Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All Hands on Deck

There's been a huge amount of activity on the Market Place today, with carpenters, painters, joiners and other creative types all doing their bit to change the facades of the four main shops to be used in the BBC TV programme.
Ornamental pillars have been added to the pretty two storey shop, with an ornate balcony piece above on the upper window.

Pickwicks has had grilles added to its frontage, with some of the large glazed windows filled in with panelling.

I believe that the 4 shops will become either a butchers, bakers, ironmongers or a grocers, but I'm not sure which is which yet, except for the old bakers just up the hill, which will remain as such.

The other shop on the Market Place had a huge picture window until this afternoon...
It has slowly been covered in ply panels to give it a more olde worlde look. They've also been working on the flat above this shop (accessed through that green hallway below), adding a fabulous William Morris wallpaper to one of the rooms...not that I'm nosey or anything! ;-))
I'm not back at the shop now until Thursday, so it will be interesting to see how much further on the transformations will be. I think the aim is for filming to start next week.

I also wanted to include a photo of the Market Cross, which was looking particularly magnificent in the June sunshine today.

The gorgeous weather has also brought many Glastonbury Festival goers to the town, eager to start their holiday early. Fingers crossed that the sunshine continues and they can all enjoy the celebrations to mark the 40th year of the festival.

I leave you with some photos of some of the items that I added to the shelves today.


Love Niki x


  1. It's fascinating seeing how they change the buildings for filming, I can't wait to see how they look when they are finished.

  2. How exciting to be part of it, your shop interior is lovely.

  3. The urns are so beautiful!

  4. How exciting, the town is certainly being transformed! I would certainly be just as nosy!!!!! Have a good week, Liz xxx

  5. Niki,
    One day I will get to your shop...it all looks so fabulous. Couldn't help but notice the cushion on the lloyd loom chair...the fabric with the panda is very similar to the one I did a post for.... They were little egg cosies and the boy was feeding the panda, possibly at the zoo?
    Julie x

  6. Hi Niki
    I love the bookcase !

  7. What fun to see it all coming together!


  8. what a flurry of activity it all looks very exciting.


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