Thursday, June 24, 2010

News Flash!

(copyright BBC)
It has been confirmed to me today by Wall to Wall (a Shed Media Group Company) who are making the new series for BBC TV in Shepton Mallet this summer, that there is to be a special market on Sunday 4th July, organised by them. It will take place on the old Market Place and be a part of the first programme set in the 1870's. It is my understanding that there will be traditional Victorian style stalls set up as part of the set, but mixed with modern stalls where customers can shop. (Preliminary plans are for it to run from 9am until around 2pm - to be confirmed) The Victorian stalls will be used in the programme, with the modern ones used to create background and atmosphere and a proper shopping environment.
I have been asked to have a stall at this special market and have been told that I can have a pitch outside my shop. My eldest daughter has agreed to come home from Aberystwyth to open and run my shop so that it can be open as a one-off for a Sunday, whilst I man my stall outside...I hope to find the time to make a few new items for my stall before then as well as finding some pretty authentic vintage pieces.
I think other stalls will include antiques, crafts and special foods such as cupcakes. If you happen to be in the area on July 4th, I hope you'll stop by and say hello! - You never know, you might just end up on TV! ;-))
There has been more progress made today with the alterations to the shop fronts (as mentioned in my post below), so I shall try to show some more photos of them soon. Its been a tough day for me to get through today, as I've been struck with the fluey/virus that's going around, but tomorrow's another day...
My grateful thanks go to Sarah (one of my sweet regular visitors) for this pretty bouquet of roses that she picked from her garden for me (and the shop!) today - thank you Sarah! ;-))
And finally Id just like to add this photo sent to me by Jan who came to visit my shop with her sister a few weeks ago all the way from the USA! That's Billie, Jan and me outside Nostalgia at No.1 - taken by their friend Ros. Ros had been a great guide to them by the sounds of things, all around France (I do so love it there too!) and the UK...(including taking them to the lovely shop in Dinan that I wrote a long post about last year)...only to find it closed until July! - Such a shame! Anyway, hope you have better luck on your next trip ladies, as I know you'll be back there one day...And at least I had the great pleasure of meeting you all!
Niki x


  1. OMG! Niki that is fantastic, you must be over the moon with this news! I can hardly wait to see the follow-up photos and I do wish I could make the trip to see all the excitement but it is not in my budget this year. I will be with you in spirit and hope this will be great advertisement for your store and your crafts! Best wishes...
    Tina xo

  2. The flowers are a nice thought--especially because a sweet Sarah gave them to you. I have a Sarah of my own and she's a sweetheart, too!
    Best wishes for the 4th of July--what a fun day that would be. Hope you're feeling better soon. ♥♫

  3. sorry to hear you have been feeling unwell Niki, I hope you are soon feeling better. I have offered to help in the Dairy House on the 4th, but might be able to visit the market en route? I was near Dinan at the weekend & was tempted to visit that shop.... would have been very sad to find it shut!!! Lizzie x

  4. This sounds a wonderful day, wish I could be there! The BBC seem to be doing a great job for Shepton Mallet, and can only be a positive thing for all of you shop owners in the town. I hope that you have a lovely day ~ take some piccies of the market stalls as I would love to see them!
    Hope that you are feeling better today.
    Ali x


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