Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Colour For a Wet Wednesday...

I've been a bit quiet on my blog for a few days; sorry about that! There's been so much to do recently - I've been feeling a bit worn out; family stuff, work stuff, as well as trying to get started on some Christmas crafting for the fairs coming up in October and November, and for my shop...I'm a bit reluctant to show what I've made so far, as it all seems a bit too soon to be thinking about the 'C' word, so I'll share some of my latest makes later next month...
Its a bit gloomy outside this morning, but is the perfect weather to keep me indoors to get on with housework and some more sewing.

But if your day needs some brightening up, I'll share with you a few of my recent photos which are full of cheerful colours...

Victoria Park, Bath, taken at the weekend.


Street dancers outside the Pump Rooms in Bath...

One of my weekend finds that now sits for sale on a shelf in my shop.

Some handmade bags fashioned from vintage hand embroidery.


I'm sold, thank you!

Pretty hanging baskets still full of summer colour outside my shop on the Market Place...

And outside the Library too. All supplied by Shepton in Bloom.

And a bit more colour on the Market Place...
After the BBC filming of the 1970's era for the history based documentary in Shepton Mallet, one of the shops opposite mine was left looking like this:

A bit depressing really and reminded me somewhat of a 'Private Shop'!
Thankfully after a lot of hard work by 'Wall to Wall' it now looks a lot better...

Hopefully this will mean that a new business will be moving in...
(There may be some other exciting news to report to you on that subject very soon ;-))
Hope you enjoy a colourful day,
Niki x
PS: I have finally got around to adding the photos from the BBC Homes & Antiques magazine article of our home, to my site - They can be found on my website under 'press'.


  1. Hi Niki
    Thank you for sharing your photos of the gorgeous floral display at the park :-) that is just what we need on such a wet and dull day. Though I don't mind that it's raining as I'm staying indoors with my paint brush and making-over a little chest of drawers. A bit of painting is very therapeutic, isn't it?
    I hope the things which have bothered you of late will soon be resolved and you can have a sunny, cheerful October :-)
    lots of love,
    Denise x

  2. I`m so glad that you made a new post... as I was starting to worry!LOL
    I`m glad that more or less, everything is okay!
    Can`t wait to see your Christmas crafts!
    The bags are wonderful... AS ALWAYS!
    Take care,


  3. Dear Niki,
    since years I follow your beautiful blog and all the adventures with your shop. Huge congratulations on EVERYTHING you have done! Eventually, I can realize a dream: coming across and see your shop in real! That will be on the weekend/ Saturday in two weeks time. Looking forward to being there. bisous, bayou

  4. Niki
    I wish that I was as talented a seamstress as you, well even half as talented,so I could stay in and make things as beautiful as you do, I think that I am going to have trouble tearing myself away from your stall when we coincide at the upcoming fairs...
    Tracey x

  5. Great photos! I loved all the color. Those bags are fabulous. I want one! :D So pretty and summery!

  6. My favorite memory of visiting Bath was all the beautiful flowers. They were everywhere!
    xo, suzy


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