Thursday, September 23, 2010


This is the slim lady that I mentioned I had bought on a recent trip to Ashburton, Devon.

It was just the torso that was for sale, but she was a perfect shape for the vintage clothes that I have available in my shop, so I took a risk that I would eventually find a stand for her. Luckily I had the black pole and finial from another mannequin already, which would make the task a little easier...

But I shouldn't have feared, because it turned out to be quite straight forward in the end...After mentioning the need for a stand on my blog, Sue came to my rescue...She had a spare one! I was able to buy it from her at the weekend and after a small amount of tweaking by hubby, it fitted perfectly.

I decided to paint the stand black to match the finial and to give it a more authentic look.

I'm so pleased with her and have saved quite a few pennies putting her together myself (with a little help ;-)), compared to the prices for some of the old gals out there!

I moved her into the shop today and put her to work straight away!

Here she models a c1950's satin and lace cocktail dress.

Other areas of the shop include this lace laden display...
I sat the two boudoir babes in one of the side windows...
And I created an autumnal display inspired by walks in the countryside in the other window.
I have some very pretty rose printed plates in stock at the moment, so rather than crowding them all on the dresser, I decided to arrange some on the wall behind my counter.
The sprung-loaded wire plate hangers aren't the ideal design for vintage plates, as over time they can damage the edges, but I shall change the display regularly and look after them...and I'll hopefully sell some as well!
I've been adding to the bottle/brooch ensembles (bottom left) as they sell, and as I find more bottles and brooches to make them with!
(Talking of which!)

And I've also finished adding all the new stock to the shelves, that I found at the weekend.
Hope you enjoyed the quick tour.
Enjoy the rest of your week,
Niki x


  1. Your shop is so enchanting! I wish I could visit!

  2. I always wondered how you found time to make your lovely items and run the shop, but now I know - you have your machine in there with you!
    I love your shop, I just want to pick everything up and feel and look at the pieces. I love the fabric you have folded on the shelves. Do you do mail order?

  3. Lovely to see your shop 'for real' last weekend Niki. The 'Pandason' is safely tucked away for our daughter's 10th brithday. For us it really was worth the visit and indeed the highlight of the town! Everything is so pretty and beautifully displayed. Might have to pay another visit before Christmas I think.

  4. Such lovely vintage items!
    Love the china, brooches and of course the 1950's cocktail dress (the mannequin shows it off perfectly)
    Susan x

  5. Hi Niki!! how are you??? i read your blog all the time...just don't comment! sorry :)

    how is the shop coming? it all looks so great...wonderful finds in there!

  6. How funny that we have both posted about mannequins! Mine isn't old but she is a good substitute for now.

    The shop is looking very pretty.


  7. great find! my nephew told me about her a month or so ago...I never found the time to go and buy her. kicking myself now!!! Lucyxx

  8. Wow! What wonderful things. I love vintage and your shop has so many treasures! One day I shall have to visit your shop and Lizzie's shop too but I will need a bigger house first to house my purchases!

  9. Hello Sweetie,Everything looks wonderful...I have a mannequin and I love her so much...we call her Bessie... sorry I havent been in touch...I have been so busy I have neglected my blogging pals...(see latest posts) hope you are your fab shop...

  10. Thanks for the tour Niki, it all looks great. You have done a brilliant job on the mannequin. xx

  11. Thanks for the tour Niki, it all looks great. You have done a brilliant job on the mannequin. xx

  12. Hi Niki

    I'm so glad the stand worked out well - it looks great! I found the finial yesterday which went with the stand but see that you probably don't need it. Let me know if you do. I can use it if not.

    I also have a box of old bottles in my studio. Bought a load a while ago and whilst I've sold some at DH there are still plenty available!

    Off to DH today - gently does it!


  13. Playing catch-up here.
    Gosh, I didn't know that Franks' used to produce mannequins. The one I know is in the same place and if you are ever in London, it is well worth a visit. Fashion magazines from all around the world and the most amazing selection of fashion/'sewing' books I have ever seen. Historical stuff to, but not actually old books. God, it's a brilliant place!!
    The shop looks wonderful, as always!
    Z xx


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