Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday, Monday...

Just a quick post as I wanted to move on from the sad slaughter of my hens by naughty foxy-loxy...But thank you for all the kind comments that you left and I am sorry to all of those who have also lost dear feathered friends in the past - thank you for sharing your stories...
Today was a quieter day in the shop...well, lots of people came in to chat, which was very nice, but most were holding tightly to their purse strings...never mind, it did mean I was able to get the shop tidied up after the busy Saturday and I also had time for a bit of sewing too.

Lola was glammed-up, after spending Saturday in her 1940's pinny...
I gave her an ostrich feather boa, corsage, glass bead necklace and a large flower brooch...What? Too much you think?!...Can you have too much glitz and glam? ;-))

Gorgeous Darling!

And on the sewing front...
I bought this lovely old panel of embroidered linen from Lizzie at the weekend.

I loved the soft muted colours of the wool yarns used to work the design.

The unusual shape allowed me to create a novel shoulder bag, with rounded bottom! Floral linen teamed with it for a hard-wearing eco-bag. I brought it home this evening so that I could add my 'trademark' coordinating costume brooch and a vintage button. It'll be back at the shop tomorrow though.
Belinda at No.21 has decided to change her shop's days to closed on Mondays, and open on Wednesdays...I may do the same if Mondays continue to be quiet...but I'll let you know for definite if I do, and will alter my website details accordingly.
And another quick thank you to Hen this time, for her very generous blog post about my shop after her recent visit!
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Oh dear I am sorry to read about your little hens, on a happier note 'Lola' looks fantastic!

  2. I used to have a little shop and I didnt open on Mondays in the quiet part of the year.I wish you the very best and hope that your shop is a huge success!I love that bag!
    Warm Wishes,

  3. Anonymous9:52 pm

    love that bag what a great idea it has got me thinking !lola looks great

  4. "la la, Monday, Monday"... oh no, you've got me singing!

    Glad to hear that you had a pause to regroup. Of course Monday is the big day off in France, with many shops closed, so it makes sense to me that this would work in England too.

  5. Lola looks gorgeous!

    Mel xxx

  6. Apologies in advance for a 'bossy' post! I agree with others that Monday would be a good closed day instead of Wednesday. From a buyer's point of view (though I am still planning my visit!)midweek is a more likely visit day than Monday when post weekend recovery/chores have to be done. Also a closed Monday would give you a two day 'weekend' with similar time to rest and recover. BUT what I really wanted to suggest (a propos Hen's post), is a 'man seat'. They have them in, and often outside, many sweet little independent shops in Sydney, Australia where my daughter lives (oo-er better weather but...) You could embellish yours with a newspaper! Just a thought...

  7. Although I am terrified of chickens I am sorry for your loss. I know how much you can love animals.

  8. When you start a shop it is going to be a trail and error type arrangement at first... You will soon learn what will work for you and a suggestion box for your customers would always be nice....

  9. Crazy about your tote redo. That is a lovely redo that you have created. Sea Witch

  10. What a FABULOUS tote you created, Niki! LOVE it!!! If your economy is anything like ours across the pond, our little village of shops is very quiet this time of year. In fact, many of the smaller mom & pop shops are only open Thurs/Fri/Sat & Sundays. Hubby's shop in the village is open 7 days still, but that is mostly to reorganize inventory (which we can't do with customers around!), do spring orders, meet with sales reps, etc.

  11. Guenievre7:49 am

    Bonjour, très joli "boa" !
    En France, beaucoup de magasins sont fermés le lundi, d'autres n'ouvrent que l'après-midi. C'est vrai que c'est un jour très calme pour le shopping.
    Bonne continuation !

  12. so impressed with what you have done with that fabric... brilliant! Lizzie xxx

  13. bonjour !!
    votre sac est ravissant, très romantique, j'adore aussi votre blog que je visite régulièrement moi aussi j'ai un blog voici mon adresse si vous voulez faire un petit tour,


  14. Anonymous11:25 am

    What a gorgeous bag. So sorry to hear about the hens. Glad things are going well for you at your shop. xx

  15. I was planning to say what beautiful flowers on the panel, then I saw what you'd done with it. The bag is absolutely amazing. Really gorgeous. I want the bag; but then I want the whole shop! xx

  16. Apologies to everyone who wants the latest bag - I got there first!!! I took Mum to meet Niki and her shop today (enthralled could be a good word to describe her). We came out with goodies and as usual I left my camera in my bag. Why do I never appreciate such photo opportunities until afterwards?!!!

    It wasn't until after I'd paid that Niki told me she'd bought the rounded bottom embroidery from Lizzie, so it's gone complete circle (although it's for me and won't be for sale in Dairy House!).

    Niki, the shop certainly looked as if there had been plenty of sales since my visit on Friday, and it was lovely to see people coming in and out during our elongated stay today!

    Sue xx

  17. What a fab bag...I love it the shape is wonderful...the shop looks fab...

  18. Hi Niki

    She looks fabulous with the pink boa! I love that colour flower next to it. It all works so well together with the pearl necklace.

    I hope that you are enjoying your well deserved day off today! ;-)

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x


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