Thursday, September 02, 2010

What I Done in Dunster!

Hubby and I are just back from a few days away.
After a busy day selling at the Shepton Mallet Flea Market on Sunday, we had to quickly take back the few unsold items to my shop, before we could be underway. Torrential rain fell, making delivery a little difficult, but we were soon setting out for Dunster, North Somerset, later that afternoon. It's not an area we have been to for many years, but I'm so glad that we took a chance, as we found so much to do and definitely hope to return in the future. On our arrival that evening, the sun came out and didn't really stop shining for the whole of our visit.

I remember recently reading on a blog somewhere, how some people don't like to read long summer holiday posts(?)...I write my blog, not only for my own enjoyment and as a record and reminder of some of the things I get up to, but it's also there for my family to read and enjoy. If you like to come along too, then that's fine by me! I'll try to keep this summery post brief, but will include lots of pictures...

Dunster is a beautifully picturesque medieval village with plenty of interesting historical buildings to visit.
We stayed in a hotel right on the main high street which turned out to be the ideal base, allowing us easy access to explore the National Park and surrounding countryside too.
There are shops, plenty of cafes and restaurants all within easy walking distance. It does get a little touristy during the holiday season, so with Monday being the Bank Holiday, hubby and I headed away from Dunster to some of the quieter spots.

A short drive into the countryside and we stumbled upon Selworthy...

The local church was advertising a flower show, so we decided to take a look.

Each of the beautiful arrangements represented a woman from the bible.

They were all so beautifully put together. This was my favourite - Rebecca.
Selworthy itself is owned by the National Trust and includes several thatched cottages built in the 1800's.


I could have taken photographs there all day...

But had to stop for tea! ;-))

Later on, we carried on to Porlock, another pretty village on the north Somerset coast...

It's where hubby spotted this small classic car museum.

A visit was a must, even if just for the short chat with the rather eccentric owner!

Whilst in Porlock, we also fitted in a walk to the coast to enjoy a few lungfuls of the sea air...

By Tuesday we decided that the crowds would be leaving Dunster, so we thought we'd pay a visit the castle.

It starts with the dahlia garden, which offers a real eyeful of colour at this late stage in the summer.

Some of the blooms are the size of dinner plates - real gaudy gorgeousness!

The walk continues through the very secluded gardens...

Until the arrival at the front entrance.

More a stately home than a castle; some of the rooms are open to the public.


Many with a sea view!

Although our mini-break was meant to be a rest, hubby and I are always keen to see as much of a place as possible...
Lynton and Lynmouth were next on our agenda!

Here, a visit is not complete without a ride on the cliff railway which links the two towns.

We loved the look of this old Inn and would have been quite happy to have stayed the night there...

But realised, after reading the notice outside, that we weren't quite old enough! ;-))

Our final day of the holiday involved a lot of walking...

The stunning landscape of Exmoor had been calling to us as we toured the area.

After parking the car and walking out on to the moors, the peace and quiet was almost overwhelming. Its not something that is easy to find these days, to truly be away from it all...the only sound was the buzzing of insects on the heather flowers.

So we stayed a while, rested, and looked up at the blue sky.

In contrast, the afternoon was far noisier, but no less magical for it...

The thunderous torrents of water that surge through Watersmeet were another memorable sight.

The sound echoes through the valley and entices visitors to take the somewhat strenuous walk down the winding paths and steep steps to the bottom...where more cream teas are waiting! ;-))
But you are expected to share! ;-))
We needed to be back home today, as youngest daughter had to return to school to start her A level courses.
I've promised myself the rest of this week off - If I have a spare moment, I shall check into my blog again if I can - If not, then have a lovely weekend, won't you?!
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki
    wow, what a great trip you've had :-) I love the area you visited, and you've shown photos of some of my favourites, such as Watersmeet. Dunster is such a nice little town, isn't it? We've often talked about staying there and maybe one day we will - I'd love to go for the Christmas Candlelight event.
    I hope you have a wonderful rest of your restful week!
    D x

  2. Thank you for sharing your photographs, they are lovely and brought back many happy memories, especially Selworthy. I have a photograph of the pebbles at Porlock but mine have rain drops on them and I feel quite proud of that picture! xx

  3. Oh Niki! Thanks for the posting of your few days away, it was lovely!
    My sister stayed just outside of Lynton/Lynmouth a couple of weeks ago in a pine lodge, with her daughter and 2 grandchildren. Despite the wet weather, they had a lovely time.
    I wish I could have a break by the seaside, in fact I wish I could live near the sea! Well, dream on hey?

    Sandie xx

  4. Wow,,,what beautiful pictures,,I was born on the wrong side of the pond..just love looking at all your pictures thank you for sharing them..

  5. H Niki, what wonderful places!! I will be sure to mark them on our map when planning our trip. Thanks for sharing :) Tamara

  6. Oh, that was just lovely! My dream is to someday live on your side of the 'pond'.so picturesque and homey. Keep up the holiday posts...I enjoy them immensely.

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Lori Lynn ♥

  7. I don't think any of your American readers will complain about long posts! We are so jealous of all the history you have that is relatively close by. I love all of your photos, I'd love to visit sometime. Thank so much for sharing!

  8. Heavens Niki! Who could object to such an exquisite tour. I love posts that let me travel vicariously to places I've only imagined. So far away here in Oregon, thanks to your kindness I've spent a lovely half hour in your beautiful country. Many thanks for every fabulous post.

  9. I think this is one of my favourite places in England: so, so beautiful - I spent many happy holidays there when a lot younger - I remember Porlock very well - my Mini burnt out her clutch on the very steep hill! Thank you for the lovely photos and giving me a little piece of nostalgia! Carol x

  10. Oh you should have said you were visiting Dunster. I live a fifteen minute car journey from there!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  11. Apart from your 'vintage eye' and beautiful creativity, the reason why I read your blog is to see those amazing places and how you live over there!!;))
    Thanks for sharing, all looks awesome (and I bet you didn't come home empty-handed, did you??? LOL).

  12. I love seeing other people's holiday pics. Yours have inspired me to visit the area. Exquisite photographs. Thanks for sharing them.


  13. Ooh it looks so lovely there! I'm currently trying to pursuade my parents, ha! I've been to Lynton and Lynmouth and up the rickety train when we stay in Ilfracombe, you've made me want a Great British holiday again! Hope you had a great time, Laura x

  14. I really enjoyed reading about your trip. I love Watersmeet. You can't see it from the road and it took my breathe away when we walked down the sloping path. I remember feeding a robin from my hand.

  15. You went to some really wonderful places on your trip. Love the dahlias and the sweet little robin.
    Thank you for sharing your photos.

  16. Your few days away sound very relaxing, even if your were on the go all the time. The photos are terrific. Just ignore anyone who doesn't like holiday posts. I so enjoy seeing the lovely places you visit. We will be travelling in Britain next year and your blog opens our eyes to places we have never heard of or considered visiting but are now on our must see list.

  17. Anonymous12:46 pm

    I much prefer long posts like the one you have done as it makes logging in worthwhile! Some lovely piccies to look at!

    We have been to Dunster many times and absolutely love it! It's a beautiful village. Looks like you had a great time xx

  18. Jane from Boston12:58 pm

    Hi Niki,

    I've been reading your blog for a while now...but I haven't commented. I live in Boston, MA, USA and am always amazed at your beautiful photos and talent. Just remember, there are readers like me that feel they have had a little British vacation every time they look at your blog. Don't worry about the length, you're incredible. Thank you, Jane

  19. I love your travel logs! (I really love the other parts of your blog, too.) I love the pictures of the antiques and buildings - you are a "Green" country... keeping your old buildings. And I love thinking that there is actually a place like the Heather blooming hills. Wide open spaces are so rare. Thanks for sharing it all. Terri

  20. Hi Nicki
    I am glad you had a lovely break, that part of Somerset is so beautiful, and Dunster is such a pretty village, lots of lovely walks and cream teas!
    I love the photos! have a lovely weekend.

  21. Can't believe that someone would go on blog and moan about long holiday posts Niki! I wish they would get a life. :-o

    I love long posts and lots of pics, if i see something like yours I make a note. Particularly in this post ... I would LOVE to visit this area, especially to see the classic cars.

    I only use mine as a journal now for my family and my friends. They often moan i don't post enough .. lol ... you see you can please some of the people some of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time. :o))

    Another lovely post Niki keep it up!

    best wishes always Ginny x

  22. thank-you for sharing your trip with us here in Christchurch NZ, we of the earthquake, we have a Dunster St. in fact a friend lives there and I can show here where the name comes from. Her 3 children call it Dumpster St. but of course they are teenagers.

  23. I must visit England again. The photos do it for me. Just divine.
    good photographer too!
    aloha Lilla

  24. We'll be at the next Shepton Mallet Antique fair in September, will you shop in town be open or will you have a stall at the fair?

  25. Such a lovely trip. Thank you for sharing. Have a great week.

  26. I've just had another, 'virtual holiday' on your blog post, is it the vintage cider I drank or are there 'faces' on some of the pebbles on the small close-up photo of the beach? O.K! time to sleep off the cider!
    Thanks again Niki!

    Sandie xx

  27. Such lovely sights! I lived in England for eight years. Lovely towns of Oxford and Banbury. I hope to return one day.Thanks for sharing such a wonderful trip! Terri

  28. I have been to Dunster. Stayed 2 nights. For someone from Australia it was a treat. Loved it. Thanks for the beautiful photos of your trip.


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