Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Thank you for all the kind emails sent to me during this sad time...It was much appreciated.

Things have to move on and I need to be back at the shop as normal tomorrow...

But before I talk about that, I thought I'd just mention a piece of good news that happened last week, which certainly helped to lift our spirits whilst my Nan was so ill in hospital...

My middle daughter's boyfriend asked her to marry her...

The wedding will be quite some time in the future, but its good to see them happy.

We took them both out for a meal to celebrate on Saturday evening. It certainly has been a roller-coaster ride for our emotions recently...but that's how things are sometimes, isn't it?...

Also last week I met a lovely Blogger/vintage lover called Sue. She and her husband travelled all the way from Warwickshire to deliver a large quantity of vintage clothes to my shop for me to buy.

Sue also came laden with this glorious bouquet of flowers for me...

I've been sorting through all of the clothes, washing and ironing them, and adding them to the shop's rail...Actually, there are too many for me to have in the shop in one go, so at least I have lots of back-up stock...

What is great about these, is that they are of good wearable sizes, from UK size 14 to 18 - Very often I find vintage dresses are too small for the modern woman. Many of these could also be altered easily to fit the more petite frame too!

There's some fun funky styles, which remind me greatly of my childhood, when polyester was big news and colours were wild and wacky!




The following three photos were taken by Sue, who painstakingly took photos of all of the outfits for me to see, before coming down to Shepton to deliver them...
This blue dress with velvet collar is lovely.

And this one would be perfect for a romantic Valentine's dinner!


Also last week, I bought lots of vintage head scarves. My mannequin is now sporting a very full and floaty skirt, which is how I like to display the scarves for easy selection.
I added this red and black one to this month's Valentine display on the pin board.
There's romance wherever you look at the moment!
Then there's the mention I've had in BBC's Homes and Antiques Magazine - March issue.
There's a lovely article inside all about antique sewing equipment. I rarely find myself buying magazines these days, but I do think this publication represents value for money, as I usually come away having learnt something new from it.
I had been asked to supply some French fabric covered boxes for the photo shoot.
They chose a Cartier-Bresson box, which was from my own collection. I've had several enquiries about the boxes since the article was published, but unfortunately I have sold out of the ones I had for sale in my shop.
I do have a few which I use for display in the shop, such as this one full of antique mother-of-pearl buttons.
You may remember the fun time I shared with Sue, when we discovered this huge array of French buttons! Yes, there is still some of these beauties left in the shop...and I've added more since then.
And I've thrown myself into my handmaking recently...and have made several new pieces, which can be seen on my other blog.
Thank you for stopping-by.
"When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure".
Niki x


  1. What THRILLING news! Congratulations to your daughter and her fiance!

    All those wonderful vintage clothes... when I scrolled through your photos I kept thinking "Grace Brothers"! ;)

  2. Hi Niki! I did not understand
    that your beloved grandmother is gone ... sorry! :o(
    However I am happy for you and your daughter...Life goes on...
    *Wonderful post!*
    A dear greeting and hugs, Maria.
    (with translator)

  3. It's nice to have some good news after such a sad time. I love the blue dress with the velvet collar.

  4. I lost my Nan over 40 years ago, there's never a day that I don't think about her.
    We shared so much and I'm who I am in many ways thanks to my time with her.

  5. So sorry to hear your Nan has passed away.As you rightly say, you can take comfort that she lived a long and happy life - what a great age she lived to, and what wonderful memories you will always have.
    Congratulations on the happy news with your daughter and son-in-law to be. Thats wonderful!
    And to be mentioned in H&A!
    Life is strange how the good comes with the bad - the good doesnt take away the pain but it helps to have other, happier things to focus on.
    Your photos are lovely and inspiring.Have been a silent follower of your wonderful blog for several years as I love all things vintage too!

  6. A lovely blog, thank goodness for the blessing of good news at a sad time :)

    Please can you tell me where your letter cards came from, I have seen these before and wanted to get some (the happy valentines ones).

    best wishes

  7. I'm so sorry about your Nan, oh and what an age, she must have seen so many unbelievable and wonderful things during that lovely long life xxxxx
    And what lovely new about your daughter, something fab to look forward too.xx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  8. Hi Niki
    I am so sorry to hear about your Nan.
    My Gran died while I was expecting "Our Tommy" as she called him, and I still think about her most days.
    Lovely news about your daughter, congratulations to them both.
    The shop as always looks beautiful.
    Tracey x

  9. Hi Niki,
    Firstly, my thoughts are with you at this sad time. I'm sure you have made your Nan very proud.
    Great news about the forthcoming wedding, congratulations to you and the happy couple to be!
    And a very big thank you for the lovely mention in your blog, it was so good to meet you at last, you're lovely!
    Next time I bring cake... xxx

  10. So sorry to read about your Nan. I hope loving memories of her long and happy life give your comfort.
    Congratulations to the happy couple, what wonderful news for the family, especially at this time.
    Some amazing vintage clothes and more beautiful creations.
    My husband has suggested to taking me shopping for my birthday present, how I wish we could visit The Stonehouse.
    Carol xx

  11. Congratulations to your daughter and her boyfriend, Niki! Sorry to hear about your grandmother, she had a long life and I hope a happy one:)Our lives are a mixture of good and bad news.

  12. So sorry about your Nan. Never easy to say goodbye to someone so loved. But what a blessing to have had her so long!!
    God bless.

    Oh! And congratulatons on the new future Son In Law! Thats lovely!

  13. glad you have some happiness at this time. Lovely post with super photos. Transported me. Helen x

  14. Thinking of you at sad and happy times No21x


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