Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Bath Magazine

Our home and my new business are featured in The Bath Magazine this month.
The article can be seen on-line here.

My thanks to Nicky for all her help and hard work with this and to Josceline the editor for allowing the blatant plug of my shop and book!
Niki x
My grateful thanks to Belinda too!


  1. And rightly so! Blatant plug or no!

  2. ooh what fun! So exciting! Well done Niki and such good publicity for you / the shop / Shepton too. No more than you deserve, of course :-)
    Happy days to you,
    D x

  3. Hi Niki ..... wonderful!
    Your piece of paradise is a dream! Sincere congratulations!!
    A dear greeting, Maria. ;o))
    (With translator)

  4. How thrilling, Niki! What a beautiful article! And you're in the same issue as Stephanie Cole (we love her)! ;)

  5. That's a really nice article, well done Mum! You have one very proud daughter :) xxx

  6. Lovely artical - I read it on line.
    Sorry I didn't make to your shop on Tuesday - I am very miffed and annoyed about it.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. What a well-deserved write-up! Congratulations. Your shop is so lovely, inside and out, and you have such an exquisite sense of style.


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Niki xx