Friday, June 04, 2010

Billy Bear Comes to Town!

All this week there has been a witch hiding in one of my shop's windows...Can you spot her? ;-))

And why was there a witch in my window?
Well I shall tell you... :)
She was hiding there as part of a fun competition organised by the town council for the children during half term week. The idea was to walk around the town and find the 10 witches lurking inside the shop windows. A competition form had to be filled in and when complete, handed into the Tourist Information Centre for a winner to be drawn today.
And the significance of the witch? Well the winner would win family tickets to Wookey Hole Caves where visitors can learn of the witch who once lived inside the caves, but who was turned to stone by Father Bernard!

The winner was announced this afternoon by Billy Bear...

Who caused quite a stir on the Market Place!

Poor Billy Bear must have been so hot today as temperatures soared this afternoon!

Thankfully my canopy kept my shop reasonably cool inside for most of the day. It also served its other purpose too and I sold several items from outside.

This flower seller was a new stall on the market this week - With small bouquets for just £1 each, I was able to treat the shop to some pastel pink roses and spray carnations.

I'd also just like to mention this wonderful stall selling homemade cupcakes, run by two lovely ladies who are friends. They call their business Cupcake Garden, as unlike many of the cupcake sellers around at the moment, they have an added selling point...

Each cake comes in a plastic dome with a seeded shape stuck to the lid. After the cake has been enjoyed, the wild flower seeded paper shape can be planted with a few millimetres of soil inside its own little green house.

More details can be found on the girl's website.

Of course I had to sample the offerings, didn't I?! ;-))
Have a wonderful weekend,
Niki x


  1. Hope you had a lovely day, it all looks great & I could have done with a cup cake or 2 today with all my hard work in the garden! Enjoy the weekend Niki. Liz xx

  2. Your shop is looking so lovely. Hmm, I have a set of those Better Homes and Gardens Cookboods from my Mom. I love the idea of eating the cupcake and then planting the seeds.

  3. Mmmm those cupcakes look beautiful! As does your shop!! Is that a friday morning market? May have to come and visit your shop one day! Tamzin X

  4. Yum, Yum what a fantastic idea too. Your shop looks so inviting and I am glad you make some sales too.
    Nicky x

  5. What a super idea for the children ...and i hope some of the mums came to visit you!.
    The cupcake idea is wicked..I will certainly take a closer look.
    Have a good weekend. x

  6. All gorgeous as ever, dear Niki. LOVE your canopy. Suzy xx

  7. Hi Niki! nice to be there and enjoy the sun, those delicious cakes and visit your wonderful store! How lucky, you soon .... ;o)) Maria.
    (with translator)

  8. Wow, your shop is looking really great, and I love the addition of the little canopy for summer- all of the 'individual' feel and charm of the places I love to visit when in France.

  9. Your shop is looking really fab and I love the little tour around the market. The cupcakes are a great idea. You live in a wonderful part of the country.

  10. You have a beautiful shop, what a lovely idea for the competition. The cup cakes look really yummy, I am sure they tasted as good as they looked.

  11. The cupcake idea is great and I'm not surprised you had a taster, I would have done to.

  12. What a great idea with the cupcakes...genius!Have a great week..the shop looks beautiful

  13. our shop looks so lovely in the sunshine and I love the idea of the cup cakes...hope you are H

  14. Wow! What a delightful blog! I was lead here from my Mother's blog and am very pleased! I greatly enjoyed your post and your lovely pictures. :) I will definitely be back to see more!

  15. Hi Niki

    Well so much seems to have happened whilst I was away. I hope that you are feling much better. I sympathise, when self employed there is no sick pay or help..

    I have spotted lots of beautiful new stock! You have been busy..

    The bouquet of buttercups is so pretty! I love buttercups. How very sweet of your daughter to do that.

    Your Violets are Blue post is filled with so many beautiful treasures, I did very much enjoy the tour of your smallest room ;-)

    The market looks so much better now. Much nicer stalls and more variety it seems. I look forward to looking around it soon.

    Take care
    Isabelle x
    P.S: Almost forgot to say how much I like the canopy which you have added at the front of the shop, it looks really good!


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