Friday, February 25, 2011

Completed Projects.

I've been busy finishing some outstanding projects this week...
The collection of plastic dolls, most of which I bought last month, were in need of some clothes...
I used fragments of antique lace and small millinery flowers to give them some simple outfits.
This little doll was given to me by a lovely lady who visited my shop late last year...Thank you Jean! ;-)) I had planned on making her into a Christmas fairy (that's the doll, not Jean! :) ... but I ran out of time before the festive period.
She joined her friends on the shelf in my shop today.
The wooden cot that you may have noticed above, was like this when I found it last weekend...
The paper decals were a little too worn and faded...
So I replaced them with some Beatrix Potter character scraps instead.
Other additions in the shop this week...
Included this old treadle sewing machine, which arrived on Thursday...
I was going to mention it on my blog yesterday, but ran out of time in the evening...
It sold today! - Thank you!
So the shop is looking a little depleted...which gives me a good excuse to go shopping again! ;-))
I do have this little cupboard to go in tomorrow...
which I have just been waxing, after giving it several coats of white paint with a distressed effect finish. (Sorry, no finished photo at the moment)
And the small painted dresser that I mentioned on a previous post has become a keeper! I just couldn't resist! - I know I am weak! (Will show that once its in its new home and full of my bits and bobs.)
My latest sewing projects, mostly bags and cushions, can be seen on my other blog.
Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x
(Pair of black rose vases above are sold - thank you!)


  1. I feel inspired, Niki! I have a wonderful little china doll with two crochet outfits - 19th century I assume. But she doesn't come out very often. Now I realise that I could make her some outfits myself, I think she may become a more regular visitor to my shelves!

  2. The dolls look so pretty and I love the little cradle,
    Susan x

  3. The dolls look perfect now! I bet they sell out! Great luck to you~ Hugs from Diane in California

  4. Such cheerful little dolls, Niki! I thought of you last weekend when I went to our local antiques market... a lady there has a good-sized display of Victorian dolls and their clothes, as well as porcelain heads for pincushions... all I could think of was your own shop! ;)

  5. The dolls are precious. I think they will find new homes in no time!


  6. The dolls are lovely, they look very pretty.
    Julie xxxxx

  7. Oh My! Those dollies are just goegeous! You have been so busy!!

  8. Oh, how I'd love to come and poke around in your shop.....


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Niki xx