Thursday, June 03, 2010

Daisies are our silver, Buttercups our gold

This week has run away from me a little and I haven't really had a moment to catch my breath. The half term break seems to be almost over before its begun and my youngest has a long week filled with GCSE exams to look forward to as from Monday.

She did however take today off from revision and arranged to go to the Royal Bath and West Show held at the Premiere Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, with her boyfriend.

And guess who had to get them there this morning? Hmmmm...I had to leave extra early in order to get them both there for opening time, and to give myself time to turn around and head back to Shepton town centre to open my shop for 9.30am...

I just about made it as the traffic this morning was heavy to say the least...I'm sure the show benefits from sunny weather which means crowds flock there.

Once at the shop I had several jobs to do including adding some newly found vintage fashions and accessories to the shelves.

I also made a towelling beach bag from some fab c1950's shell printed fabric, and started on a second...


Then at 4pm it was time to give my daughter a quick call to say that I'd be ready to pick her up from the showground at 4.30pm...
I left the town at twenty past four and headed off...I drove past the huge queues of cars leaving the showground, going in the opposite direction to me, knowing that I'd have to join them after collecting my daughter and her boyfriend, when I'd turn around again to come home.

Managed to find her amongst the crowds and then we joined the queue...My usual 25 minute journey took us an hour and a half due to the volume of traffic! The joy is, that I shall have to endure this for two more days, as the show goes on until Saturday.

As we drove home though, moving a lot slower than we normally would have done, we were able to take note of the beautiful countryside around us. The fields filled with buttercups truly are magnificent at the moment.
Once home my daughter said she just wanted to nip down the road for a short walk, which was quite surprising seeing as she had been on her feet all day...but a few minutes later she returned from a local field, laden with an armful of natures gold. She handed the bouquet to me and thanked me for taking her out...
For one moment I was transported back to when she was a tiny-wee-thing and we'd hold a single buttercup flower under each other's chin to see that yellow glow to the skin, which would undeniably indicate that we did indeed, like butter...
Today my whole face lit up with the huge bouquet that she bestowed...The perfect end to a tiring day.
Niki x
1. Daisies are our silver,
Buttercups our gold:
This is all the treasure
We can have or hold.
2. Raindrops are our diamonds
And the morning dew;
While for shining sapphires
We've the speedwell blue.
3. These shall be our emeralds
Leaves so new and green;
Roses make the reddest
Rubies ever seen.


  1. Niki, my youngest daughter and I were doing the buttercup thing just the other day. Good luck to your daughter with her exams next week, my eldest has five to cope with next week too - not much of a half term for them is it! Good luck too with the journey to work, fingers crossed it gets easier.

  2. Delightful - memories of school assemblies came rushing back!

  3. Isn't it always the simplest things that bring the most pleasure. Well done to your daughter for the perfect gesture after your busy day.

  4. What a lovely bunch of buttercups - lucky you!! Worth the long drive home!!

  5. Hello Niki! What a lovely post and what a wonderful daughter you have. Your garden is so looks like it's been there forever and I LOVE that. I am 'chewing at the bit' to get started on a little flower garden here on the farm but until we build the screened porch and then the picket fence garden will have to wait. In the meantime I will enjoy looking at your garden. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful Friday...Maura:)

  6. I remember holding the buttercups under my sisters' chins and enjoying the yellow glow. However, the best part was tickling her with the petals and both of us giggling and then on to another yard adventure. Thanks for helping me to remember happy times.

  7. Oh the buttercups really are beautiful at the moment aren't they? This is my favourite time of year :-)
    I love those scarves you have for sale in the shop! And can't wait to see the towelling beach bag!
    Have a fab weekend,
    Denise x

  8. Dear Niki, Such a lovely post. I have enjoyed browsing through some of your previous posts tonight. I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to drop in but always get a huge hit of beauty here when I do. xx

  9. What a lovely post. It's little things that make it all worthwhile.

  10. Ah, delightful flowers! I like the poem, too.

  11. Hi Niki

    Lovely post! What a gorgeous unexpected golden surprise thank you gift.

    Sue xx

  12. This small gentle hymn means so much to me - how lovely to find it here on your beautiful blog.

    It was many, many years after singing it in assembly at Infants' School that I discovered it was written by Jan Struther, who also wrote another childhood favourite 'When a Knight Won His Spurs' and the wartime stories about Mrs Miniver.

    Her own life story was a fine one - and when it was time for me to try my hand at Etsy and Folksy, I chose this as my shop name, because it represents so simply and so completely what I think life is about.

    Sharon ♥


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