Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Orange Crush

I've mentioned on previous posts my love for colour...
And also of when I've been out on a buying trip, the mood has sometime taken me and I've come home with coordinating finds that I have thrifted...
I'm still not sure why that happens and its always a surprise when it does.
Well recently I was even more surprised than normal, as my latest finds have all been orange! A colour that I am never normally drawn to at all...Perhaps it was the effect of the sunset last night?

I found a gorgeous 1930's chenille door curtain with dramatic tangerine swirls...

A panel of shiny chintz...

printed with zesty bronze roses...

and a striking cushion cover (also from the 30's) with tufted embroidered flowers...the colour of slightly under ripe tomatoes!


Whatever next?!!
Niki x


  1. Debbie Paper Roses9:56 pm

    Hello Niki, hope you are having a good week in the shop.
    The sunset in your picture is so amazing.... to think that is a natural colour.. just so beautiful.
    I love your fabric, i'm sure that it will soon be transformed.
    Love to see your valentine creations.

  2. Hi Niki

    Funnily enough, I have had a penchant for orange too lately, especially combined with pink! I really like the piece of chintz fabric, so pretty!

    I hope that your week has been going well so far.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  3. I love the cushion cover, so unusual. Best Wishes with the shop, I just wish I lived nearer.

  4. Hi
    its lovely to see some orange, im with Suzies vintage attic, I love orange and pink!

  5. Oh my! When I saw the title to this post I thought it said "Orange Squash"! That was hubby's favorite beverage over in England! ;) What fabulous finds you have there - I love the embroidery on the cushion!

  6. Hi Niki, orange has never been a colour I am very fond of but you make it look and sound wonderful Perhaps you are trying to warm your self up with the climate? I know it is regarded as a spiritual colour. I love yellow these days so closely related! xx

  7. Hi Niki
    Love the 30's cushion covers and the tones of orange.
    I recently bought some amazing 1950's candle holders in the shape of a water lily .....i was also drawn to orange (I will post them soon)
    Your book is inspirational I'm so pleased I bought it!

  8. Orange is not a colour I would choose,but your post is lovely and warming on a cold grey day.


  9. That door curtain is wonderful! Since you pointed it out, I've noticed that my shopping trips seem to take on colour themes too - what is going on? I had a lot of orange in the house a few autumns ago. I really enjoyed the 'feel' it gave the house during that season.

  10. Guenievre9:46 am

    "orange" is not an "easy colour". But, j'aime quelques touches d'orange dans la décoration. J'aime même achté un pull-over orange l'année dernière, lol.
    I like the fabric with orange roses.

  11. Hi Niki
    I love orange I have a couple of lovely check wool blankets on my sofa and an old orange painted meat safe that the t.v. sits on.
    I have days like that, I think that the brain tunes into a colour and thats it! Sometimes it happens with things aswell, you may tune into books or garden stuff etc....
    I hope the shop is going well, I am planning to visit with a friend that is new to Vintage & blogging, in February.

  12. Gorgeous finds, orange is in fact one of my favourite colours along with green. I am an Autumn person so I guess thats why being such Autumnal colours.
    Nicky x

  13. Hi Niki

    You know my views on orange, but I've been 'drawn' to it just recently. Quite bizarre, isn't it. I'm sure normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!!

    Sue x


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