Monday, June 28, 2010

Its Been a Good Year for the Roses...

I had two special visitors to my shop on Saturday - Maria and Sergio, who I have mentioned on my blog before, have once again travelled from Italy on their search for all things vintage and rosey! (They were last in England in April, when they were able to visit the Dairy House Textile Day.) As you can perhaps see from the photo below, the shelves of my dresser were somewhat depleted after Maria had finished shopping! ;-))

Although neither of us speak each others language, we manage to get by with our mutual love of old fashioned roses. And a special gift thrown in makes for a very happy meeting! ;-))

Thank you Maria and Sergio - It was a pleasure to see you both again - and I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday. x

After the lovely couple left my shop, I had to quickly rearrange the shop's shelves so that things didn't appear too empty. I found more china to fill the spaces and soon the dresser looked full again...

It was a very warm day, which had brought lots of people out, so the shop had a lovely atmosphere all day...I love days like that when there is a real buzz in the air. My friend Debbie also called in to see me with a huge bouquet of roses, which I shall show you at the end of this post.



Just jumping around a bit now to Friday - I wanted to show a couple of photos of the market in full swing, which this week had to work around all the BBC activity, as the final touches were being put to the shop fronts.

I promise to only show one more post of the shop makeovers, as I do get the feeling I may be boring you!...
I'll show them when they are completed later in the week, before the filming starts in earnest...

This is the old Pickwicks, which has had a false wall built to the right hand side, complete with a paneled door.
The painting has been started too, so that one isn't far off completion.
Through the market cross you may be just able to see the old bakery on the right, where an old bread oven has been built inside.
Looking just to the right of my shop is the one that will become a Victorian grocers. Vacuum formed plastic brick panels have been added to the facade for a traditional look...

And lots of dark wood paneling for that authentic Victorian feel.

Just a little more to finish off.
The other little shop is the two storey one which has had ornate pillars put up outside...

Not too sure about the red, but suspect it may be an undercoat?

Anyway, as promised, here is the beautiful bouquet given to me by Debbie.
I brought it home on Saturday evening, as I wouldn't be at the shop again until Tuesday to enjoy them. This huge bloom smells of sweet peas...go on, take a sniff! ;-))

It has been a fabulous year for the roses this year, hasn't it?...I'm wondering if that 'proper' winter that we had actually did the garden good and put everything back on an even keel?



Have a fabulous week. I have a busy one preparing for the special market on Sunday. Lots of sewing to get on with, as well as a day at home today sorting out some new vintage stock that I have to take to the shop tomorrow....and I have a cupboard moving marathon to do today as well...which may take some time...
Enjoy the sunshine,
Niki x


  1. Darling Niki, the risk of you boring ANY of use must surely be NIL! Gorgeous flowers, shop, friends and post. Lovely to visit you as ever.

    Love, Suzy xx

  2. Please don't stop posting photographs of the shop makeovers, I really enjoy looking at them, beautiful rose pictures btw. xx

  3. Lovely bouquet Niki, can almost smell it!
    I really like the ?dress form in your garden, very sylish.
    Better let you get on with creating.
    By the way, the guy in the hi-vis jacket, is he playing with a puppet?

    Sandie xx

  4. Oh Niki your posts are never boring and I enjoy each photo. Your shop looks so beautiful and your roses are to die for, wish I could visit you like those ladies from Italy! Take care and have a wonderful week.
    Tina xo

  5. What a lovely idea with the wire manequin and the rose skirt, that is absolutely beautiful
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. those are beautiful Niki! I only have a few tea roses - because it's so very windy here - but that is beautiful!

  7. I am a very regular reader of your blog through RSS, and I'm not bored in the least by your updates concerning the status of your village neighbors! I am, however, confused by it - why is the BBC doing this? For what purpose? I recall you mentioned some filming, but I thought you also said they were inviting people to shop too? I'm in the US, so perhaps there's something I'm missing - I don't often see the BBC. ;)

  8. It all looks so exciting, Niki! I can just imagine the "electricity" there must be in the air there!!! A couple of years ago, there was a movie filmed near us in Chatham (Richard Dreyfuss and several other notables starred), and a similar thing was done to make a section of town look "old" once again.

    As always, your shop looks lovely and I wish I could click my heels ala Dorothy and be there in an instant! ;)

  9. Hi Niki,
    I love seeing photos of your shop! Mum and I will be making our way to Shepton Mallet this sunday to visit the market! Looking forward to seeing your lovely wares at the market.
    Tamzin X

  10. Beautiful photos - I love hearing about your visitors, and the shop-transformations are great fun. And what fantastic roses indeed!

  11. Thank you all for your comments.

    To Sandie, Yes, the guy in the hi-vis jacket is playing with a puppet, keeping the youngsters on the Market Place entertained!

    To Katrina,
    If you could click on the first link in last Thursdays post, all will be revealed regarding the format for the new BBC series.

    To Tamzin,
    Look forward to seeing you!

    Niki x

  12. Hey sweetie - just had a lovely catch up! All so very exciting in your part of the world. I so hope I get to visit before the year is over! You are looking positively pre-raphaelite with your flowing locks!

  13. I love the flowers. I told my Sister-in-law in Frome about your market on Sunday and her and some of her friends are coming along. Wish I was there.

  14. Your blog is always a treat to visit and your shop just looks divine, I must get to see it in the flesh somehow! Jane xx

  15. Anonymous11:39 pm

    I just love your shop! I hope I can visit you sometime to see all the loveliness in real life!
    The roses are gorgeous, They such a beautiful colour. And the wire mannequin! looks just like a crinoline dress with the roses growing through it - I want one!!


  16. I just seen your wire trellis on another blog so had to come over to read more about it .
    FABULOUS for sure


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