Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Back to Work

I was back to work and back on the production line yesterday after my short break...

Making fluffy powder-puffs!

They are made from soft velvet, marabou feathers and antique lace rosettes stitched by hand. Each one is finished with a special vintage treasure on the top.

Some I have placed on matching vintage china saucers to create pretty gift sets.


Whilst I worked, I watched the Wall to Wall production team taking away the television scenery from the shops out on the Market Place.

Its sad to see it all going, but hopefully it may have inspired some would-be business owners to take up the challenge of running a shop in Shepton Mallet! Fingers crossed.

When I was in Ashburton last week, I chatted to Ros. She told me of how after 'Odds & Suds' (the handmade soap shop) had been featured on Channel 4's Kirstie's Homemade Home, the shop was inundated with visitors. With luck, when the BBC documentary programmes go out later this year, (there will be 6 episodes) they will have a similar effect for Shepton Mallet.

Shepton has huge potential to be a beautiful and thriving town - it doesn't need the faux Victorian and Edwardian facades that have been stripped away, as it has a genuine historical past with evidence dating back to the Saxon and Norman periods. It just needs a little more backing and for people to start exploiting its fascinating heritage.
Thanks (again!) to Jill, for the beautiful posy of flowers in my shop this week!
Niki x
PS: If you happen to visit my shop tomorrow, please bare with me whilst I work on a furniture move to create a better display area in the middle of the sales floor. Hopefully it won't be too disruptive, but it may not be quite as tidy for part of the day as I would normally like! Thanks!


  1. I am hoping to visit you a the end of September - I hope you will be open, I am really looking forward to it.
    Julie xxxxx

  2. Hope to visit you soon, too...;)) Beautiful flowers.

  3. I was in Frome last week and was going to visit you, then I saw that you were also on your hols. never mind another time.

  4. Sigh... I WILL be visiting you one of these days, no doubt. But later rather than sooner. :O (Actually, if I pull out all of our old English holiday photos, it may just give me the push to make it across the pond "sooner"!)

  5. They're realy pretty Niki! I remember trying to find a puff a while back and it was so difficult. they'll be snapped up I'm sure.


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