your shop. It has to be so exciting for you (and alot of hard work, I'm sure). The sweet baby girl is just beautiful and how exciting for your cousins at this time in their life.


  28. Well done Niki, that was quite an achievement to get all those large pieces in the shop on a day like that! Thank you for visiting my blog, might see you Sunday? Liz x

    PS sweet baby, nice to hear happy news!

  29. Oh Niki, it's all looking gorgeous so far! You and hubby did very well to 'move in' during such snowy weather!
    What a sweet little baby! Congratulations to your cousin and his wife!
    Rachel x

  30. Hello Niki

    Happy New Year!

    I have so enjoyed catching up with your progress. I'm glad that the snow did not stop you from achieving your goal.

    Your shop is going to look stunning. The furniture that is already there is a clear indication of that! I recognise the big white piece of furniture...

    I so look forward to you opening the shop.

    Congratulations to your cousin and his wife and at 51 too! They must feel very blessed indeed.

    Have a great weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x
    P.S Thank you for the mention & links in one of your recent posts!

  31. Well done Niki and hubby!
    I think (and hope0 that your shop will be such a busy one you will need to find more stock sooner than you thought LOL!

    Lucky cousins having such a sweet baby girl in this new year!

    Sandie xxx

  32. Happy Weekend to you!
    I've awarded you a Sunshine Blog award over at my place - for bringing a ray of sunshine to my days and lots of inspiration too :-)
    Denise x

  33. My goodness, all that beautiful snow. What a chore it must have been to move all that furniture in that slippery stuff. The shop looks like it is filling up nicely. Of course I can't wait to see it on opening day. xo, suzy


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