Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm looking to cram a lot into my week this week, on top of all the my mind is buzzing with to-do lists and 'don't-forgets'. The cold that is trying to grab hold of me today is just going to have to wait, as I haven't the time for it just now! :)

I thought I'd quickly share a simple blog post today, showing some of the corners of our home.

Not all are calm and tidy corners...

But this is real life. There are pieces that I have collected over the years and which I love to look at. Ideally I need a month off to get outstanding maintenance/housework done on the house and to have the garden looking presentable...but that's not going to happen.

Yesterday I spent all day out looking for goods to re-fill my shop. It was no mean task, I can tell you...the crowds at our local flea market were HUGE. Not like I was used to just a few years many people all chasing the same things...But where do all these people go after the event? They're obviously interested in old things; to make the early start at a muddy field to rootle through tat, but not so many are also shopping at their local antiques and vintage shops.

I would just like to say that, yes, flea markets can be fun, but jostling the crowds seems to be the norm. I bumped into several friends throughout the day and a couple of them told me they were on their way home empty handed, as the crowds were too much, and that they had witnessed some rude and weird behavior by some!

So if I may say, if you are looking for a calmer, friendlier shopping experience, then you would be made to feel very welcome in the vintage and artisan shops of Shepton Mallet. Browsers are welcome and there is no pressure to buy.
I have been told, by many of the visitors to my shop, that my prices are very often more reasonable than those at the antiques/flea markets, and that it is a pleasure to shop because I've done all the hard work of searching for appealing goods.

Also, Saturday being a case in point, I am often offered items direct from the public, when I have the opportunity to buy items fresh to the market. On Saturday afternoon I was able to purchase a large pile of c1950's barkcloth fabrics and curtains. If I have time this week I shall try to show a few photos of them.

All will need laundering first...and that goes for a large pile of c1960's costume that I also bought (including some day and evening dresses), as well as some 50's wool sweaters, and masses of Victorian cotton nightdresses/baby clothes and lace.

For now though, I am just off out to pick up an old washstand which will need a coat of paint before being taken to the shop.

Finally, I would just like to thank Donna for making the trip from lovely Devon to visit my shop on Saturday - Such a surprise! If you have a moment, then please visit her latest blog post where she talks about all the places that she visited over the half-term break. Its a must-stop for any Julie Arkell fans...just go and look at the photos!...

Thanks for stopping-by and have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Your corners are amazing, me thinks I will have to have corners like you! They are full of such lovely, gorgeous, beautiful things.

    Bee happy x

  2. Dear Niki - How true. People should shop locally. It seems to me that flea markets are the new car boot - although personally I have been to neither!
    I had intended to come to your shop over the half term but went to Frome and saw the SMILE exhibition. By the time we'd finished in Frome your shop would have been shut. Sorry!

  3. "Rootle through tat." I love that! So obviously British.

    Your story sounds so typical for our local sales. And I'm so tempted to tell people sometimes that the item they are purchasing could be bought for half the price in my shop. We see these same folks week after week fighting for the old stuff, but never see them in our shops. There's something about a flea market, boot sale for you, or yard sale for me, that shouts "cheap" and something about antique shop that shouts "expensive" even though often it's the other way around.

  4. You are so right. People assume they will get a bargain at a market and much cheaper than a shop but it's just not true. This is the same for people not buying at their local village shops too and going to the supermarkets instead. But everyone has to compete and price their stock so that people will buy. I often notice on ebay that things have starting prices higher than I sell on my website!!
    Ruth x

  5. Amazing! And I so love dafs!

  6. It was so lovely to see you on Saturday Niki, your shop was beautiful and a real joy to visit. I certainly picked up some bargains from you and didn't have to jostle or fight anyone for them ;-)

    It is getting harder to get bargains 'out there', the things we picked up cheaply a few years ago are few and far between but luckily gorgeous things still have a way of finding us.

  7. Oh your manniquin is so lovely! I love how your little dolls turned out they a so darn sweet!

  8. Hi Niki!
    I thank you for these beautiful pictures, the corners of your home are wonderful as your own shop!
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

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  10. Thank you for sharing these lovely corners of your home, Niki - always such inspiration! I know what you mean about crowds jostling for a cheap bargain - it always seems to bring out the worst in people. It's always nice to remember that 'good things come to them that wait' - as is evidenced by the beautiful stock in your amazing shop! God bless, Brenda


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