Saturday, February 06, 2010

I Name This Shop...

Today was the day for my shop to finally get its name. The new sign above the door really makes it feel like mine has an identity and gives passers-by a better idea of what they can expect inside...

The sunnier weather certainly brought people out today...I can't wait for it to be a bit warmer though, so that I can open up both of the French doors and arrange furniture and other bits and bobs outside.

In between customers I whipped-up a couple more cushions, as they are fast becoming one of my best sellers...
I have another crinoline lady cushion half completed too, which will be a project for next week.
I am wondering if I should be closed an extra day to give me more of a chance to buy vintage stock and to sew/design new items. I like to be very selective about what goes into the shop, which does of course take time - Its very difficult running the business single handed...perhaps Wednesdays would be a good day, as the end of the week is proving to be the time to be open. This is a very steep learning curve for me and its all trial and error at the moment! Decisions...decisions!
Another snippet of news is that I was photographed in the shop today for the Shepton Mallet Journal, which should be in next weeks edition all about the regeneration of the town. Hopefully that will mean more locals will come and find me...and perhaps treat themselves to something nostalgic!
Hope you're enjoying your weekend,
Niki x


  1. How lovely, Niki. I adore your shop and come and visit you every day. Love all the items you have and if i lived in your country, I would have come several times (hope my english conditional is ok!). I like your blog too, you always bring me in a magic world. Have a nice weekend, Clara.

  2. How lovely! I wish I were closer, MUCH closer, to shop there. Looks divine.


  3. The sign looks great and I can see the sense in having another day for buying and sorting stock. After a few months you'll have a better idea of the quiet days, I'm sure, although you're probably right that the end of the week will always be busiest. I look forward to your next installment!

  4. The sign looks lovely, sure to draw people in.

    Couldn't you get your girls involved in manning the shop - thereby leaving you to source new stock. The times I've stumbled across a lovely shop only to find it shut - so frustrating and of course if your a visiting tourist, you don't get the chance to go back another day.

  5. Niki,

    The shop looks so well now :) A real eye catcher :) I can just imagine how pretty it will look in the summer with hanging baskets on the brackets outside and the hustle and bustle of the town. Those cushions are truly beautiful :)

    All things nice...

  6. How wonderful, love the name and wish I were not "Across the Pond" as they say so I could come shop!
    I am dreaming of a trip to my land of birth, so if I get there one day and you are in business then, I will be dropping in!

  7. I looks fabulous. We used to have a menswear shop then a pine furniture and teddy bear shop, an extra day to do what you have to can only be for the good. You'll soon work out whats what.

  8. personally, I would prefer a shop like yours to be open on sunday (the one by me is open from 12 to 3pm). Also, on sunday it's probably not a good day to get stock.

  9. Love the cushions
    How about longer closing hours in the wintertime, and longer opening hours in the summertime?
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  10. It looks fantastic Niki, what a milestone getting the sign-writing done. The shop has such a beautiful frontage, I am sure the passing trade will be unable to resist going in for a browse, again and again and again, especially when the article is published! I am sure you will find the balance between womanning the shop and buying stock, perhaps get your regular dealers to save stuff up for you, and collect it all weekly or fortnightly. Keep up the good work, Lois xxx

  11. Your shop is looking fantastic and I just love the idea of you making arrangements in the front in the summertime. I look forward to seeing the pictures when your weather warms up. I hope your lovely shop continued to go well.

  12. Your sign is absolutely beautiful, Niki! I, too, look forward to warmer weather so we can have a peek at how your shops looks decorated on the outside! ;)

  13. everything looks so pretty
    you can tell just from the pics that your heart and spirit are in your work
    thanks for sharing
    you are busy busy
    yet come across as very content

  14. Your shop looks gorgeous.
    Twiggy x

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  16. I love the way you say...I just whipped up a couple of cushions! they would take me months...if I could actually make something so lovely!
    The shop looks so inviting now...anyone walking past could not resist having a peep inside!

    Bellaboo :)

  17. Lovely! The sign is so inviting!

  18. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Hi Niki, The shop looks absolutely wonderful. I must say that I have been following your blog everyday since I stumbled across it last year. It is truly amazing. I bought your book for xmas and just love it too!!! We live in Australia and are planning a trip to the UK next September, and are planning on staying at Shepton Mallet. Somerset looks gorgeous. My mum lived in Reddish, Stockport, so we will be heading up there too. Thanks for such a wonderful, amazing blog and insight into your world. I hope the shop is a huge success, we will be visiting and sending alot of things back home I am sure!!! Tamara

  19. Love the name, love the color, love the doors, love the goods! I pray for success and a long and happy relationship with the shop and the community!

  20. Beautiful storefront!
    Love your name for it...I pop in from time to time to see how your progressing in your transformation from home to now your wonderful new store!
    Congratulations and VERY best wishes for success!

  21. Dear Niki!

    I havn't been to you blog for quite a while (due to a lack on time) so I am even more pleased to learn about great news of your shop & its name! Congratulations! What I pity that I don't live close by! I would come around immediately!

    Have a great Sunday!
    Best wishes, Anita

    P.S.: There is a drawing for a free give-away on my blog. You are more than welcome to pass by and add your name on the drawing list if you like!

  22. Hi Niki

    So pleased the signwriting is now done. It looks fabulous.

    Gillie had a lovely time when she came to see you the other day. Hope to get over again myself soon.

    Sue x

  23. It's all looking lovely, and the sign is just the finishing touch.

    I had the same problem as you in needing more time to source stock, so I got round it by letting a friend have a couple of shelves in my shop to sell her wares and in return she looked after the shop for half a day a week and in emergencies.

    It gave her time to replenish her shelves and me time to go out buying stock. As long as things are clearly labelled this works great.

    Sue xx

  24. The shop is looking great. The sign is lovely. I'm sure the newspaper article will bring lots more curious customers. xx

  25. Hi Niki
    The sign looks splendid - so spart and so YOU !!
    Great news about the SM Journal - every little bit of free advertising helps.
    Delighted to hear your cushions are doing well, though I'm not suprised the garden one was so gorgeous.
    As for an extra day to shut the shop: as we were discussing the other day I think this is a wise move. You have such a great eye for delightful items that you need time to be able to find them, especially as you haven't got computer access at the shop. I wonder if it might be best to close on Tuesdays? Then you've got a run of open days and a run of closed days. The only other thing I was wondering about this is that some people may be out and about on a Weds (Wells market, for example) and might tie in with a visit to your shop. I know I'm more of a Weds shopper than Tuesday (start of the week = homekeeping jobs!) - does that make sense? Just a thought, in case it helps.
    Have a lovely Sunday today and I look forward to more news from Number 1.
    Happy days,
    Denise x

  26. Of course, what I meant was the sign looks SMART not SPART !!!
    D x

  27. Looks lovely Niki - bet you feel all "official" now.
    There are bound to be a few changes until you get settled, but you probably do need some shopping time as you are doing it all yourself.


  28. Hi Niki

    The shop looks fantastic, love the cushions you are doing, its perhaps just as well I don't live near there as I think I would be visiting at every opportunity. Well done x

  29. Guenievre2:40 pm

    Super !
    J'aime beaucoup la couleur de la peinture de votre magasin, ainsi que le style de l'écriture choisie.
    Voir le nom de votre boutique finalise votre nouvelle activité.
    Bon dimanche !

  30. I am so excited about your shop and the fact that my husband and I will be coming the Sat before Easter. (Please be open :-). Can't wait.

  31. Hi Niki

    Lovely to see you both this afternoon. Best you don't open on a Sunday - far too many places to shop and restock!!!! Maybe the 4 days in a row is going to be the best option. I'm sure whatever days you choose you'll find the answer!

    Promise I won't overdo it - now there are 2 of you on my case!!! ;)))


  32. Absolutely beautiful! Very enchanting; I really like it!

  33. YAY! It looks great!! I long to return to England someday for another wonderful visit. Last time we visit Bath on a tour. It was a fabulous place. I know that you aren't too far from there. If I ever get back over the ocean again, I will look you up. I'd love to actually come into your shop. Good luck and Congrats on the sign!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  34. The sign looks great,,and so do the new pillows,,,like everyone else I sure wish I lived on your side of the pond,,your store looks lovely and I am sure you will do great..

  35. Your sign is the crowning glory, everything seems so complete now, I love its simplicity, yet it has such 'standout' I'm sure it will attract many new customers. Congratulations on the success of the shop its wonderful.

  36. Hi, The sign looks fabulous and i have been watching your progress on the blog and wondered how you were going to keep it stocked on your own!!! I have been there and its so difficult.

    I have a friend in Dorset who has an antique shop and she opens it thurs,fri,sat, and by appointment..this gives her a chance to get to auctions and fairs. or maybe you have a friend who could have a little bit of your space to sell her stuff in exchange for a days work??..once you get into paying staff its so difficult with regulations and book-keeping etc..good luck with it all and wish you every success.

  37. Your new sign looks great! It's no good, I can't take it anymore...sitting at my computer, looking at all the gorgeous photos of the wonderful things you have in your shop. I want to be there having a jolly good look round...I'm going to have to come and pay 'Nostalgia' a visit one of these days! Katie x

  38. Hi Niki
    I always think that it is disappointing to be out on a Sunday and to find a lovely interesting shop that is closed, like another comment that has been made, perhaps you can look towards having someone in on Weds/Suns?!
    I am not suprised that your cushions are flying of the shelves, they are beautiful works of art!
    I had some interesting news at the weekend, my friend Jane may let me have her gallery in Aug/Sept for a pop-up vintage shop, between exhibitions, I'm so excited!
    Keep the pictures coming!
    p.s. Im now going back to the ironing, I managed to find some textiles and a suitcase of lace & linen at the weekend!

  39. I always pop over for a good drool.....I love everything.... :-) Your pillows are fabulous. I'm so happy to hear you're doing well. AWESOME!

    Warm blessings,

  40. Very nice sign...the front of your shop looks great!
    :o) Sue

  41. I just found your blog. Very cute and I will watch the growth of your shop with interest. I (think) I would love to have one some day.kath

  42. Hi Niki - your shop looks totally delightful. Oh how I wish I could visit and wander around in it for a while - think I could lose myself for some time. Blue is my favourite colour and your French doors and shop front are just perfect.
    I wish you lots and lots of success with it all and will be watching lovingly from Australia.
    Best wishes always Catherine!


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